New Pattern - Cherry Kisses

If you follow me on Instagram, or watch my Ravelry page like a hawk, you might, long ago,  have seen a tantalising glimpse of these perky little cherries.  You'd be forgiven for also thinking that they were never going to make an appearance here, on the blog.

But, happy day!  They are here at last.

Lots of lovely cherries and even better, to my mind, ones that dangle down and wave, twist and turn in the breeze.  (You'll know how happy that makes me if you've been around here for a while!)

Apparently, checking back, it was back in June when I was working on this little project and I thinking about it I really can't believe I've kept it hidden from you all this time.  There's no reason for it, other than general life getting in the way and all my old excitement and enthusiasm for this little beauty is being rekindled instantly as I type.  Oh I love and adore this shawl, for shawl it is, and I very much hope you'll like it too.

I can hardly remember now how the idea for it came about, I think it was just from having the most gorgeous soft and squishy greyish blue ducky egg  yarn in my possession and needing to make something with it as soon as possible.  I wanted to use something quite simple for the pattern and looking back at this photo of it in an unfinished state it reminds me how much I loved it even when it was plain, with those rows and rows of divine colour.

But somewhere along the way I had a vision that had something to do with cherries, red and pink, 50's housewives and aprons.  I'm not entirely sure where the aprons come into it, but something about this whole thing says 50's perfect housewife and aprons to me.  I can't really explain it.

Ah well, that aside, once the vision was there, the way forward was clear and my little shawl of cherries and kisses was born.  I'm especially pleased with the way I got the cherries attached to the shawl in that last edging row, complete with little stalks and leaves.  That pleases me greatly.  And the row of pink kisses, see how the stitches cross each other making a cute little row of x's?  I love that too.

It's been a true delight dreaming up and making up this shawl pattern.  It's a little bit cutesy and maybe even a little bit kitsch?  (Maybe that's where the housewives and aprons come in?)  

But I'm very happy with it and even better, now the weather's turned I'm all excited because I'm finally getting a chance to wear it.  The perfect little touch of warmth for the school run I'm finding.

But all of this preamble is leading us somewhere....

It's my utter pleasure and slightly nervous delight to announce that I have written a pattern for this shawl of mine so that, should you wish to, you can make one of your own.

I hope you like it and I'll be very thrilled if you fancy giving it a try.

Pattern link:

Cherry Kisses

S x

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  1. Oh wow, I LOVE this pattern! Definitely going to make this one!!

  2. What a fantastic shawl! The possibilities with those dangling cherries are endless! What to make what to make....

  3. Hello! I love your work! I follow your blog and this time had to leave a comment; this shawl is absolutely beautifull! I'm totally in love with it! Thank you for sharing! Big hug (from Portugal)

  4. What a beautiful shawl. It looks amazing. I always suffer from crochet envy after viewing your much loved blog. :)

    Sally xxx

  5. I sure wish I could read those darn patterns, lol maybe one day.. Your shawl is darling I love love those cherries.. so sweet.. Happy Autumn with love Janice

  6. It's lovely, most talented one ... truly, if I wasn't so bogged down in knitting I'd be reaching for my crochet hooks, now I know how to crochet :)

  7. Wow! It looks fantastic. I absolutely love the cherries!

  8. Oh my goodness, you've done it again! This is SO CUTE! Those cherries are adorable all on their own, but with this beautiful grayish color, they are divine! Amazing.

  9. That blue yarn is an amazing colour, it would make a beautiful scarf too. I'm loving the wonderful pop of colour these cherries give the shawl!

    I've got the knitting bug back and keep looking at scarf patterns!

  10. beautiful, adorable, precious! i love it. great work!!!

  11. Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy making and wearing it :D

    Sandra x

  12. It's so pretty. And yes, a teeny bit kitsch but I think there is definitely a place for kitsch on the school run. I need more kitsch in my life! x

  13. It's gorgeous Sandra and looks lovely on you! Hugs Wendy

  14. So cute! I thought "50s colours!" as soon as I saw the first photo ... so I had to laugh when a little further down you brought up the 50s housewives. :)

  15. This shawl is so lovely, you could wear it anywhere! Hope that you enjoy it.

  16. What a lovely cherry shawl! Adorable!