Colour Theory Blanket

I'm here, at long last, to share the last installment of the thrilling saga that has been this blanket.

Part one was the sorry tale of the murky squares that just didn't fit my blankety vision.  Followed by a lull in proceedings while the whole project had a 'time out' over the Christmas season.  Then, part two, a tragic tale of multiple rippings but eventual cautious optimism.  It's been a roller coaster of a ride, this blanket, it really has and now I'm here with part three.  The question is, will there be a happy ending?

Let us take up where we left off then.  Since the last post and the crisis intervention meeting with my sister, I at last had some kind of plan for this blanket.  It was the loosest of plans, the aim of which was to come up with at least a vaguely equal number of squares with the same last row colour.  Like any decent plan it was of course deviated from.  I ended up making less of the darker colours in the end and jiggled a little with the amounts to get the right number of squares but at least it gave me something to work towards.

One of the (many) problems I've had with this blanket is not really having any clear idea of what I'm going to end up with.  Normally I have an original idea or vision to aim towards.  It often changes along the way but generally because I decide to go a different way or decide on a slightly different look or feel.  This thing though, this had a mind of it's own and I was just along for the ride, clinging on for dear life.  I'd had ideas for it certainly, but every time I thought I knew what I was doing and where I was going with it, I'd sit back and find I'd arrived somewhere else entirely.  It's been a slippery old customer this one.

But at least I was able to getting better results with my colour combining at last.  When I first started I'd say my success rate was about 50/50.  Half the squares I made I either didn't like or wasn't at all sure of.  By the time I was half-way through I was getting about a 70/30 split and at the end I'd say 90% of the ones I made, I liked.  Even with unravelling and re-making of the squares I really couldn't stand, that still leaves a fair few duff squares in the final mix.

I decided to ignore this bit of information though and just plough on regardless.  I could always make some more squares at the end if I needed to.  That's what I kept telling myself.  In the end though, when I got to the magic number of squares, I just laid them all out as I normally would.  Shuffling them around until I was happy with the distribution of colour and balance of light and dark, squinting at it a bit to see if that helped and I forgot about the idea of making any more.

At this stage, I was pretty happy.  The plan, such as it was, had worked and I was able to get a nice spread of colours and things looked good.  All I had to do, was stitch it together and add the border.  Simple.

The only thing I have been sure about, during this whole, testing, experience, is the border.  The squares were always, always going to be 'on point', that is, arranged diagonally, so they are sitting up on their 'points' and the border was going to be very simple rows of colour.  Nothing fancy.  The border colours I had already set aside.  Two that I'd ordered and although they are supposed to be different, were absolutely identical to two other colours I already had and a further two colours that I'd picked out because I thought they'd look good.

I set to with the sewing.  I mattress stitched them together and it took a while, but I like the flush 'square butted up next to square' look that you get using that stitch.  Then on to the border.  I did a little bit of experimenting to see how the last row should look.  Something  unfussy but a definite finishing touch was what I was after.  Then I got stuck in.  I was still happy.  I liked the blanket sewn together, in fact I was quietly pleased with how it had turned out so I was eager for the end.

As always, when you want to get something done quickly, things come up and seem to delay you but eventually I made it all the way round those points and valleys for the last time and I was done, done. Gloriously, wonderfully done.

I laid it out fully, for the first time since I started the border and stepped back....

Oh.  Umm.  Oh heck, I'm not sure about it now!

The border had changed the look of the blanket and I suddenly wasn't at all sure I liked the colours or the order I'd used them for the border.  Oh deary dear.

To be honest  I just folded the blanket up and shoved it on the side for a while.  Ignoring it and not knowing what to think of it.  I certainly wasn't going to contemplate ripping back the offending border and anyway, knowing this blanket, I probably wouldn't like it anymore even if I went to the trouble.  (Yep, I was a bit pouty and out of sorts at this point.)

So there it is.  I'd finished, but I just didn't know what to think.

That was a few weeks ago and ever since then I've had the blanket laid out on my bed, as you see in the picture above and I've seen in every time I walk in my room and I've smoothed it out over the sheets every morning.

So, is there a happy ending to the tale?


I've stopped pouting, I've gotten over my issue with the border.  It is what it is and that's the way it shall stay.  I like it, I really do.  It's not quite everything I hoped it would be.  In fact, I don't really feel much like I can take credit for it at all in many ways.  It feels like something that happened while I was trying to make another blanket.  But, there are many things about it which please me.  I like it's vibrancy, I like it's randomness, I love the diagonal lines and I adore it's pointy edges.

The best thing is though, it photographs very well!  You may not believe it, but I swear to you it looks better in these shots than it does in real life.  But then it's a changeable blanket.  It looks different at night to how it looks in the day and I'm getting used to the changes in the way I feel about it.

All I know is, I like it right now!

