Puffs in the Night

Do you remember back at the beginning of September, I had a day of yarny experimentation and one of the things to come out of my playing about was a puffy little flower in a hexagon shape?  No?  You can read all about it here, if you'd like to.

After I had come up with my little 'Daisy Puffagons' as I coined them, I thought how nice they would look as a new cushion cover for my bedroom.  Because a girl is always in need of pretty cushion covers for her bedroom is she not?  So I've been making lots of little Puffagons and joining them together as I go in a sort of roughly roundish kind of shape.  Firstly manufacturing a line of puffy flowers then, arranging said flowers in a eye cheering way and then adding their hexagon surrounds.

This has been a project made purely from the deep recesses of my stash, acrylics, blends, wool, you name it.  If the colour was right, I used it.  I struggled most for the dark blues which is not something I've used a great deal before now.  The deepest, most navy colour you see was a pure wool in 4ply, too thin to suit the other yarns I'm using really but as it was by far the best colour, in it went!  

Obviously, I could have ordered some more yarn, or even gone to the shops and purchased more, but as I couldn't possibly entertain the idea of waiting for a delivery and was far too lazy to  go out and make the trip myself, the die was cast.  Necessity meant that it was used sparingly, dotted here and there amongst the mottled collection of deeper blues I cobbled together.  But, as we all know and has been proved again here, it is the mother of invention and I actually really love the tonal effect of the slightly different blues that make up my cushion front.  

I'm also quite pleased with my little red picot border.  I hadn't been working on those puffs long before the idea of the red edging came to me.  I love those ideas best, the ones that just pop into your head and are 'right' without any nagging doubts or too much umming and ahhing over the decision.  It took me a few attempts to get the real-life crochet stitches to match my mind's idea of the correct look of the thing, but eventually it was satisfied.

The most difficult part of this whole endeavour was turning a roughly-round-hexagon-made-shape into a round-enough-to-be-joined-to-the-back-shape.  Not remotely easy I can tell you.  There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Well, maybe not quite that, but certainly a lot of ripping back and 'humpf-ing'.

I had, originally, had hopes of turning this cushion cover of mine into a pattern for all to enjoy but alas, it is not to be.  Unfortunately, the struggle to round off the hexagons in a satisfactory way was not really adequately answered on this occasion despite my efforts, and the key-word of the whole sorry enterprise at that point was 'Fudged'.  Eventually, after wrestling and wrangling with the cushion for the best part of an afternoon I came up with something I could work with and I joined the front and back together.

I'm rather chuffed with the back of the cushion actually.  I came up with a genius plan (such modesty!) for making an opening at the back so that I can easily insert and remove the cushion pad if required but at the same time still being able to crochet the back in one continuous round.  That meant that I could just join the front and back together all the way round and not worry that I would have to unpick any crochet should I ever need to retrieve the cushion again.  Happily that plan worked out well, so once both sides were joined I was home free and the proud owner of a new cushion cover.

Would you like to see a little more?

I was thinking, even though I hadn't a clue how I'd ever write down in pattern form how it was I managed to bully these things into a round cushion cover, I could at least share with you how the Puffagons themselves are made.

A photo tutorial seems called for maybe?

S x


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Oh what a tease!! The cushion is swoonworthy (you're very clever!!) you can't not do a pattern for it, lol!!

S x
Oooh !! Aaahh!! What a lovely cushion and little hexagons , I'm lately in an hexagon mood !!

Really lovely !!
Oh, this blue background is absolutely beautiful.
Yes please! Such a lovely cushion you've made!
Very clever of you to be so inventive with your stash basket. The cushion cover has turned out beautifully,

I think the puffagons as a pattern would be an excellent idea, then people using your puffagons to make all manner of projects freestyle and see what happens :-)
It's absolutely gorgeous Sandra! I am a massive fan of 'ditsy floral' and I think it's the nearest in crochet form I've ever seen. Genius way of doing the back too.

Now please stop taunting me with delicious new ideas; I'm trying to be a good girl and complete some WIPs!

