A restful week

 This week has been fab.  A lovely, restful, relaxing, lazy kind of week.

It's been half-term and we've really clicked over to the holiday schedule and it's been wonderful.  Slow, leisurely mornings in pyjamas, late breakfasts and casual meal times.  We've watched a lot of Olympics, Little Miss is amazingly interested in it for some reason and I'm happy to go along with her.

We've been so into the holiday routine and enjoyed being lazy so much I haven't even managed to get around to posting this week, so it's turned into an impromptu blog holiday too but actually I think having a total break from everything, even this blog that I enjoy so much, has done me the world of good.

There has been some gentle activity this week though.  The low key playing of simple games, some companionable stitching together on the sofa and plenty of indoor and out skating practise.  We even managed a trip to the park when things brightened up a bit.


I've been mulling over some of my leftover balls in stash to see if I can come up with a suitable second Ricicles Shawl colour combination.  I'd started the version at the top of this post just to check the pattern but didn't have enough to complete a whole shawl.

I liked the colours though and the idea of having a 'spring' version of this shawl appeals so I'm seeing if I can come up with something I like from the stash I already have.  I'm not sure I'm completely convinced by any of my choices yet though but I'll keep playing.

I've also started working on a new little something using my yarn splurge from the beginning of the year.  I've been trying out a few different things and I think it's starting to take shape now.  All very exciting and I'll keep you posted on how it's coming along.

And there one other piece of exciting news to tell you too.  I've been featured in a magazine.  Coo!
It's the Australian magazine, Homespun and they've picked out my Daisy Puffagon cushion.  Isn't that cool?  I'm most excited I can tell you.  

(You can find the Daisy Puffagon Tutorial here by the way!)

I'm just wishing I was in Australia right now so I could get my grubby mitts on a copy.  Still, they did send me a pdf of the pages, so that's the next best thing.  Check it out...

Well, I hope you have all had a lovely week and if half-term is something that happens to you, I hope you've had an enjoyable one as I have.  I'll see you next week when I'll be back to my regular posting schedule.

S x

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  1. Such a shame you didn't have enough yarn to continue the shawl in the colours in the top picture - they are so perfect! I'm sure you'll come up with something just as good, though. Congratulations on the magazine feature - how exciting!!!
    Maria x

  2. Brilliant news on your magazine article, well done !
    Have a good weekend
    Kate x

  3. Glad you've had a lovely relaxing week, sometimes you need that to recharge yourself.
    Congratulations on your magazine piece, that is exciting news and another of your lovely patterns.
    Have a good weekend.
    Sally (colourmecrochet) xxx

  4. Hope they paid you for use of your image and information. They often don't, which is very unfair as they rely on people feeling flattered (which is fair enough but doesn't mean you shouldn't be remunerated as other contributors are, as that is what you are.) Too many magazines take advantage.

  5. Sandra, this is so wonderful, all of it :-) first, congratulations on being published in the Australian magazine, wow!! But I am not surprised that you did, you are so talented and that daisy cushion is just beautiful!! I cannot wait what will be that pinkish thing you are working on, I love those colours. I am all in the pink and turcoise right now. And I am glad you had a nice and restful half-term. Ours just started. We plan a trip to the sea on Monday as the forecast is nice and some friends visiting so it may be rather kind of 'busy' for us but we are looking forward to it and just knowing that we can sleep late in the morning makes the whole difference ;-) have a lovely weekend, hugs Jitka

  6. Congratulations on your being published in the magazine, I think that you should e-mail them back and ask them to send you a copy, I bet they will!! xx

  7. Hi Sandra! Love the new colour combination of the ricicles shawl!! Congratulations on being featured in Homespun Magazine. You don't have to live in Australia to get a copy of the magazine. I am in Switzerland and I get it electronically through Zinio. You don't have to subscribe for a whole year (I don't think) you can just buy them individually and then a link for the magazine is emailed to you. Hope this helps! :)

  8. I love the soft colours of the Ricicles shawl, it would be just lovely if you continue in the same colours.
    It sounds as if you've been having fun with your daughter on her half-term holiday with a little change in pace.
    Congratulations on being featured in the Homespun magazine!

  9. our half term break has just started!!!! Congratulations for your feature!!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  10. Congratulations on the magazine feature!
    When I was a wee lass, we spent HOURS playing mancala! We have a set like yours. I should get it out again.

  11. Sounds like a lovely week, the colours in your top photos are so pretty and restful! Congrats on appearing in Homespun, I would be happy to mail you a copy but it will be delayed as we get them a bit later in NZ! xx

  12. Congratulations on that feature in the Homespun magazine!!! Wop! Wop! Love the look of that shawl... The colors are gorgeous. So sad to hear you don't have enough to complete it. But you sure have some lovely alternatives going there. Bottom left is my fave for spring. Spring break has just started with little boy in high fever. But still, I'm looking forward to a week of skiing and hanging out with my crochet without the demands of my home. Sipping creamy coffee and surfing blogs this morning... So nice. Ciao Bella

  13. Ooh Sandra, how exciting! I shall be sure to buy a copy!

  14. Hi there, if you would like a copy I can prob get you one. I'm in Brisbane Australia :-)

  15. Congratulations on your magazine article Sandra, I really like your daisy puffagon cushion. Looking forward to seeing what your new 'little something' becomes. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    Jane x

  16. How fantastic to be in a magazine because someone has admired your work so much! That is fabulous. It is gorgeous though and so are most things you make. You could have your own magazine that I would quite happily browse oooing and ahhhing at the pics, the gorgeous colours, photos and makes. Looks like a nice half term with kiddies, I enjoy the laziness of it all when they are off. Your stash is so pretty and already the colours you have put together are beautiful x

  17. I'm in Australia if you want me to try to get a copy for you.

  18. Wowee! Heaps of congratulations on being published, how exciting. Such a shame not to have a hard copy of the magazine - my brother is in Sydney, I can ask him to try and find a copy to send, my love? Let me know.

    Just the loveliest colours in your post - all of them. Don't those delicious pinks look like strawberry mousse?

    Enjoy the last day of half term - back to routine tomorrow … :-(


  19. Sandra, well done you! No surprise!



  20. Congratulations on the magazine! (And the lovely half-term which sounds very well spent!).

  21. It looks and sounds like the perfect way to spend half term. xo

  22. Such a pretty spring-y post ... I like all the yarn combos. And congrats on being featured in the magazine! :)

  23. Ooh, congratulations! I'm not surprised you've been featured, those puffagons are something special :)

    And it sounds like a lovely and relaxed half term week, isn't it nice just to switch off sometimes :)

  24. Congrats that's awesome!! And boo that you don't have enough yarn, it's such a beautiful palette

  25. Congrats Sandra!! So exciting and a beautiful pillow it is!! Lovely new yarn colors!! Enjoy your week! xo Heather

  26. I can have a look and send a copy if you haven't already made arrangements.

  27. Congratulations!

    Pretty Florals

  28. Hi Sandra, I'm in Australia too. I work at Material Obsession and we still have some copies left. Email us if you want a copy! I'd try getting in touch with Homespun too though. They are nice girls - they might send you one :)