Decked Out in Doilies

Deck the halls with loads of doilies...

At least, that's what I'm doing anyway!

As soon as I saw that gold thread in the lovely package I received from Crejjion I knew it had to become part of a Christmas doily.  It just spoke to me.  Things do sometimes, don't you find?

My plan was to add just a little gold edge to a favourite doily, just to add a simple seasonal touch.  Nothing too fancy you understand.  Then, I found this 'Gift Doily' in amongst my Ravelry favourites and obviously I had to make it didn't I?

I can't lie to you, it's a fiddly little chap to deal with.  Well, it's mostly all those holly leaves really.  Lots and lots of holly leaves.  It turns out a person can get a little sick of holly leaves.  In fact, I substituted the holly in the pattern for Attic24's Jolly Holly (far superior in my opinion)  and happily they are just the right size.

I also tweaked the last row, just a teeny tiny bit just to make it slightly less fiddly to do but I don't think it's made any difference to the look of the doily.   And I think the results are just reward for the fiddly efforts because I love how it turned out and I adore my upgraded holly.

I still liked the simple idea though, so I made this 'Pink Petal Doily', which passes rather well for a snowflake I think, with just a little gold trim.  I was aiming for the less is more approach but I couldn't quite resist adding a little colour to the middle.  It needed something extra to set it off I think and the red is just the touch it needed.

Lastly, because I loved the look of it, I made this 'Starshine Doily'.  Another simple gold and cream one and I was worried at first that I'd overdone it with all the gold in the center, but now it's all done I love it like that.  It looks like a shining star, hence it's name I suppose and just right for Christmas time.

I'd really love to make some kind of poinsettia style doily, with lovely red petals, I have a feeling that could look really lovely.  I haven't found quite the right thing yet but I'll keep looking.  Of course, if you know of a suitable pattern, don't be afraid to share it...

I might just be able to fit one more doily in before Christmas!

: : DETAILS : :


Left:  Starshine Doily
Middle:  Gift Doily
Right:  Pink Petal Doily


Cream/Greens: DMC Petra Cotton, size 5
Gold & Red: Twilleys of Stamford Goldfingering


Size: 2.0mm

S x

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Blocked to perfection. They are exquisite. Jo x
Wow! They're gorgeous! I especially like the holly and starshine ones the best. Sounds like you make them up really fast too. Amazing! Very impressive!
These are sooo pretty and festive looking! Love the little holly berries! :) xo Holly
That is an elegant collection of doilies, Sandra! all beautiful :-)
Wow I love these too bits x
Your doilies are really pretty. I love the red yarn, its so vibrant.
Simply very beautiful ....would these in my home..
What simply wonderful doilies. My favourite one has to be the one edged with holly with the gold centre. This one is simply gorgeous! They are all three lovely. What patience you must have to make something up from these intricate patterns with a size 2mm hook. Well done for your beautiful work!
They are all so beautiful, I love all your work. Now a Doiley will have to go on my to do list. You know, the one that just gets longer :)
Sally xxx
Completely stunning and gorgeous!! Making a vintage holly doily is on my list, so hopefully I can still make one before Christmas! Yours are so pretty and you always seem to spark such inspiration! xo Heather
Sandra, very gentle and snow wipes you turned! They are like snowflakes! Have a nice day!
These are absolutely fabulous! Now I'm under the impression I need a holly-edged shawl! :-) You are definitely preparing the perfect home for Christmas, it all looks so amazing! Right, we're off tomorrow to Spain so I'm wishing you the best of holidays already! :-) xxxx
Beautiful.......simply Beautiful! Vanessa xxxx
These doilies are fabulous!
LOL, I just finished Starshine Doily or I should say my version of it! :) I made a goof after I completed the center and rather than pull it all out I decide to finish it my way. It is is usable and no one will ever know it wasn't meant to be like it is except us crocherers. It is blocked and drying right now. I wish I could share a pic on here but will try to remember to share it with you when I blog about it.
and BTW, I love your work!! and especially these 3 doilies.
Ohh they're all beautiful but if you forced me to choose I'd have to say the Starshine Doily is just fantastic looking!
These are fabulous!!! I am definitely putting this on my list for next year. Well done you! xoxo
Oh, the holly leaves are just the cutest thing ever! I wish I could crochet...
Your doily obsession is back with a vengeance! :) They look great. I've seen a pattern on the back of Simply Crochet to make a table centrepiece - I'm determined to have a go at that. I might start in January so it will be ready for next Christmas! x! Once again, I'm speechless! The one with the holly leaves really caught my eye! Amaze-balls!
Wow, these are amazing Sandra, just beautiful. I love your sparlky pictures in the previous post too. xx
Love them - the Starshine one in particular
Victoria (yarnroundhook)
To be honest with you, I'm not a doily kind of person, but I lóve these!! Such gorgeous crochet! Marianne xx
Those are absolutely gorgeous. I can't decide which one I like best. Love the holly on the edges. Love the gold on all of them. And that touch of red. Beautiful.
Absobloominlutely stunning Sandra! This is the kind of crochet I really, really wish I could do.