Flutterby Cushion

 Thank you to everyone who left a comment regarding my blanket conundrum.  Your advice was brilliant and has most definitely helped me clarify that I need to do one of two things:

I can either stick with my original plan, in which case I need to buy more yarn for the border colours.
(Don't want to do that, I've spent enough money on this yarn already.)
I need to drop my original plan and open up my mind to some different plan for this blanket.
(Don't want to do that, I like the original plan.)

You can begin to see why I was stumbling can't you?  One of those two options is going to be the right way to go but I'm not quite ready to do either of them at the moment.  So, my plan is to give the whole thing a little time.  I'm putting it away and will come back to it fresh and see how I feel then.  Either the original idea will be worth the further purchase, or my mind will be prepared to try a new approach.  It'll be interesting to see which wins... I'll keep you posted!

But, with that little blanket update aside, I shall carry on to the main business of today's post.  My new cushion.  What do you think?  I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, if nothing else, just because it went exactly to plan.

I originally had the idea for this back in the summer, when I got excited about the idea of different coloured blocks of fillet crochet.  First of all I actually wanted to make separate blocks and join them together but that would have necessitated a final round to finish them off and I didn't fancy the extra hassle of working into the ends of the rows.  So I opted for the far easier and quicker option of joining new colours for each block and joining them to each other as I went along.

As it turns out, I'm happier with this effect.  I like that the front looks like one piece.

As I'd also always imagined this cushion to have a crochet front with a fabric back and maybe some lovely binding too,  that meant that this project sat up in the sewing room for a long number of weeks until I got myself sorted out for the sewing portion of the project.  I finished the crochet part just before my little world went crazy busy so it's taken a while.

But because this is one of those times when things are working out well, it turned out that I had just the sort of fabric I had been imagining for the back and it's one of my fav fabrics too, so I'm glad to find just the right use for it.  It seemed like a great chance to use the rest of my pretty Coats zipper too.

The binding was a different fabric, this smaller print worked much better for on the tiny slither of binding that would be seen from the front and even though it's another floral, I don't think it clashes with the back at all.  In fact I love the way they look together.  It was the first fabric I tried too.  I mean seriously, how often does it come together that easily?

So I'm a little bit chuffed with it so I've given it pride of place on 'the chair', it's ousted an older cushion but I think this one looks better just here.  I'm almost tempted to turn it round once in a while, so show off the lovely fabric on the back.  Maybe one day I will, but at the moment it pleases me enough to know it's there, like a little secret only I know about.
(Well, me and you, obviously.  Shhh!)

: : Yarn Details : :

Garnstudio Drops Alpaca
3112 - Dusky Pink (Pale) 
3770 - Dark pink (Raspberry) 
4010 - Pearl Grey (Slight mauve tint) 
7120 - Light Greyish Green (Pale Grey Blue) 
7139 - Dark Grey Green (Steel Blue) 
7238 - Dark Olive Mix 
7300 - Lime (Pistachio)

The pattern for this cushion is now available online, please see the link below for details...

S x

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  1. Absolutely brilliant and beautiful! I love the colors and how it looks all one piece. I love the use of the antique spider design. And the fabric really brought eveyrthing together. I really, really love the pillow project. You are such an inspiration.

  2. Oh Sandra this cushion is exquisite! Such a lovely idea - front and back are equally as pretty!! Gorgeous ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. Dearest girl, I just know you'll have a small epiphany and make the perfect decision as to what to do with your blanket after a break. I'm worrying a little that my comment was slightly negative; I didn't mean it to be.

    Your cushion is gorgeous. See, that's where your gifts for both sewing and crochet are a match made in heaven.


  4. Your cushion turned out really well.i love the fabric crochet combination. The crochet open pattern is really cute did you join has you went along,because its very neat x

  5. Love the cushion - I had an idea to make a knitted front for a cushion but I was a little unsure of how good it would look but not that I've seen your crochet version I've decided it's a great idea! Think those two florals go together really well - it's very pretty indeed :)

  6. This beautiful cushion certainly puts the world back into balance after the misty blanket muddle! I'm glad this project came together so easily - it is so very pretty, I love the fabric back! I didn't know binding could sew onto crochet so neatly, thanks for sharing! Chrissie x

  7. This is a beautiful cushion Sandra, and the backing fabric and edging are perfect - you have every right to be proud of it! Hugs, Joy x

  8. A perfect cushion. I love the pattern and I love the fabric backside.


  9. Hello Sandra,

    Your cushion is stunning, colours and all. I especially like the way you have done the zip. I always shy away from backing my cushions with fabric as I feel unsure about zips, but this one looks a little more user friendly. I might seek one out and have a go when I make my next one.

    Have a lovely day, Heike x

  10. perfect edging for the crochet side! looks good with kind of this fabric.

  11. What a beautiful cushion, I love the way the butterfly really stands out. Some fillet crochet I've seen you can't always see the design, but he is there standing proud. I like the ay you've decided on a fabric back as well. I have made a couple of cushions and the have not turned out how I expected them to at all so I might have to pick your brains on this at a later date.
    Sally xxx

  12. This cushion is perfect :-) And the detail that really got me excited (besides the neat crochet of course) is the supersweet binding! Soo pretty ♥ :-) xxxx

  13. That's one lovely pillow! I am intrigued with the way you attached the front to the back. Nifty! I am also curious to see what would happen with 'the blanket'...

  14. Ohh you clever thing! I love how you have combined yarn and fabric on that cusion. It looks delicate and homely. It's really pretty.
    Your decision to leave your blanket for a while is a wise one. Hopefully, you will know what to do with it when you pick it up again. enjoy the day! It's grey and wet here in London so a good day to stay in.... Pati xx

  15. I have never seen that type of open work before it is really inspiring, Maybe it would work with flowers too. Jo x

  16. Every time I open my inbox and see a new Cherry Heart post I smile. This pillow is so sweet, and the blanket will be as satisfying once final inspiration strikes - sometimes a masterpiece needs time away for the final, finishing touches inspiration to be found.

  17. Hi Sandra, Absolutely love your flutterby cushion and the fabric back makes it extra special!!! Love the colours!!!! Have a great week!!!

  18. Your cushion is really pretty and I love the binding and back too. Did you make up the filet pattern?

  19. Oh Sandra, this is gorgeous!! Your creativity and innovation show no bounds!! You are one very talented lady! Love the combo of crochet with fabric too

  20. Love the butterfly effect in the cushion. It is so lovely, Sandra :-)

  21. I love that pillow! And that zipper is way cool... I'm not great with zipper sewing but with something that cute I might have to give it another try! Your creativity and talent never cease to amaze me... thanks for all the inspiration my friend!

  22. Your new pillow looks Fab Sandra! Well done (again!)

  23. So beautiful and love how you added a fabric binding and backing! Your makes are always so inspiring Sandra! Have a lovely week! xo Heather

  24. So pretty. I love the way you can see the binding around the edge, it works really well. Glad to hear you've found a sort-of solution to the blanket dilemma. Right, I'll stop comment-bombing you now... x

  25. Pretty crochet colours and floral... gorgeous!