Some almost maybe things

Children running a race on sports day

It seems to be a common problem, but when you have little people in school, the run up to summer is a packed and activity filled time.

We've just had sports day and a look around the next school.  Then it's a special netball tournament, a big trip away and school transfer day.  Not to mention, the leaver's service, leaver's assembly, leaver's party and all the usual clubs and groups of course.  And that's just her.  Add in Mummy's long list of jobs and spare time is getting to be a premium commodity around these parts.  We're going to be in need a holiday after all this.

This is my subtle way of telling you that there's not been an awful lot of crafting going on around here to shout about at the moment.  Some things are slowly coming together, almost.

So here are some almost things on their way...

Grannie favourite cardigan and dd's button choice

Granny's Favourite

Been working on this one for what feels like forever but is probably less than a month really.  Very close to the end now though, just the buttons to go.  Little Miss has made her selection so now I just have to sew them on.

Boho stars capelet

Boho Stars

My superstar testers have done their work and made some delightful versions of this cape, so I'm very excited that I'll be able to share this new pattern with you soon. 

Squashed tomato crocheted pincushion

Squashed Tomato Pincushions

I'd planned to have a tutorial ready for these little cushions by now but when I sat down to write it I found I had approximately 6 million photos to show all the necessary steps.  It's not that complicated to make really so I need to have another look at it and trim it down a bit.  I know it's nice to the thorough, but seriously, you'll be scrolling for a week if I put them all in.

Crochet Health Survey

I was contacted recently by very lovely Kathryn Vercillo of Crochet Concupiscence about a survey she is compiling about crochet and how it relates to our health.  Kathryn has always been a most kind and generous with her links to me here at Cherry Heart, so I was only too pleased to be able to return the favour and spread the word about her endeavours.

We often talk about the calming and relaxing benefits that crafting can give us and maybe those feelings of well-being are adding up to a healthier, happier you.  But, what do you think?

It would be great if you could take a moment to fill in the  Crochet Health Survey and tell Kathryn about you and your crochet experience.

S x


  1. Ah I well remember all the busyness around such times at school, Sandra, and I still often wonder how Mums cope with having kids in various schools and 'special days' happening all over the place: all the very best with it all - a step at a time is all you can do isn't it!
    You have some lovely projects coming along there - I always enjoy seeing your makes, thank you, xoJoy

  2. Oh, yes, the end of the school year. It's always crazy. We homeschool but still have a million things to tend to at the end of each year.
    Your projects all look nice; I look forward to the tutorials, but I know life has to take priority.
    It's nice for you to promote Kathryn's survey :-) More people should know of the healing benefits of crafting.
    Have a great day :-)

  3. I remember those days..whew! They were pretty stressful as I had a demanding career and 4 children. Now my daughter is a teacher and I get to "re-live" it through her. LOL!
    I love the yarn you're using on the sweater and the sweater although it probably would be too small for me! LOL! The shawl is gorgeous. I'm going to make some this year for gifts and for myself as bed jackets for when I read after I've turned the furnace way down at night......I'm a practical gal. It has to have a use. I'm busy too with duties doubling in the summer but I am planning for gifts and projects for this next year. Enjoy the peace when it gets there!

  4. I hope that you can find a few moments here and there before the end of term to breath, and if not, definitely take a well deserved break once school breaks up!! It really us amazing how many things they manage to cram into the last couple of weeks isn't it. Hope that you can work on your crochet projects sometime to give yourself a change of scene! xx

  5. I think you and me are sitting in the same boat... Rowing in two different directions. Well, sooner or later I guess we will get back home. :)

  6. I love that photo, you can see the effort in those legs! What you've got on the go looks good, and don't worry, we can wait. Real life and all those schooly things are much more important for you right now.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing my crochet health survey here. I always love reading about what you're up to!

  8. Olá Sandra, entendemos como é ficar um pouco presa a rotina da nossa vida, eu acho real e encantador, seu trabalho como sempre é muito "cute" =D, espero com paciência seus tutorias. Tenho uma dúvida, aqui no Brasil alguns blogs possuem caixa postal pra receber presentes de leitoras ou produto, você possui uma, gostaria de lhe enviar uma lembrança do Brasil.

  9. Hi Sandra, I see that in deed it is the same your place like ours. Yes, I feel like I will need holidays after the holidays :-) i just pop in today to wish you a wonderful summer, tons of tun and happy crafts when you will have the time. Visits are starting to come today and then we leave for holidays ourselves so I will not be much around during the summer break. However I am looking forward to catch up with you by the end of August. Happy summer!!!! Big hugs, Jitka ps: crochet has been definitely therapeutic to me, I actually started to crochet when facing some difficulties in my life. Thanks goodness the difficulties went eventually away but the love for crochet stayed :-)

  10. Your daughter's choice of buttons is just perfect! And we are looking forward to the summer holidays, for some oh so gentle days...

  11. Those little cushions are super cute - looking forward to the millions of photos!

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