Ricicles are twicicles as nicicles!

Hooray for the sun coming out this week.  It's made the light, open and summery shawl I've been working on seem a little less ridiculous.

I originally made the pattern with Autumn in mind, which I think you can tell by the colours I used first time around.  But, as it's quite a simple and quick thing to whip up and the options for colour combining are numerous, I couldn't resist making another.  This time I had spring in mind, after making a tester piece in softer pastel shades.  

I didn't have quite enough of the right sort of thing in stash (always the way) and I liked the idea of making a cotton version, so I had to go yarn hunting.  I came away with a yarn I haven't tried before, Rico Baby Cotton DK and it's very nice.  A nice soft cotton with some lovely shades.  I even went wild and picked out some variegated yarn.  Well, not that wild, it's only a semi-solid really but still, a little departure from the norm nonetheless.

I added in a soft mint green and a pale blue from yarn I did have at home (Drops Safran) and was happy with my selection.  I'd made what I thought was a brand new little colour palette but the subconscious mind is a powerful thing and when I got home I realised that the colours, except one, were almost the same as my little tester piece.  Ok, a little bit of a fluke but obviously the colours were on my mind, so not that strange...

But, mark the sequel.  On a whim at the shop I'd thrown in that stronger pink.  I wasn't sure about it but quite liked it so thought I'd throw it in to try out and decide then.  I started making up the shawl with the hot pink and was a good few rows (and days) in when I suddenly noticed my my dress hanging on my wardrobe, bought a week or two before.   Look at those colours.  The pale blue, the darker blue, the grey, the mint green, the pale pink and yes, the darker pink is there too!

So, decision made.  The hot pink stays and I have the perfect summer dress to wear with this shawl.
Ok, so the shawl is now a summer shawl and not a spring one but I think I'll cope.  After all, there are always other colour ideas to be tried out.

I also want to say a big thank you for the wonderful response to this pattern so far.  

To all the lovely people who have kindly purchased the pattern or left a kind comment, I really appreciate your support and I'm so glad that people seem to be liking it and are finding wonderful colour combinations of their own.  Yippee!


Pattern: Ricicles Shawl

Hook:  3.5mm (E)

Rico Baby Cotton:
2 - Pale pink solid 
5 - Pink and rose print 
6 - Denim and light blue print 
8 - Grey and white print 
13 - Violet solid
Drops Safran:
3 - Mint green
50 Light ice blue


S x

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  1. It looks great now it's finished! I do like the summery colours, the pale blue edging and the fact that you've made it in cotton! Well done!

  2. Hey, it looks so lovely and your photos are gorgeous as usual. I am in fact wearing mine right now (also in cotton) and it's just enough to warm me up as the evening gets a bit chilly. Thanks for the pattern, it's a lovely one, Sam xx

  3. Beautiful Sandra! Really loving the colour combination! :)

  4. I really like your new colourway and it will look great with your dress!! You should go with your subconscious more if it produces results like this! xx

  5. your shawl is perfect with your dress! Hooray!

  6. LOVE the shawl - as you know - and I have dress envy too now!

  7. It's so pretty Sandra, the colours are gorgeous together.
    Kate x

  8. Gorg, gorg, gorgeous! Perfect colors and the post title is funcicle!



  9. It is absolutely stunning and I LOVE the colours you chose, a true beauty! xoxo

  10. Hi, I love your blog, is beauty, I love the colors, I love your crochet, visit my blog too,hugs from Brazil.



  11. Sandra your summer shawl is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. Those colours together are just yammy!
    Aren't the baby cotton yarns just so great? Now, I cannot wait for the spring version and what colours are you going to chose. I always find your colour palettes so amazing! Have a lovely weekend! hugs, Jitka

  12. Love it so much so I've bought the pattern and the same colour yarn. I hope you don't mind me copying as it is so beautiful.

  13. Resistance is futile...I'm off to purchase the pattern, I need this in soft pastels for summer! Chrissie xxx

  14. It's so pretty Sandra, lovely colour combination. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    Jane x

  15. Such a good match for your summery dress

  16. Hello Sandra, I found your blog via Pinterest, The vintage blanket (may 2013). I was also crocheting from the book 200 crochet blocks and was looking for a way to put the blocks along. I use your way for my blocks and want to thank you for your great tutorial. Today I made a post about the blanket and named you. I hope you have a lot of visitors from the Netherlands.
    Thanks again,
    By the way, I am glad I found your blog/

  17. I forgot to name my blog, http://rosabears.blogspot.nl/

  18. It's beautiful Sandra, so lacy and pretty!
    Gill xx

  19. Love those colours, very tempted to have a go BUT simply must finish a few wip's first!!
    bestest Daisy j xxx

  20. So, so lovely... It makes me think of spring and a splash of soft colors that makes me happy just thinking about it. I think I will have to make one of these :) gorgeous !