Rest and Recuperation

I just wanted to dash off a line or two to explain that there may be a little disruption to my normal blogging schedule for a week or two.

I'm all signed off with a bona fide reason to put my feet up you see.  I'm officially allowed to rest and let the others take the strain.  The thing is, I've had a little operation this week.  Don't worry, it's nothing too serious and all shall be well with me shortly but at the moment I'm taking some time to wallow in bed surrounded by little white pills, sleeping a lot and occasionally crocheting a small circle or two.

So it only seems fair to warn you that I'm not quite up to my usual par when it comes to writing blog posts and answering emails.  Which is a shame as you've been sending me some lovely comments and many of you I know are waiting for responses and answers to questions.

Hopefully things will be back to normal soon but in the meantime, thank you so much for all your kind generous comments, I appreciate them all so much.  And those who are awaiting a reply, I hope you'll forgive me making you wait a while longer.  I'll catch up just as soon as I can.

S x

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Sending warm wishes your way for a very relaxing and swift recovery! Chrissie x
You just focus on yourself and nothing else. That's most important! Sending my best x
We all want to see you well, Sandra. So rest and take your time to recuperate.
My best wishes! ♥ Ana BC
Feel better soon lovely lady, and make the most of the opportunity to really rest won't you xxx
Aww don't feel like you have to apologise! I'm sure plenty of your readers are busy furiously crocheting daisy puffagons so that will tide them over whilst you're resting ;)
Gentle hugs and best wishes.
I am sending you lots of warm hugs and I hope your rest and recuperation recharges your batteries and you are back on form soon. In the meantime, enjoy the warmness of your surroundings, especially with the cooler weather outside. xx
Sandra, rest is the best medicine. You bring so much joy with your blog, your generous sharing of your beautiful work! Thank you and now do take the rest you need. May you soon be completely well! Animals are great help in healing, do cuddle lots with your lovely cat (I read abt him in one of your past posts, I do hope you still have him...). Hugs, Jitka
Feel better and take care of yourself, xoRobin
Take care of yourself lovely, and get well soon. Huge congrats too on making the dotcomgiftshop crafty blog list, very well deserved. xx
Take care Sandra and seep lots.
Be well again soon xx
take care and rest as much you need!!!!
xxxxxx Ale
Keeping you in my prayers sweet friend! Get lots of rest!! Hugs, xo Heather
Get well soon Sandra xx
Enjoy the rest and get well soon. The lovely little circles look great.
Aww sending you very warm wishes, take all the time you need! ((hugs)) ♥
Best wishes of health! Kind regards,
rest rest and more rest x
Operations are horrible - hope you feel much better soon xx
Wishing you a speedy convalescence and also an enjoyable taking it slow time. Love and a hug E x
Take good care of yourself, Sandra!
Hope you are feeling back to your old self in no time. Rest, rest, rest.
Get well soon and enjoying letting others look after you. xx
Enjoy your rest, sending wishes for a quick recovery x Pat
It's nice when we are forced to rest - I've come to welcome those times. As women, we usually do not rest unless we are made to. We'll look forward to your usual inspiration when you are well.
Oh you poor lamb. Look after your little self. Gentle hugs xx
Rest lots and get well soon
Sally xxx
I hope you will be feeling better soon! Health is so important and you need to take care of you first and foremost :) I wish you the best!
Hope you are beginning to feel better. Take care. x
I hope you are getting all the rest and care you need, hugs Wendy
Wishing you a speedy recovery x
All of us will wait for you! Have a good rest and get well soon.

Big hug
Hallo Sandra, seus trabalhos sao lindos e inspiradores.
Te seguindo,
Hope you recover quickly, meanwhile enjoy putting your feet up. Best wishes, Pj x
I hope you're feeling 100% very soon x
Hope you're feeling better now x