One for my Baby...

 I used to hate the idea of making scarves.

It used to seem such a boring thing to do.  So very long and so very dull they seemed to be, just repeat after repeat, after repeat.  On and on and on.

Very strange reasoning really and I've totally changed my mind on them now.  I don't know why I didn't see it this way before but now they seem speedy things to make.  They may be long, oh yes indeed.  But that does not really matter, because they have a redeeming feature.  They are thin!  Even a fairly thick scarf is pretty thin in the scheme of things.

So now, I quite like making scarves.  I can fairly whip through the things.

Which is why I decided that I would cave in to the demands of my mind changing Little Miss and make her another scarf.  It's wasn't long ago that she was given this one, but the ungrateful wretch has taken umbrage with the thing and refuses to wear it any longer.

However, she managed to win me over to the point where I conceded to make her a replacement when we both got excited about a stripy scarf we saw in Joules.  She was very taken with the colours and as she is a child who asks for very little as a general rule, we agreed to leave the one in the shop on the promise she could have free rein picking colours when sorting through my acrylic stash later that day.

She did a good job with her selection I think.  I made suggestions but ultimately the decision was hers and I think she's happy with the end result.  She wanted something nice and wide so she only had to wrap it around once, but it had to be long enough to tie too.  Fussy madam.

She approved the stripe order, the stitch pattern and the addition of tassels.  I just carried it all out.
For the time being at least, Mummy has done good!

: :  COLOURS : :

1.  Stylecraft Special DK - Emperor (1425)
2.  King Cole Big Value - Mustard (323)
3.  Red Heart Shimmer - Pink (04)
4.  Stylecraft  Special DK - Sherbert (1034)
5.  Stylecraft  Special DK - Grape (1067)
6.  Stylecraft  Special DK - Cream (1005)
7.  King Cole Big Value DK - Rose (327)
Almost identical to: Stylecraft  Special DK - Fondant (1241)
8.  Stylecraft Life DK - Mint (3242)

: : PATTERN : :
A variation on the shell and V stitch pattern.
(I missed out the 'v' and used a dc (UK terms) instead)

Just before I go, I wanted to thank you all for your wonderful feedback on my little slipper problem.
It seems to be that I'm not alone in my dilema of crochet footwear but there are steps that can be taken.

I think you're all right, that wool would be a better bet than cotton.  Silly choice on my part really, knowing how out of shape cotton can get.  Felting might be an option, but to be honest I'm a little afraid of this one, what it I felt them too much?  I'm definitely going to try putting them in the washing machine to tighten them up a bit though and if all each fails, they might just become a pretty item to display in the bedroom.

S x

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  1. wonderful scarf!!!!!! I really love the stripes!!!!!!
    xxxxxxx Ale

  2. lovely scarf! If you decide to make the slippers in 100% wool and felt them, you can felt them by hand, that way you can stop the felting procedure when it's gone far enough, and if they're not felted enough, you keep going!

  3. Hello Sandra
    Such a lovely scarf and excellent colour and stitch choices if I may say so !
    I expect your daughters chuffed to bits that she had a part in it too.
    I too am having a bit of a scarf revelation at the moment, and keep thinking of different colours to make my favourite pattern in , just on number 3 at the moment ! ( post to follow this weekend... )
    So enjoying your lovely blog ... ooh yes, nearly forgot to say that I have been using your flower pattern from Ravelry to make a flower garland this week ( also to be posted this weekend ... ) so, if it's ok, I shall link it back to you.
    Have a good weekend,

  4. I've just discovered your blog and love it. The scarf is gorgeous, I have just started to crochet and for my first project decided upon a I mad!!!! I now feel that a scarf would have been a much better idea!! have a lovely weekend, Sarah xo

  5. She surely won't tire of this scarf, well done with the color choices and placement.

  6. Funny how we change our minds about things isn't it, something that is in favour suddenly falls by the wayside! However, the new scarf is lovely and hopefully the personal choice of colours will mean that the love lasts longer with this one! Very pretty though Sandra. xx

  7. A lovely scarf, your daughter has great choice of colours. I've just started knitting and my first project is a scarf, it looks a bit of a mess where I've started but it's nice to see my stitches getting better as I progress.

  8. Lovely.... your little girl has a great sense of colour ... :)

  9. I love a good ol' stripy scarf, happy colours and useful - especially when made to the exacting standards of your daughter! :) lovely. Chrissie x

  10. Very pretty :-) She chose lovely colors. I like to make scarves, too. Very quick and satisfying.

  11. I love the scarf, pretty cheerful colours, I like your variation on the pattern too, I will have to make one of these. :)

  12. Such a lovely scarf, she has made some good colour choices. She must be really pleased with it now finished.

  13. Looks very pretty and stylish!
    Maria x (Dinki Dots)

  14. Lovely scarf!! She has excellent taste in colour combinations I love it! Scarves are such instant gratification things to make, love making scarves for family and always want to keep them in the end.

    - J,

  15. Whats not to love about making scarves - I'm currently working on a 300 stitch per row blanket so I'm jealous of the short rows :) Love the stripes she did great with her colour shoices!

  16. Hi Sandra,
    Such a beautiful scarf and the pattern is so pretty, as are the colors! I am sure your sweet girl will treasure it! Wishing you a wonderful weekend! xo Heather

  17. I don't know why that Joules stuff has to be so expensive. Anyway, that scarf is way more beautiful than anything they sell. Well done you - loving those colours. x

  18. Very pretty indeed! I have a special love of scarves as they were the humble beginnings of my knitwear business. I have moved on to knit and crochet many other things, but the scarf still remains special. I look forward to seeing many more from you. Thank you for sharing and I love the photo styling.



  19. Very funny! :D It would seem that your Little Miss has inherited her Mummy's color coordinating talent! :D
    Very pretty scarf...
    Beth P

  20. Such a lovely scarf Sandra. I always find it hard to deny my Little Miss when she specifically asks for something, especially when they seem so pleased to have it. Hopefully she won't tire of this one too soon!!!!

  21. Мне очень нравится то, что вы делаете!!!Красиво и со вкусом!!!

  22. What a lovely scarf! Little Miss certainly knows her own mind :) She has picked gorgeous colours that really work well together, I bet she is over the moon with the scarf mammy made for her :) x

  23. Love the color choices and stripes, very lovely! I want to crochet but haven't jumped in yet to try. You have inspired me!

  24. It's gorgeous! Amazing colour choice.
    (And the pictures you make are lovely too...)
    Have a nice day!

  25. I love this scarf! The colors are beautiful!