Boho Hearts

I've been enjoying making these little hearts.  Anything that is this quick to make is always good fun I find.

I still haven't assembled my mantle dingle dangle yet, but I have a vision in the mind's eye, so we'll see if things pan out according to plan soon.  Tomorrow I think I will have a play and see if it comes together.

In the meantime though, I thought I'd share the pattern with you all so you can start making your own hearts for all the little ideas and projects that you might be seeing with your own mind's eye!

I've decide to call them Boho Hearts, I think mostly because of the colour choices that they seemed to inspire me to make them in, they seen a touch bohemian to me.  I hope you enjoy them and let you creative imaginations run wild...



Written in UK terms, see chart below for USA translations.

You can use any spare yarn with the appropriate hook size.*
(I used Bergere de France Ideal with a 3.5mm hook for the hearts above.)

Round 1: 4ch, ss into 1st chain to make a loop.

Round2:  1ch, [1dc 2ch, 3dtr, 4tr, 1dtr, 3ch, ss into top of last dtr to form picot, 1dtr, 4tr, 3dtr,] all into loop, 2ch, ss into top of 1st dc.

Break yarn and join new colour in first 2ch sp.

Round 3:  1ch, 1dc over 2ch of the round below, [1ch, 1dc into dtr] 3 times, 1ch, 1dc into tr, [1ch, skip 1 st, 1dc into next st] twice, 1ch, [1dc, 2ch, 1dc] into picot loop, 1ch, 1dc into dtr, [1ch, skip 1 st, 1dc into next st] twice, [1ch, 1dc into dtr] 3 times, 1ch, 1dc over 2ch of the round below, 1ch, ss into dc, 1ch, ss into 1st dc of the round.

Break yarn and join new colour in next ch sp.

Round 4:  1ch, 1dc in same sp, *1ch, 1dc in next ch sp*, repeat from * to * 6 times, up to 2ch sp (the heart point), 1ch, [1dc, 2ch, 1dc] into 2ch sp, repeat from * to * 8 times 1ss into ss, 1dc into ch sp, 1ch, ss into 1st dc of the round.

Break yarn and weave in ends

*You may need to increase the number of chains on the first round to 5 or 6 to accommodate the stitches of the second round, if you are using a heavier weight yarn. 

I'd love to see what you get up to, so if you fancy coming along to the Ravelry group, Cherry Heat's Cozy Corner, to share your creations, that would be wonderful!

Any problems, please do let me know.

S x

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  1. You are a star! These little hearts are just beyond cute, and just in time for Valentine's Day - my girls are going to love seeing these popping up around the house! ;-) Chrissie x

  2. They're too sweet! Yet another good reason for me to learn to crochet :)

  3. They're really cute and cheerful! Thanks for sharing the pattern. :-)

  4. Thank you for sharing, they are really beauties!!

    x Ellebel

  5. Your finished hearts look lovely! I love the multi-colour combination! What a lovely idea to put a chart too besides your written instructions! Thank you for sharing your work!

  6. Adorable hearts :-) Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  7. I think I cannot have too many crochet heart patterns - love these! My pinterest board is simply bursting with crochet hearts.... these happy ones have just been added to the collection!

  8. lovely, thank you, will have a try now!

  9. Your hearts are so pretty, but your pattern writing skill is an amazement to me! You are so talented!! Hope that you have fun playing with your hearts! xx

  10. Such pretty hearts, they look lovely. But then I admire all your work, your crochet always inspires me.
    Sally x

  11. These are beautiful! Thanks so much for the pattern. x

  12. I love them!
    I will give this pattern a go for sure!

  13. Thank you for publishing this sweet pattern - I've been admiring them! I'm on such a crochet kick at the moment, I shall certainly make some and hang them for valentines. p.s. love your name for a string of them - a dingle dangle - made me smile :-)

  14. Cute hearts, Sandra! I will definitely try them ♥ Ana BC

  15. Your little hearts are super-cute! I love all the colors of yours. I've printed off your pattern and will try a few this evening. Thanks for sharing your pattern! I'll be sure to give you a link when I show them on my blog. Fun-fun-fun!

  16. Oh I have to give these a go! So sweet! Thank you so much Sandra!

  17. Thank you so much for sharing, even with my very limited crochet skills, I think I could give this a go! xo

  18. Really sweet! Tanks for sharing. Can you also provide the link for your chart software?

    Have a great weekend.

    Sheila Zachariae Owner , Creative Design |

  19. You have completely spoiled us, this pattern is Lovely. Thank you,

  20. Another huge thank you for the pattern for this adorable cuteness! I think this needs to be a garland for my studio!
    Hugs always,
    Beth P

  21. Thanks for sharing the pattern, your hearts are irresistible! Loving your new header and the cute picture too!!

  22. They are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pattern!


  23. Thank you. I have lots of spare bits and pieces and these are perfect for the chemo ward.

  24. I love these Boho Hearts and your Boho Pendants too! Linking up tomorrow at Tangled Happy. Thanks so much for sharing these!

  25. Just one problem I don't know how to read patterns for crochet - I've tried lots of books and even a Cd but I 'm still hopeless. The hearts are so very cute.

    1. My sister has the same problem. Perhaps networking through your local library, yarn shop, churches, etc could 'hook' you up with a mentor to practice with. Could be fun! Go for it!

  26. Hi! This tutorial is perfect for a day like this: St. Valentine! Thank you for sharing it!
    P.S. I cited it in my post "Moodboard: Lovely Tutorial"! ;-)

    Ciao, a kiss from Italy!

  27. Thank you so much for sharing ....ideal for going on my french doors