Granny's Favourite

Cherry Heart:  Granny's favourite cardigan button choice

Thank you all for your comments on my last post, it seems that many of you are in the same busy, 'end of term rush' boat as me at the moment.  We're just hanging in there, clinging on, waiting for this to pass, looking and hoping for the calm seas of summer.   I have to say, life is a little tumultuous at the moment and I'm more than ready for some calm seas.  Let's hope there's some on the horizon.

Enough with the sailing analogy though, because at least I feel like I'm making a little progress in some areas.  Finishing off this cardi is a step in the right direction, especially as it will be a great one to take with us when we go away in the summer.  The design is nice and simple and the colour is neutral so I think it'll go with most things.  Of course, the button choice is a fairly bold one I suppose, but it was what she wanted and I have to say I do love the yellow and the grey together so I'm not sure I would have done anything different left to my own devices.

Cherry Heart: Granny's favourite cardigan

Cherry Heart: Granny's favourite cardigan cuff detail

I still love the colour of this yarn too.  It has a sort of mottled appearance and although the overall effect is grey, there are in fact a few different shades mixed up in it when you peer at it closely, a pinkish purple, blue and an almost teal green.  It's really quite surprising.

It reminds me of those 'match your colour' paint pots that you can go and have mixed.  When you watch the pigments go in, there's quite often some surprising shades that get squirted in, that you wouldn't necessarily have expected to need to make the final colour.  I've always been fascinated by that.

I'll try not to get you too excited about it though as I fear that this will be a long discontinued colour.  It was originally passed to me from my lovely knitting Nanny, who will no doubt of have had it hidden in her stash for untold yonks before I received it and yarn colours are a frequently changing thing.  Still, I'll put all the details at the bottom of the post anyway, just in case anyone wants to know.

In the meantime, I'll attempt to delight and amuse you with a few more photos, including some from what is fast becoming our traditional 'prance around while Mummy takes some shots' style photo shoots...

Cherry Heart: Granny's favourite cardigan

Cherry Heart: Granny's favourite cardigan front detail

Cherry Heart: Granny's favourite cardigan modeled

Cherry Heart: Granny's favourite cardigan on DD

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Pattern:  Grannie's Favourite by Georgie Hallam (Rav link)

Yarn:  Sirdar Country Style DK - Mountain Ash 589

Buttons: Recycled buttons from stash

S x


It's lovely, well done you!
What a pretty cardigan and I love that little lacy stitch and the yellow buttons give it pep! I think you made one little miss very happy!
ooh, such a pretty cardigan! the yellow buttons were a perfect choice!!
Il est parfaitement réussi ! well done!
Beautiful! I wish I could knit that well haha! Thusfar I'm just skilled enough to see the difference between a purl and a knit so I probably have a long way to go :)
I love the colour and how it isn't a solid colour, but gives that impression from a distance, changing as you get closer up. Love the bright buttons too, a great touch!! xx
What a precious sweater! The pictures don't look gray at all but more a mottled green with flecks of other colors in it. Either way you did a beautiful job kitting it and the pattern is so sweet. I'm sure your daughter loves it.....I would!
Thanks! Sounds like you’ve mastered the main learning point of knitting already, it’s mostly just knits and purls after all! ;)

Sandra x
Thank you so much and yes, it’s lovely that it’s got that extra dimension to it isn’t it? That’s what I love too!

Sandra x
Thank you so much! I think (I hope) she was quite pleased, she always likes it when she’s involved in the decision making anyway! :)
Sandra x
It's lovely, I can see the different colours in it, subtle but beautiful. No doubt it will become a firm favourite. Great job with the photos as well, I know it's not easy! I know exactly what you mean about how hectic everything is. I completely ran out of energy today, just nothing left. I'm really hoping it passes. CJ xx
Hang in there, the end of the school year is always a bit crazy. Love that darling sweater, the yarn is gorgeous.
it's a very lovely cardigan, Sandra, you've knit it really beautifully, and the yarn is such a gentle blend of colour I really do like it. All the best with the up-coming school holidays - just take it a day at a time :) xoJoy
It's really quite beautiful! How I do wish I could knit so I could make something this lovely to wear!
Very nice! I admire your mad knitting skilz!
Gosh that's so sweet.
Blessings Gail
Just gorgeous !!I still having dared to making knitting cardigans. . . just fingerless mittens, scarfs, etc. Lovely yarn too !!
LOL we too have "prance around while Mummy pretends she's a fashion photographer" moments. Very funny! I love that grey. I'm a big colour fan, but soft greys are just so cosy and soft looking, and so much more practical than white :)
Oh it is so lovely! Perfect colour, the design is sublime, and ideal for English summers, when we get some cooler breezes...Chrissie x
Very pretty just perfect for a summer cover up.
Gorgeous cardigan and the yellow buttons just pop perfectly! xx
It's a lovely subtle colour and it the cardigan looks great on little miss!
Oh I know exactly how you feel. I’m pretty much counting down the days at this point. Still, there is light at the end of the tunnel! I hope this one will be a favourite, the last hasn’t been too popular due to ‘itchiness’, hopefully this one will fair better! `
Sandra x
Thanks, I will. That’s how it feels at the moment, holding on for dear life! Ah well, I’ll get there and thank you for your lovely comment!
Sandra x
Ha ha, glad I’m not the only one! Luckily she’s quite resigned to it now so her attitude is pretty much - oh alright if it’ll keep you quiet! I’m certainly hoping this will be a practical one. Especially as the first time she wore a new white cardi she got a grass stain on it - typical!

Sandra x
I've just caught up with your last posts agree that the end of term is bonkers, plain and simple. Crafting isn't really happening here at all. But this cardigan - oh, it's just lovely. Really classic in colour and style, but I can imagine it will look great with whatever shorts, t-shirt, leggings or skirt your daughter wears. A beautiful job. x
Such a pretty cardy! And love the sunny buttons, they really were a great choice!