Heather x
I just ADORE your pillow! Yes, a tutorial is very much needed. After I am done crocheting my queen sized blanket (which may take the next two years at the rate I'm going!) I will have little bits of the different yarns left over to give this a try!
Very, very pretty! Love the blue hues for the background. Well done!
Oh Sandra it's gorgeous! Love the different background blues. It's just perfect. It would make a lovely blanket but I suspect that requires way more dedication and time than I have at the moment!!!
Love your Daisy Puffagons! Best wishes, Pj x
Yes, photo tutorial would be nice, thank you :)
Stunning! Words cannot express how gorgeous your puffagons are...
yes, please!!!!! it's so beautiful!!!!!
xxxxx Ale
oh!! I would drop everything and start this project....the fact that I'm probably the world's worst crochet-er would not stop me one bit!!! Love it!
A fairy pillow...Admit,you haven't crocheted it, you have rather stolen it from Tolkinen's "Lord of the ring" world....Arwen is still desperately looking for it....
Regards from Italy
Wailing and gnashing of teeth - oh, yeah! Been there! :)

It is adorable - it sparkles softly - the different blues really look fantastic and lead the eye hither and yon. Thanks for letting us see it!
Looks really great, really like the little puffagons! And such a cute name for them too!
Aww what a pretty sweet little cushion, the border is just perfect!! :-) xxxx
So beautiful. You are so clever. I love it.
Oh I love this pillow. I am in the process of making throw pillows for my sofas. I want them colorful so this fits the bill. And I have a huge, gorgeous, gray wool that would be perfect for the background.
Love the cushion,a patten for these little beauties would be wonderful,xxxx
Ooooh I'd absolutely love to have a tutorial for the little flower puffs! They're adorable <3
Such lovely colourful puffs. Hope you do do the pattern as I am really stuck on an autumn project :-) x
I haven't crocheted for many years, but the sight of this gorgeous pattern as made me want to pick up the 'hook' again. I would so love a photo tutorial please!!!!
Love your round puffy flower cushion!
Absolutely gorgeous. The different tones of blue work beautifully together and the red border is perfect with the pops of red in the cushion and it lifts the whole thing.

I have to say I was very taken with your Peter Pan collar in your previous post. I've always wanted to make a simple cream or white collar and then sew it to a perfect black t-shirt. I never found the perfect top or pattern though, but you've inspired me to keep looking. xx
That is lickety-split gorgeous!!I would never have thought of pairing the red with that shade of blue but they go together like twins! Really,really pretty cushion you got yourself there, Missus. Just lovely. x
oooh!! a pattern please!! I've fallen in love with this cushion...you are sooo talented! Its making me feel very motivated to get out the wool!
Really very beautiful Sandra! I just love the look of the red puffs against the darkest blue hexagon, so pretty!

- J, cozyontheprairies.blogspot.com
This cushion is such a delight! it is so cute ♥
Oh Sandra, it is gorgeous and I seriously need one! ;) So beautiful and I love the red edging!! You are always inspiring me sweet friend! Happy weekend to you!! xo Heather
A tutorial, please! Those little puffs are absolutely darling - and I would love to see what everyone does with them! Chrissie x PS the tonal blues look so pretty, and the red border is perfect - you have every right to be chuffed with yourself!
This cover is super cute! and you have a lot of patience to sewing all the little hexagons! congratulations, Sandra! Once again you do a lovely job!
So inspired by this cushion of delight! The colours and the red trim... gorgeous!
The pillow is gorgeous. I love the colours and the back is so cute, too. I love hexagons.
Your pillow is so pretty. I would love to see how to make the puffagons.
Your new cushion is gorgeous, I love the little puffagons! Cute name too.
Just discovered you're blog and wow, that cushion is so lovely, I love you super cute daisy puffogons.
Clare x
So clever and soooo beautiful, wow xox Penny
Beautiful!...really beautiful!
Wow! How I love this cushion! Really lovely.
I'd like to give it a try those puffagons.
Regards, Nathaly
I think Disquis is eating my comments again!

Yes please to a tutorial Sandra, even if these prove too difficult for my novice crochet skills ... I just adore them, and your cushion is perfection :)
well, now...these little puffagons look like the perfect thing to keep my hands busy while waiting for the kiddos' sporting practices to be over...i'm smiling just thinking aobut the bit of happy yarniness i'd be carrying around! Would love, love, love a tutorial!
.....and LOVE the cushion!!!
What a lovely and cosy cushion! I love your puffagons ;)