Colour Collaborative: July

Photo Credit: Anna Strumillo


White and blue and the two colours that are synonymous with this word.  The white of a crisp clean sail and the blue of a crystal clear waters.  For some reason though, as much as sail is a word inextricably linked with water, the first thought I have is of the sky.  Sailing and soaring through an empty blue sky, maybe specked with fluffy white clouds.

Maybe it's because I always used to dream of being able to fly that it comes so readily to mind.  But sailing through the sky like a bird is an appealing thought to me.  Swooping, floating, soaring and gliding through the air, so peaceful, serene and calm.

Photo Credit: Public Domain Pictures

Of course, attempting the same sort of thing on a sailboat is a slightly more realistic ambition and if I ever get the chance, I'd like to think that it would be similarly soothing, skimming over the waves and taking time to drift along.  Maybe that's why blue and white is such a classic theme and the reason why we find blues generally so calm, cool, tranquil and relaxing.

Photo Credit: Cruising on white sailboat on sunny day 
by Varner Sean, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Grey and green sea and sky blues have been among my favourite to work with for quite a while now and they work so well alone, but they work better (for me) with a little bit of spice added too.

In a way you'd think it wouldn't work, but the cool blues mix well with the warm and hot colours.  In palettes subtle or a little stronger.  In fact, my living room colours are similar to the ones in the middle picture so I suppose I've already been convinced.

Photo Credit: Griffin Keller

Photo Credit: Hans Braxmeier

Photo Credit: The Coke-Bear

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  1. Another great post! I love blue but find I have very little of it in my house. The colours of the first photo are lovely but I see what you mean about the warm colour mix. We are about to decorate our bedroom and I have said that I would like a duck egg blue, but now I 'm thinking again........ the blue at the far right of the sunset shot is gorgeous.....hmmmm

  2. The colours are so beautiful, and as always I love the way that you pull out the different tones and shades to highlight them in the side of each picture. xx

  3. Oh wow! I was going to say I had a 'favorite' - until I looked at the next one... and then the next one ... and then the nex.... you get the idea! *grin*

  4. I have a lot of blue in my house. A lot of grey too. I guess it's rather generic and predictable, living by the sea. But I find them cool and calm. And clean. I know what you mean about a shot of brightness to underscore the muted shades. At the moment that comes from Olly's very bright toys! xx

  5. This is a beautiful calm post, Sandra, with these beautiful colours which all work so well in their own way. Thank you! xoJoy

  6. The colors all work beautifully together. Nature knows exactly what it's doing. Blue is one my favorite colors and I love any nautical-themed decor. Clothing too. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos and color palettes, they're very inspiring.

  7. Yes, you're right - the warmer, spicier colours complement the cooler sea tones so beautifully. Navy blue and white has to be one of the most gorgeous, classic colour combos ever. And I love the way you pull the colours out of each image so successfully. x

  8. Gorgeous post. And I'm loving the thought of sailing through a blue sky. Did you know a hawk's wings are properly called sails (originally sailes)?

  9. Another wonderful colour collaborative post! It's so interesting to see what colours 'match' with blues, how the mood changes completely when you change a sandy yellow to a bright sunny yellow, the bold red softened to a terracotta. We have blues and taupes in our living room, and these colour palettes give me ideas for introducing some other shades as accents. Lovely! Chrissie x

  10. I love these pictures Sandra, for me blue skies and calm seas have a therapeutic quality. I love the colour palette created by the photo third from bottom, gorgeous. Have a lovely week.
    Jane x

  11. I have just purchased a Doris Chan afghan pattern that immediately reminded me of the sea. I will use one of the palletes to purchase my yarn!