Did we have a holiday?

So here we are, in a brand new year.  Normally at this time of year I'm all fired up.  The long break usually has me longing to get back to normality, get the house back to shipshape condition, make new plans, sort and purge and clean and organise.

Not so this year though.  This year I feel tired and a bit overwhelmed by the task of getting things back on track, let alone carry out any highfalutin ideas for organizing and implementation.  I do have plans in mind though.  Lots of plans, plans for my home, plans for here on the blog, plans for patterns and plans for projects.  Just apparently not enough willpower, motivation or sheer energy to get going on them.

Enough of my whinging and whining though.  I'll just have to pull my socks up and make a start I think.  I'm sure the rest will follow if I do.

Anyway, it's not like I didn't have a very lovely Christmas and a jolly New Year.  It was busy in places, and relaxing in others but all fun.  Little Miss is becoming an expert on the laid back days and would happily remain in pj's all day if allowed.  I have to say, I'm rather partial to a bit pj time myself too and it was nice to get a chance to indulge our lazy ways.

I also had the joy of blowing my Christmas loot in one fell swoop in the sales...

Followed, a week or so later by blowing a fat wedge of the newly attained birthday booty in this rather renowned yarny haven...

Decadent and scandalous spending eh?

I forgive myself though because it was a rather significant birthday this year (if you know what I mean) and these things don't come around every day.  Of course, that's supposedly all my treats done for the year but I'm not convinced I'll be able to make even this amount of wooly goodness last me a whole 12 months.

For now though, I have a very happy pile of yarny delights to stare at and as you can imagine my little brain is going nineteen to the dozen thinking of all the things I could do with it all.  So many ideas!

The only trouble is, I've got a bit of unfinished business from before Christmas to get out of the way first.  A few projects that need some attention, like these squares that I was having such problems with before.

I have a revised plan (sort of) now and I'm making squares again but I can't honestly say it's plain sailing yet.  Still, I'll plod on for a bit.

Just before I go I wanted to say a huge thanks you to all of you for all your lovely comments and messages on my posts over the holidays.  Especially your generosity and kindness on my Handmade 2013 post.  You are wonderful as ever and as I'm shockingly behind on my replies I just wanted you to know here and now that they are all read and all appreciated, each and every one.

I also know some of you are patiently waiting for a reply to a question or query.  Don't worry I haven't forgotten you just yet and I do intend to get back to you on those just as soon as I can, but if you haven't had a reply by maybe... this time next week?  Then feel free to contact me again, just in case you slipped through the net!

Next time I'm hoping to share some of what I've been crafting up over the last few weeks...

S x

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  1. I think this horrid weather saps energy. I have lots of ideas but don't seem to be able to apply myself and start anything! I'm going nowhere fast - but it is only the second day of being back to "normal". Maybe if I bought some more yarn that would help?

  2. Sandra, a very happy belated bday to you then :-) that yarn is just fabulous and I cannot wait for all the goodies you will make out of it ;-) I am glad you posted today I was wondering whether the rainy weather didn't do much damage there where you live. The weather is all mixed up this year here in Europe, almost spring here our place, everything is starting to bloom, birdies chirping happily in the early morning ... Wishing you to get more energy back soon. Hugs, Jitka

  3. Beautiful photos of lovely yarn that should make for a terrific year of crafting even if you do end up buying more later :)

  4. I love your blog and follow everyday, don't comment much on blogs, I guess. However, it's nice to hear talk of real life as I'm feeling much the same. Motivation, a huge word this year. It seems everything is the same weather and all...out of sorts. I don't know what age your birthday brought, don't understand why women seem to have a problem with numbers. I think aging is wonderful, I am of 58 say it out loud, every year is a new adventure in being who I am a greater awareness of self with more freedom. I guess it's all in how one views aging. Belated Happy Birthday, enjoy your age, you only have one life...embrace it or frown.

  5. Love the colors and all the yarn and your blog is one of my favorites. Happy New Years to you and I hope something brilliant inspire you to new beginnings.

  6. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday! Call it the January Blahs, a slump, or whatever, I know exactly how you feel! Just not entirely ready to get back to 'real life' after the holidays, so my brain keeps the ideas tucked away and a blah feeling to the fore. Never mind, it will pass, and my oh my a visit to Loop will alleviate any bad feelings, eh? Chrissie xxx

  7. Happy birthday! Your Christmas and birthday loot is gorgeous, lots of lovely colours! xx

  8. Happy New Year Sandra! I know exactly what you mean about feeling rather sapped of get up and go and feeling that somehow one ought to be full of new year's zip but actually one isn't. I wish you gentle energy-building days as January gets lighter and the days longer. Hope you are still going to release the pattern for your gipsy shawl - it's on my list of hope-to-makes for 2014! E x

  9. Happy Birthday Sandra, you say a significant birthday - does that mean you turned 30? You have a wonderful stash and I'm sure you will make some fabulous things with it in time. I'm sure your mojo will return soon and you will feel better. Maybe when the sun shines a bit more. Anyway we have to endure the lows to appreciate the highs, and they are only round the corner. You squares are looking great, the brighter colours are very pretty!! Enjoy making your blanket, take care, Sam xx

  10. Happy New Year (did I say that already?) and Happy Birthday x

    Clear evidence here of yarnaholism ... that's what I like to see ;)

    Like you I'm horribly behind with replying to everyone, it's one of the hazards of blogging and holidays that everyone understands. But I'd like to thank you for your lovely blog and your bloggy friendship x

  11. Happy New Year and Happy (belated) Birthday - nothing like having gifty-gilt (aka Christmas and B'Day loot!) to apply towards new wool (or fabric or beads or clay or...)! I got to spend mine at the bead shop this year as the DH reminded me the wool and yarn chest is overflowing:)

    Re the replies, take your time and for mine don't feel the need to reply if it takes you away from creating these wonderful pieces:):) I love seeing a new post appear to my inbox and I savour the treat!

  12. Grazie a te , fonte di grande ispirazione !
    Curiosa di vedere i nuovi lavori ; )

  13. Hello Sandra
    I think the rain, rain and more rain doesn't really help with get up and go. I'm sure you'll be back on track soon,

  14. Happy Belated Birthday and New Year!! Grab yourself some magazines and a notebook and take yourself out somewhere nice for a coffee, that's what I do when I need a bit of an inspiration boost. I'm sure it will come back in no time and when it does I 'm looking forward to seeing what lovelyness you create with all that fab wool x

  15. What a lovely post! I'm loving your new yarns to play with!! They look divine!! :) Happy crafting!! I'm playing with some pinks and reds today! :) xo Holly

  16. Happy New Year Sandra! This year had definitely started slowly in crafting for me, I have just been catching up on projects left behind in Dec. ;) Love all the gorgeous new yarn and look forward to seeing all the pretty things you make! Wishing you a sweet and lovely week! xo Heather

  17. Indeed - I've just ordered more yarn to make a blanket! :)

    It seems to be popping up everywhere - so I thought I'd have a go too

  18. Super jealous of your beautiful yarn stash! Can't wait to see what you do with it all :)

  19. A "significant" birthday, you say? Ah, happy 21st birthday to you Sandra! ;-)

    I only ever visited Loop once and felt like I just didn't get it. I need to go back and reassess! x