Colour Collaborative: January

Credit: Brian (via Flickr) 


You'd easily be forgiven for thinking that this subject, for me, would mean a riot of colourful yarny goodness.  Believe me, it lingered not a little while on my mind to go that way.  But just lately I find I've been thinking of white and how faded and pale winter can be.  So actually the word 'woolly', at this moment in time, suggests white to me.  White woolly sheep, white foggy mornings and white cotton wool snow.

So as well as the woollen yarn, fleecy, fluffy meaning of the word, I've also been thinking about the hazy, foggy, clouded and blurred sense of it too and that seems to fit in well with January.

Then, within a day or two of the 'Woolly' theme being decided upon, I saw Lucy's 'Winter Wonderful' post and thought how perfectly one of her pictures  captured my ideas on the subject.  Lucy kindly allowed me to share her picture with you here, so you can see what I mean.   The woolly sheep, the fluffy cloud covered sky, the fuzzy frosted grass and the faded hills in the background.  Very woolly and very white.

Credit: Photo used with kind permission of Lucy at Attic24

Credit: Muffett (via Wikimedia Commons)

We've managed so far this year to escape the typical (in this part of the world) January treat  of white and woolly snow.  I wonder if any will sneak in before the month is out?  We always talk about snow in terms of it's fluffiness and the way it lays like cotton wool across the countryside, like a pure and crisp woolly blanket.  So wonderfully white and yet it doesn't often look that way, taking on the colour of the light of the day.

White is often so hard to pin down.  It can look warm yellow, or cool blue, or even green or pink, especially if you've ever played with camera settings!  These pictures are all supposedly white balls of wool on a white background.  Yet the balls are all different and the camera can capture 'white' in an amazing variety of ways.  It seems so versatile and changeable.

I wonder if that's why it works so well with so many other colours?

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  1. I love these posts. I find them so thought provoking. Thank you. xxx

  2. Every time I read the Colour Collaborative posts, I want to buy a bundle of new yarn in your beautiful palettes and whip up a big blanket! So inspirational, so beautiful. Thank you for sharing! Chrissie x

  3. I really love these posts and how different everyone's perspective of it is. xoxo

  4. Lovely photos - winter seems to have been nothing but wet here this year!

  5. That image at the top has me wanting to reach out and run my fingers through those woolly locks!

    Woolly is almost synonymous with white for me, unless we're talking black sheep ;)

  6. When I saw the title of Wooly, I thought of that misty damp feeling of this time of year, Lucy's picture captures that well for me. xx

  7. I follow your blog because I love crochet and yours especially - so beautiful, so very inspiring! I save email notifications from your feed for last because I like to savour the posts:) And I always, always, always find something to 'take-away' after reading.

    And so, now this is the third time you've inspired me by something on your blog! Seed beading is my primary creative outlet (some jewellery, mostly beaded tapestry and handbags) and winter has always been a time of organising my stash and making things in anticipation of warmer weather. As a beader, winter usually poses an inspiration problem for me. No longer, your winter palettes have me thinking - 'Ooooh, yeah, I could...'.

    Thanks to you I've FINALLY learned to crochet in the round. We'll be enjoying hand beaded pearl tree garlands because of the one I saw on your Christmas blog posts. And just now I've ordered seed beads in colours I never considered before:) I cannot wait for them to arrive, and I look forward to your next post!

  8. I look forward to these posts and this doesn't disappoint. I agree with Lily they are thought provoking and I especially like the colour bars at the bottom of each photograph. I find them really inspiring, thank you.

  9. Sandra, love love LOVE this post. I love sheep. We have them for neighbourgs, just five of them but they are like dogs, they say 'hi' every time we come out of the house, they run to the fence :-) and of course I LOVE yarn and in deed white just perfectly matches with January. Beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend :-) Jitka