With a Cherry on Top

Last time I taunted you with this sneaky shot of some cross stitch on crochet and now I'm here to continue my 'Week of Cherries' and tell you a little bit more about what is going on in that picture.

In case you were wondering, they are actually mitts.  Quite nice long, fingerless ones and I love how they turned out.  Those stitched cherries really do top them off just beautifully for me.  But before I get too carried away, let  me tell you how they came about.

I'm a bit obsessed with mitts actually, so once I got in my little 'cherries' groove, it really didn't take long before the thought of mitts occurred to me.  That and the fact that when it gets chilly, I love to wrap up nice and snug in a shawl or wrap of some kind and I like put on some cozy wristies or mitts too.  Ok, so it's a bit of a granny ensemble, but it keeps me warm and I love it.

That being the case, after I'd finished my Cherry Kisses shawl, I obviously needed some mitts to go with it.  It only makes sense doesn't it?  Well, that's my reasoning anyway!

I wanted a pattern that would kind of echo the pattern I used for the Cherry Kisses, with the blocks of stitches.  But I didn't want such an open pattern, I wanted something a little more snug than that.  This basket weave style of stitch fitted the bill perfectly and I wonder if you can imagine how much my silly little brain is pleased by the thoughts basket stitch conjures up for me?  Baskets you see, being a little bit like punnets.   Baskets of cherries?  Punnets of cherries?  Yes, that's a happy little connection right there.

I was pleased with my basketweave selection and once I had the idea of the cross stitch too, I was very excited.  And I'm glad to say they worked up super quickly and easily too, looking just how I wanted them be.  Which is always a rare and wonderful treat.

So, I was happy and now it's time to make you happy too...

 Because it's time to announce that
the Cherry Basket Mitts pattern is now available.

See below for the links and details you'll need:





Happy cherry making!

S x

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  1. So gorgeous Sandra! All your pretty cherry makes are just the sweetest!! Wishing you a lovely weekend! xo Heather

  2. oh these are so nice! I love the basket weave stitch on the arms too


  3. I ordered the scarf pattern the other day and today I went to order the fingerless mitts pattern and I entered the coupon code but it didn't give me the discount. I tried it twice and rechecked the coupon code. I'm using paypal or was trying. It worked the other day when I ordered the scarf but not today. Could you post back on here when it's fixed so I can order? I'll check back later! Thanks! Oh, the yarn you used for the scarf etc, was Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK which has been discontinued but since I'm making a scarf I will be able to order her Duck Egg Blue in her Baby Cashmerino or her Cashmerino worsted weight I think. It's a scarf so I can adjust for that no problem. I couldn't find anything resembling the Sky Pink which was so gorgeous in your pics as a creamy touch of pink. Maybe it's not her colors I love so much as your photography? LOL! I fell in love with those colors and the combination of them. But I think I might actually order a dusty rose pink like you used on the other hat. I am loving those vintage colors. TTYL! Thank you for all the beautiful inspiration (and the patterns else all that inspiration would go to waste! LOL!). Have a good day!

  4. great !
    Greetings from Poland :)


  5. I have just learnt that basket weave stitch this week for a sampler blanket. Jo x

  6. These are so gorgeous! I'll be ordering next week when I've decided on the colour! Have a wonderful weekend, you'll be needing to wear these next week!! xx

  7. The mitts are perfect, what a beautiful pattern and the cross stitch is just amazing. I love them.

  8. The sweetest mitts I've ever seen! ♥ xxxx

  9. Hi these mitts are gorgeous!! I've just tried to buy the pattern using the discount code and it doesn't work. Just wanted to let you know. Xoxo

  10. Oh sorry it was my sausages fingers. Bought it now so thank you!! Xo

  11. These are just gorgeous. I love the shade of yarn you used, and the basket/cherry link is very pleasing, and just the sort of thing that would make me very happy too! The cross stitch over crochet works beautifully. x

  12. Sandra, (nice name BTW...ha, ha) I was able to order today with the discount. Thank you so much for your email about it too. I was just getting ready to order the yarn too and I'm glad I didn't so now I can order enough for both projects. I'm so glad I found you. I'm going to join the Cherry Heart Group on Ravelry too...what fun! Thanks again for your beautiful designs. They literally make me happy.

  13. All your cherry creations are gorgeous, I love the cross stitch effect and love the hat in the previous post. xx

  14. Your poor little fingers - do they ever get a rest?!!

    I absolutely love all of your cherry makes, you are too inspiring. So lovely to see your pretty face peeking out of your wonderful snuggly cowl too.

    Do hope you're all recovered and feeling ticketty-boo my friend.


  15. These mittens are beautiful, I'm going to attempt them later today just bought the pattern. Never tried the basket stitch before, wish me luck :) xx

  16. I absolutely adore them!! So much so that I've just purchased the pattern! Thanks,
    Pati xx

  17. You make wonderful things. To day I have linked to your blog. In my newest blogpost I have used your tutorial.

  18. I love the design! I'd like to invite you to link up your patterns to The Boutique Showcase - a weekly link party for your online or Etsy shop: http://www.prodigalpieces.com/2013/11/the-boutique-showcase-6-linky-party.html
    I'm your new follower! :o)

  19. Oooo, there will be some oh so stylish wrists this winter! Love the basket weave stitch and cherries...