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Say the word storm to me and for some reason my first thought is stormy seas.  Gunmetal grey skies and a tumultuous, dark steel blue sea that will leave ships wrecked upon the rocks.  A rather old fashioned image, as I'm not sure that 'shipwrecks' happen in these modern times do they?  But anyway, it's rather well summed up by the picture above.  Almost exactly that image goes through my mind

So, at first I was a little worried.  I thought this post, with this theme, would be a monochrome post of greys.  Rather like this picture.

Photo credit: Steve Fareham

Although I love this picture and indeed, have the utmost love and respect for grey, you'll know by now that in these posts I generally like to search for the colour and the colourful.

After a few days of percolating the word 'storm' around my head I found that I was returning to the colour red.  Red and storms - I wonder why?

I searched my brain for a connection and suddenly thought of lightning and electrical storms. The jagged line of light ripping through the sky with a tinge of red round the edges.  That's what I think of.  Much better, much more colourful.

It seems that lightning storms more often take on a pink or orangey hue judging by the pictures below, but I love the palettes that they are creating.  Lovely combinations.  (There's also a fantastic, very red, version here but I'm not sure what the permissions are on the photo so I didn't use it just in case.)

Photo credit: Todd Shoemake

Photo credit: Philippe Henry

 The other 'red' thought that I had was of tempest.  Tempest sounds like a very red word to me.  A dangerous and volatile word and red inextricably linked with danger.

Of course tempest can mean storm, so that fits extremely well to begin with.  But looking the word up also led me to stumble across another perfect red-storm connection.  Jupiter's famous 'Great Red Spot' is of course, a massive, raging storm that has been observed for hundreds of years.

Apparently the colour varies from pale, almost white, orange to brick red and I found this picture with fantastic colours that I loved and just had to include.

Photo credit: Nasa

It's colours are very similar to the lightning palette above it but doesn't that red really make it zing?

So there you have it.  Storms are red.  Who knew?

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  1. What an interesting word: "storm" and all it evokes, both in colour and in shapes. I love that last images of Jupiter's 'Great Red Spot'. Very volatile, but also full of energy!

  2. That is really interesting. We all love colour and it is fascinating the colours we see everyday and where our thoughts take us when we hear certain words, like your colourful journey with the word storm. This is a great post x

  3. Hi Sandra, this is Jennifer (thistlebear). I have some trouble logging into Discus so I'm posting as a guest. This is such an interesting take on the storm topic. I can see what you mean about thinking "red" when you think about storms because I often associate beautiful sunrises and sunsets with stormy weather, sort of like the old saying for sailors. I really enjoyed your post.

  4. Nicely done m'dear ... love, love, love the connection to Jupiter and red! (My 'storm' is red and yellow too, but not at all the same thing, not at all.)

  5. Hmmm nice and thought provoking post Sandra. Tempest sound red to me too. But when I hear storm the first thing that comes to mind is summer, eventually spring, but mostly hot summer, the heaviness and then what feels like all the Earth becomes almost silent and then the dark clouds covering the blue sky and the first drops of water and then the pouring rain and the sounds ... Oh I love the storm sound. The storm brings such a 'relief' in a way ... I am a big storm fun, I love to watch them and to experience them fully. And the colours that would come to mind must be beautiful shades of blue, almost black, and green. But I was lucky not to ever experienced a tempet and I prefer to stay it that way :-) I love your image of Jupiter here! Hugs, Jitka

  6. I love the way you interpreted this. Storm is quite a "red" word I suppose - think to "storm out" of a room, or to "storm a castle" - there is a lot of violet red in these words. Great idea, and the way you pull apart the colours in each image works so well. Great post. x

  7. Unusual colours for storm but absolutely perfect.

  8. Lovely post! I am so enjoying these color collaborative posts! I just found your blog, and I'm so glad I did!!! I can't wait to read more!

  9. I love the colour pallets created by the two storm pictures, especially the first - fab stuff. Have a good week.
    Jane x