Colour Theory Blanket

♡  UPDATE  ♡

Now available as a PDF download...

Pattern:  Colour Theory Blanket

: :

Yarn: Cascade 220
Hook: 5.0mm (G)
Size: 188x 144cm (75 x 57")
Weight: 1746g
Yardage: 3841
Colours: 27

Colour names:
2415 - Sunflower (The same as Tumeric) 
2429 - Irelande Heather 
2433 - Pacific Heather 
7805 - Famingo Pink 
7823 - Tumeric - Border 
7824 - Burnt Orange 
7827 - Golden Rod 
8021 - Beige 
8229 - Country Green 
8401 - Silver Grey 
8420 - Light Purple 
8834 - Medium Rose 
8914 - Granny Smith 
9404 - Ruby Red 
9407 - Celery Heather 
9449 - Midnight Heather 
9450 - Smoke Heather 
9452 - Summer Sky Heather 
9463B - Gold - (The same as Golden Rod) Border 
9474 - Plum - Border 
9476 - Maize 
9477 - Tutu - Border 
9493 - Salmon 
9548 - Slate Blue 
9578 - Sphere Heather 
9601 - Pink Taffy Heather 
9602 - Soft Sage

Anything else you'd like to know, check out my Ravelry page, or ask below.

S x

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  1. Sandra, I can honestly say I love it!! I think the colours have come out looking fabulous and you have worked through all sorts of combinations and have ended up with a blanket made from the core of you. You have had a journey with it and it has ended up beautiful!! I love the last photo, that's my favourite. Well done, it's gorgeous x

  2. Hi Sandra! Sometimes you work on something for so long, on and off, that you're not able to see it objectively any more. You could try putting it away for, say, a month (!?) and then getting it out and seeing how it strikes you afresh. Just for the record - seeing it afresh as I am, now ... IT IS GORGEOUS! xCathy ps giveaway at mine

  3. Gosh, you have been through the mill a bit with this one. It looks great though, and I hope that you fall in love with it very soon as it is very pretty and I really like the border! xx

  4. I Like your blanket, but if you are anything like me, then you will feel what you feel regardless of what other say to you! I just wanted to share my blanket-tale (similar to yours a bit), I thought it might make you feel like you are not alone!! I started a blanket well over 6 months ago and it was just out of my head and had a zig zag pattern of 'holes' through it, I was enjoying the challenge of it. So far I have frogged every single square at least once (if not three times). I had to pack it all away for 6 months and not touch it and have slowly tried to finish it more recently. I am not sure if I will like it when I am finished, but finish it I will!! It wont beat me!! haha. Some times it becomes more about the challenge of finishing something doesn't it??! Emily. x

  5. Oh My!... this is probably the best crochet blanket ever seen made up, and there are a fair few knocking around on Pinterest/blogland. The stitching is beautiful but it is the colour combinations that are the masterpiece in this blanket. Its also nice to see a different take on the edging, it very effective. Well Done. Pjx

  6. I think your blanket is beautiful! Love the layout, colors, border, all of it!

  7. This is honestly one of the most gorgeous afghans I've ever seen! I love the ripple edging and the large amount of colors in it. (I shudder at the thought of weaving all those ends though.) I hope you continue to be pleased with it, because I LOVE it!

  8. Congrats on finishing another beautiful and inspiring blanket! :) I loved seeing photos of the unfinished squares here and there. Every time I saw a new picture with another square I had to use all my willpower not to order all your Cascade 220 yarn colors haha! It looks very heavy, how is it in real life?

  9. We are always our own worst critics.... The blanket is perfect. Really it is. Such beautiful colours and wonderful movement from the perfect block placement. I like that border too - simple and unobtrusive. So glad that you also like it now!

  10. Sandra, it's really beautiful. I remember when you started this blanket and how you weren't happy with the squares. I think you hit on something very unique and distinctive with this one and it looks beautiful draped on the chair as well as spread on the bed. Well done.

  11. OMG, it is so gorgeous! What a cheery blanket. I think you did a spectacular job with it. I am in awe.

  12. Well, you've had a very love/hate relationship with this blanket over time and now you seem to have settled down with each other quite comfortably!
    The photo of it I like the best is the very last one on the chair cascading down. The colours come into their own there! It has a vintage look about it, both in design and in the colours chosen. I am glad that everything about it makes you happy now!

  13. I love it...the final photo makes you want to snuggle underneath it!! xo

  14. It is a beautiful blanket, Sandra!
    What I bothers me, is the colours of the edge - you can see much more of the brighter blues and greens if you look at the overall picture, while the edging has a more autumn-effect. But still, it is beautiful! Good for you that you finished it. I struggled and struggled with a ONE-coloured summer throw, and now I'm just giving up.

