Floating with purpose

I've been feeling lighter than air lately.  All due to the fact that I've finally got two big projects finished up.  Ones that have been hanging around since before Christmas, way too long for my liking.

One was my brick quilt, which you can glimpse in this post here and the other was my extremely troublesome crochet blanket, which I most recently talked about here.  I can't tell you how relieved I am to get these two done and dusted.  Not that I wasn't still enjoying them but having the weight of their 'outstandingness' lifted from my shoulders feels good.  I'll give you the low down on both of these next week, once I've gathered my thoughts.  Or rather, got some decent shots of them.

In the meantime though, having explained why I'm 'floating' let us talk about the 'purpose' part of the post title.  Normally, when a new year begins, I get a huge wave of 'let's get things done' feeling come over me.  This year though, it didn't arrive on time leaving me feeling all lacklustre.  The good news is that the fired up feeling did arrive, albeit a few weeks late, and it arrived just about the time I saw  this picture on Pinterest.

Now, my craft room isn't anything like a gorgeous as that photo and isn't going to be any time soon.  But I did see something that I could do and even better, it would be very quick and easy.  You see, I've got that very desk, the one in the photo, in my craft room too.  They have gold-leafed theirs, which is all very dandy I'm sure, but the second I saw it I knew how I wanted to adapt that idea for my own desk.

Do you remember when I prettified my little laundry cupboard?  If you were around last summer you might do.  The thing that elevated that cupboard from mundane and ordinary to superstar cupboard status (in my mind at least) was the fact that I used some vintage wallpapers to decorate the inside.  It still makes me smile to see it every time I open the door.

So much do I love these papers and the effect that patchworking them together gives that I thought I'd use the same idea again here and enjoy those papers in a more exposed setting.

So, here's the desk before...

 Plain and simple certainly, but not very exciting.

And here it is afterwards...

 Look at that!

Doesn't it just make your heart sing?  Well, it does mine at any rate.  Glorious.

I got the wallpaper pieces from Little Teawagon at Etsy again.  You probably know Jane's blog, Teawagon Tales, there's plenty of inspiration of the vintage kind to be found there.

A little paper and paste, an afternoon spent mixing, matching and gluing and I have a whole fresh look to my desk.  I love the transformation and I love the new motivation to keep my desk clean and clear.

Oh, and just a little bit of 'any other business' while we're here...

Since I showed pictures of the  crochet Christmas tree skirt I whipped up to cover one of my tree stands, I've been surprised (and so flattered - you lovely lot) how many people have been asking about a pattern for it, even at this time of year.   So I thought I'd let anyone who is interested know that I do indeed have plans to release a proper pattern.  Yay!

My idea was to bring it out later this year, closer to the festive season as that seemed appropriate, and also after I've had a chance to get something a little more formal worked up and written out.  I was thinking say late October, early November, to give you chance to get one made for the big day.  What do you think?

S x

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  1. That's a brilliant idea for your desk and a great result! I love it!!
    Have a lovely rest of the week, Pati x

  2. I love this! What a great idea. It's just crying out to be personalised somehow and you've made it perfectly you. I loved your ricicles shawl and boho pendants too - you are so versatile and creative. x

  3. That's a fantastic update - your desk looks great!!

  4. Ух ты, как круто!!! Мне очень понравилась данная идея декора стола!!!!

  5. Wow how pretty Sandra! You have chosen the perfect combination and your desk looks just gorgeous... A perfect inspirational place :)'

  6. You desk is absolutely gorgeous - can't wait to see the tree skirt pattern.

  7. Stunning. Love the desk and ADORE the idea. How pretty is that! Have a super day and hope the sun is shining for you today? xxx

  8. Gorgeous transformation! Reminds me of the patchwork decoupage I did on my cookbook shelves a few months ago, though mine's less tasteful: http://www.chrissiecrafts.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/prettifying-bookshelves.html. YES hooray! for the Xmas tree skirt pattern! I'd say early autumn, to avoid panic and conflict with other Xmas makes...thank you! Chrissie x

  9. Ooooh gorgeous!!! Is it modge podge that you did on the table? I fancy giving that a go !

  10. Lovely! The bag is too, thanks for sharing



  11. Yes Yes Yes!!! it is absolutely wonderful, I don't have any craft desk but if I would have one it would have to look like yours now :-) it is beautiful Sandra, I could just sit there and enjoy to look at it actually ... ;-) enjoy it and have fun creating new projects there! Hugs, Jitka

  12. That's lovely!! I fancy a patchwork wall....just need to convince my husband xo

  13. Such a pretty desk! I have a mind full of the new year I shall do's to the house, but so far none of the inclination to do them. The past few days of sunshine did encourage me, but now it is grey again all I want to do is curl up with a blanket and a woolly make!

  14. Having the pattern would be brilliant. Not sure that getting it late October or early November would suit us busy people making so many gifts and other things for Christmas. Maybe a bit earlier so we can get that skirt for the tree done in time. What a brilliant idea for the desk and looks great. It would also be a good one for shelving also. Thank you