Ricicles Shawl

I've got a brand new pattern to share with you and I'm a bit excited!

I gave you a little sneak peak the other day.  As I mentioned in that post, I was all very consumed by Autumnal colours and outfit coordination at the time and I think this shawl does indeed look most Autumny in these colours.

I actually, somewhat unusually I suppose, made this shawl up in Stylecraft Special DK.  An acrylic yarn wouldn't normally be my first thought for something that I want to wrap up around my neck but I was so excited by having the exact colours I'd been thinking about in my stash ready to go, that I forgot all about considerations like that and rushed in, eager to see how it would look.

It turned out nicely, fitting well with my little fantasy picture I'd conjured up.  The border, which I'd imagined in the red, turned out to be much better in navy, but other than that, pretty faithful to the image.  Of course, on finishing I did than start to worry a little about my acrylic choice...

I wanted to block the shawl, the pattern needed a little blocking to bring it out nicely and shawls often feel so much nicer and drape so much better after a gentle little stretching.  Of course, acrylic isn't the more 'blocking friendly' material in the world but it just so happens that I'd recently read Lucy of Attic 24's post about her experience of blocking acrylic yarn and I thought maybe it would be possible.

I'd read about steam blocking acrylic yarns before, so I knew the theory but it all seemed rather scary and liable to go horribly wrong.  That's the wonderful thing about Lucy's blog though, she takes you through things step by step and somehow makes it sound easy and achievable.  I decided to give it a go.

Still a little worried, I tried a small test piece first and joy of joys, it worked perfectly!  I moved onto the shawl itself. It was a little more tricky to manage due to the size of it and I had to work in sections, but I carefully pinned each section out and steamed it before moving onto the next.  Well worth it though as it did wonders for it.  Relaxing it just enough to open up the pattern as I had wanted and just sit that little bit nicer around my shoulders.  So it seems a shawl on a budget is a possibility after all.

The nice thing this that it was such a lovely quick thing to make up.  And once you've got the basic idea of the stitch, a really simple and relaxing make too.  Not an awful lot of thought required and that's sometimes a very good thing.  It's also really adaptable as it can change completely depending on what colours are being used.  I tested out the pattern with some softer colours and they give it a whole new look, which I love.

You could use more colours, even use it as a stash buster and give it a scrappy look... oh I like that idea!  Or go the other way and use less colours, just 2 maybe or even just one, with the edging in a second colour... I like that too.  I was also thinking, that as this is my 'Autumnal' version, maybe I could make a shawl for each season, Winter, Spring and Summer?  Lots of ideas!

* Below are all the links you need for the new pattern. *

I need to go hunting through my stash again.  Maybe I'll treat myself to a more luxurious yarn this time.  I'm not quite sure, but I'm excited by the possibilities....

  New Pattern - Ricicles Shawl  

 A four pattern with written directions and photo tutorials for all special stitches.


for more details

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  1. Well I'm not sure whether to hug you or poke you. A couple of weeks ago I bought to shawl patterns. One being your Quite Contrary Wrap ( on which I'm just waiting for a ball of yarn to be delivered so I can finish the border as I didn't buy enough.) the second being Annette's Nordic Shawl from My Happy Valley. My plan was to get the border on yours finished then hopefully I can get Annette's started in the next day or so.
    Hahaha now I've found your Autumn one. Do I now make this one next or Annette's. What a conundrum to be in. Your shawl is beautiful, in both your colour choices and I'm very excited about making one for myself. So I guess it's hugs, not pokes :)
    Take care
    Sally xxx

  2. Just gorgeous Sandra, and the colours are perfect.
    Kate x

  3. It's beautiful :-) I'm glad your steam blocking experience was a success.

  4. I think I might like to try this! I have been trying to make the 'Sweet November' shawl forever, but for whatever reason it is not working out! Maybe I was just waiting for this...
    Jenn @JennsCraftyWorld

  5. I like your new shawl! It's a very unique pattern! It looks like fun to make. I quickly popped over and added it to my faves on Ravelry. I'm a crochet lace shawl addict. So, I very likely will be making this one someday. Just started another shawl yesterday.

  6. Wonderful creation, Sandra. Love it ♥
    Ana BC

  7. It's just beautiful! Really love the way it drapes :)))

  8. Sandra, oh wow, it is perfect, and yes, you do need one for each season ;-) and I love the colours, it is funny because I did prefer the colours of the soft pastel one you did show in the other post but seeing the final shawl now I think these colours are just perfect! I could not help but to notice that you always wear some beautiful T shirts or blouses :-) so lovely all together!! Hugs, J.

  9. You are so talented, it is simply gorgeous. Well done.

  10. Your shawl is beautiful Sandra, and good on you for the blocking! I hope that you enjoy wearing it lots. xx

  11. This is just lovely and the lacy pattern is really nice.The draping are great. I love things that are supple like this and you can just snuggle into them without feeling you're being strangled! I think this would be a perfect shawl pattern for summer evenings too and it might be worth trying in cotton.
    I actually do quite like working with Stylecraft DK as I'm allergic to real wool, so have to be careful about what goes around my neck.

  12. Very beautiful! Great pattern, nice colours!

  13. I LOVE this shawl, such a beautiful design, as always! xxxx

  14. Beautiful Sandra...love your colour choice xx

  15. This is so pretty, I love that it's lacy enough to be worn as a drapey scarf, as well as a shawl. I think you should have one for each season in appropriate colours, based on palettes from the Colour Collaborative! I might have to do that myself...Cx

  16. I'll need to pop over to Rav and get this as I have some yummy yarn that would show beautifully using your pattern. Have a great weekend!


  17. Your shawl is gorgeous - I use Stylecraft Special DK all the time - in fact I have never used a expensive yarn as I am very new to the world of crochet. I really like your colour choices.

  18. I am so so pleased to have found your beautiful blog - makes my heart sing with joy to see that lovely shawl - I just have to learn to crochet first, ho hum.


  19. that is a beautiful shawl. i love the colors!!

  20. It's gorgeous! Jeez, I need to learn to crochet!!

  21. I just discovered your blog and I find your shawl adorable. I love your choice of color and find them perfect for automn and winter. Would go well with my clothes!

  22. That's lovely and the colours are stunning! Sarah xo

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