  15. Well done Sandra! I think it looks fantastic!! You should be very proud of yourself! :)

  16. It grows on you. The more I look at it the more I like it. Well done you!

  17. You should LOVE it, it is absolutely gorgeous. One of the nicest crocheted blankets I have ever seen!! I find your blog, your writing, your photography....all of it....very inspiring!! Smiles from South Africa :)

  18. I really like it - it is tough when things don't turn out in real life as they

    look in our minds. Please don't be so hard on yourself I think that the blanket looks fabulous. Well done you.

  19. What a saga! I imagine an 'Ode to the Colour Theory Blanket' being written by you now, to be sung in harmony with your is a wonderful creation, Sandra, it truly is, and made all the more special because of the thought and drama and colour education you gained from the making of it! :-) I especially admire the little details - the way you sewed the squares together - I just love the smooth flatness of it, it flows together so well - and the border is just *perfect* and really complements the squares beautifully. Give yourself a huge pat on the back! Chrissie x

  20. It's tremendous, I really love the colours, they are quirky and vibrant and unexpectedly lovely en masse. I love that you used so many. I've been fasntasizing (a lot) about the shades of that Cascade yarn and what I would do with it. I think I would have been tempted to make half squares to fill in the sides, it's quite edgy with deep zigzags. I hope it brings you much pleasure :)xxx

  21. Sandra it's B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! I'm glad that you persevered with it. The colours are lovely together. Sometimes, when working on something, you look at it so hard, for so long, that it's easy to get confused with how you feel about it.....especially if it deviates a lot from your initial plan. But rest assured, this is gorgeous! xxxxx

  22. I think it is really beautiful. The blanket jumps out at you, the colours are gorgeous.Really inspirational. Well done.

  23. Hello Sandra!! How are you?
    I'm really pleased to see that you persevered with your blanket as it is truly gorgeous. It is definitely vibrant and the golden border makes it into a very summery blanket, methinks!. I really like it!! It's effective and the border is also different so it does make a change from other things you see online. Have a lovely blue-skied day! Pati x

  24. I love everything about it....and that border.....darling! Well done you.


  25. Sandra, so this is the final episode... I truly love it. The border is just perfect!
    I like what you said about it being a changeable blanket :-) enjoy it Sandra because it is truly a wonderful one and you can be proud of yourself :-) hugs, Jitka

  26. Hello Sandra, I absolutely love it!!! It is beautiful. I have been following your posts, and wondering how you finished it. And as usual, you didn't disappoint. Your work is very inspirational, and sometimes when something like this happens, it is called serendipity. xx

  27. Well I think you've played a blinder! Firstly, by not giving up when you didn't feel the love. Secondly, because it's bloody stunning! It's a little 'different' which is a large part of it's appeal - almost artistic/bohemian. Love it! xx

  28. This is absolutely gorgeous and the points are very striking.

  29. Wow, this is just beautiful!! I love all the colors, and I really like that border!
    Kate :}

  30. Well I just LOVE this! but I understand that you can be critical of your own work (I know I pick every little thing about my crochet apart!) But other folks cannot see what we feel are our mistakes or missteps. So once again Sandra - Well Done and totally Brill!

  31. Oh, my goodness. How I love this blanket! You would just faint if you could see it without all this history. I hate the critical eye. I have it, too, but I do find if I take a photo and. Then look at it after a bit, I love my work! I hope you do, too! The workmanship is so perfectly uniform.... I just adore the cheerful feel....

  32. Thanks so much Kimberly! The block I used was just a straight forward Solid Granny Square. Stick it into Google, I’ll have no problems finding a tutorial for it.

    Sandra x

  33. Oh my this is beautiful. It is definitely going on my to do list. What a gorgeous creation, you must be so chuffed. Thank you for sharing all the colours with us too! xoxo

  34. Well I love it, I know what you mean about starting with a plan and then it changes as the journey goes along. I always struggle finding the right combinations that I will completely love at the end, most of the time I am a little disappointed, but this is so lovely. I love the contrast of the bright colours and the warming border, it is like a happy but soothing hug xxx

  35. It came out so beautiful!! You always makes such gorgeous things sweet Sandra!! Sometimes the challenges of things can make it more wonderful in the end, which this blanket definitely is! Have a wonderful weekend!

  36. Your blanket is gorgeous! I love the colours and the fact that you have angled the squares as diamonds. Best wishes, Pj x

  37. I like it! I didn't think I would, it's not really my kind of thing, but I do. And I'd hazard you could sell postcards of image 4 :)

  38. It's a wonderfully colourful blanket! I love that last image. I think these are the kind of blankets which need to be thrown around and worn in. Then they look amazing wherever they land! I would be quite happy to spend an evening with this blanket draped around me.

  39. It certainly does photograph beautifully. I love the "on point" edges, that makes it extra special. I think it's stunning. I'm glad it's growing on you. It may surprise you and end up being your absolute favourite! x