...and one more for my Man!

 After I made a scarf for my baby, wouldn't you know it, but Hubs piped up and said he'd quite like one too.  This is why I don't generally make a lot of things for people, everyone wants to get in on the act!

Actually though, this is the first time in my five years of yarny crafting that he's ever requested anything, so I was happy to oblige him.  Especially as all he wanted was a little scarf.  That'll be nice and easy won't it, I thought.  In theory maybe, but making things for men, that's a whole new area for me.  A strange and unfamiliar area, filled with uncertainty.

What on earth do men like?  What colours are acceptable for a man?  They can be so particular about these things can't they?  It's also hard to find inspiration for nice mens things.  Most things are very plain and dull and drab.  Is that all that men like?

I wanted to do something more interesting but I found it hard to resist the urge to make things cute and pretty.  My man is pretty open minded, he's not the sort to see a pink shirt as a threat to his masculinity for example, but I didn't think he'd be too pleased to have anything that falls into the 'cute' or 'pretty' catagory some how.

In the end, not knowing exactly how to proceed,  I decided to play it quite safe and stuck to a fairly conventional palette of blues.  I happened to have him with me in the shop at the time, so I got approval of that selection on the spot.  Next up was what pattern to use.  I'd imagined stripes in some shape or form and so I experimented a little before settling on mixture of fat and thin rows and a mixture of chains and stitches to break things up a bit.

There was just enough variety of colour to keep me interested in the changes and luckily my new found love of scarves means that it didn't seem to take too long anyway.  I only had 6 balls of yarn, which I though would be plenty but actually made things quite tight.  I kept going until it was pretty much all gone and luckily it's just about the right size.  Blocking helped stretch things out a little too.

So there we have it, my version of a Man Scarf.

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, I like how the stripes worked out and the blocking makes it look nice and neat and feel drapey and soft.  It hard to get really excited about it because it's not my usual sort of thing but then it's not supposed to appeal to me, it's supposed to appeal to a man.

My man says it does appeal to him though, so I shall be satisfied with that.

: :  COLOURS  : :

Wendy Merino DK:
1.  Dutch Blue (2358)
2.  Seaspray (2380)
3.  Cadet (2386
4.  Teal (2380)
6.  Smoke (2368)
Schachenmayr SMC Extra Merino:
5.  Beige (3)

: :  PATTERN (OF A SORT)  : :

This isn't a proper pattern, more a few very rough notes but it's fairly simple:
I did three rows of dc's with 1 chain between, then 1 row of 2tr's into each chain space.
That's it, I just repeated that all along the scarf and then did a few rows of the dc's with 1 chain between at either end to finish it off nicely.
(UK terms)

S x

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  1. Very nice :-) And very masculine. Love the colors.

  2. I think it's great Sandra! Love the colours and the pattern :) How many chain did you use to start? x

  3. Well it is nice and i certainly think your choice of colours give it a dressy but masculine look! Men are so difficult to make for well at least my husband is ..... Christmas is a nightmare. Keep well. Amanda. X

  4. Oh its lovely Sandra, I think that's going to be a bit of a favourite !
    It's quite hard making things for others isn't it when you can't put in all your own chosen colours and designs, you almost have to detach yourself a bit. But on the reverse of that its so lovely to be able to make things for others too isn't it, and even nicer when they put in a request !
    Kate x

  5. Very handsome! I always think crocheting for men is difficult, as the stitches themselves seem to have a sort of feminine, lacy look. Your stripey scarf has definitely overcome that barrier. :)

  6. I think it must be horrible to be a man and be programmed from a young age that most colours are not for them, flowers are not for them etc. I think it is really sad, limiting and boring! I don't much like blue as its a miserable flat colour but that's ok because I can choose any colour I like to cheer me up. Men get stuck with blue, brown, beige, grey and black most of the time, in horrible geometric patterns or just plain. No flowers, hearts or anything nice. Why? Just because, it seems to me there is no good reason.. Just because they have to be 'masculine' and most of the world must be denied to them. I find it a sad state of affairs. Luckily they live with women and get to share pink and pretty colours by association.

  7. Very handsome! I have sons and grandsons and I knitted for them this Christmas but was it ever boring! LOL! I knew they would want plain so that's what I did but I am SO ready for some color now. Maybe next year I'll get brave and make them your "manly" scarf and we'll see how secure they are in their masculinity...Ha! Ha!

  8. It looks beautiful and will got lots of wear I would imagine!! xx

  9. Hey, that's one manly, gorgeous scarf! I made my fella a scarf for Christmas, I was so chuffed to be able to crochet something macho! You're so right, it usually tends to be all cutesy stuff...the colours you used are stunning! Who's next on the list? ;-) Chrissie x

  10. Turned out beautifully!!! Love the pretty I mean (manly) colors! :) Happy sweet day! xo Holly

  11. It's a lovely scarf, very manly. The colours work really well.

  12. Hi Sandra, I agree, crocheting for men is a challenge. But you did great! The colors worked together nicely, and the finished scarf is very beautiful but in a manly way. I like it!

  13. I love the colour choice - its a lovely palette!

  14. LOVE the colours ... they go so well together. Lovely.

  15. It's a lovely scarf with an interesting stitch pattern, I love it! You know, my boyfriend loves zingy colours and describes the way most Belgian men here dress as dull colourwise. Maybe cultural influences play a big part in how men (and women) appreciate colours? The only instruction I get when making him something is "don't make it too boring" :-) xxxx

  16. Such a pretty stitch and a beautiful colour combination!

  17. I like your man scarf - good colours. I love a scarf and I love to crochet and knit scarves, but my bloke is always warm and so doesn't really wear them. I was recently knitting up my Yarndale rabbit yarn into a scarf and his comment was 'not another bl**dy scarf'. Little does he know I have some Debbie Bliss Paloma waiting to become a lovely snoody cowl thing.....!

  18. I love the scarf, Sandra! Even though the pattern seems very simple, it is very effective with the colour combination, isn't it?
    I haven't commented recently as I've been busy but I have to say that I loved the Japanese slippers. I've got the same Japanese crochet book and they've been in my to do list for a while. It was really interesting to read about the issues you experienced with them. I wonder whether adding a leathery or suede sole to the outside would help them stay in place?. It's funny how one never anticipates problems when using different yarns but it is interesting to take yarn "behaviour" into account.
    By the way, I managed to get the revised mitten's pattern (thanks a lot!). I am sure I will make myself another pair soon!
    Have a lovely day, Pati x

  19. I bet he loves it. I know it is all manly but I would love it too.

  20. The scarf looks really smart and definitely not cute! I am still intimidated by blocking - how do you block something so long?

  21. Beautiful as always. Hope he realises how special it is

  22. It's really very simple and classic looking yet all of the colour does give it a bright feel too, perfect for a man! Well done!

    - J, cozyontheprairies.blogspot.com

  23. I can think of plenty of men in my life who would love a scarf like this ... nice job Sandra x

  24. I really, really love it! I don't know about masculine but it makes me think of stormy seas. Just gorgeous. xx

  25. Hey this is great, I can see why you and your man are pleased with how it has turned out. I love the colour choice and the way you have made the stripes. My hubby keeps hinting for a crocheted thing from me, I feel more inspired now! Thanks Sandra xxx

  26. I really like that.
    Never thought of crocheting a scarf for a man before, don't know why.
    I could really see my dad in a scarf like that.
    Must bookmark this post!