Getting ready for the off...

These summer holidays are racing and rushing by for me this year, absolutely whizzing.  It's a little disconcerting really, as we are going to be away next week and it feels like it'll be September in the blink of an eye.

Still, we do have our jolly holiday to look forward to first and I'm just in the process of collecting all the various bits and pieces together from around the house and trying to find spaces for them all to be stored in.  All so that we are nicely ready for the ridiculously early morning start we seem to have arranged for ourselves this time around.

Of course, I'm concentrating on the priorities, which yarn and what project would be best to take?  Which will be best for working on in the car, more to the point?  Because if there's one thing I've learnt about our holiday jaunts to France, it's that there will be no shortage of car-bound hours.  Time that can be most effectively and productively filled with happy, happy crochet.

The basket above is looking promising.  Simple granny squares are the plan for those colours.  Nice easy pattern, no thinking required - good.  Lots of colour changes and ends - not good.  Hummm.

Small people are not to be entertained long with thoughts of packing though.  She stayed long enough to debate which of her own clothes would be best to take but quickly lost interest when I wanted to move on to mine, so we're breaking it up with some bike riding, flapjack making and apparently butterfly snapping.  The flapjacks, in theory, are to be saved for the potentially blurry-eyed travellers as the perfect breakfast snack on the go.  If they last that long of course.

Meanwhile, I'll back to thoughts of yarn again.  There's another idea I wanted to try out for a shawl, maybe that would be better.  There'd be a large quantity of simple crochet in one colour for the main part of the shawl, which would work well for the car...  Simple pattern - good.  No thinking - good.  One colour and no faffing with ends - good.  Yes the Car/Crochet Compatibility Ratio (yes, the CCC Ratio - it's a thing - well, it is now, I just made it up!)  is high for this one.

We may have a winner....

...but then, I am rather drawn to the first basket too.

Would it be way too much to take both I wonder?

: :

Before I go....

I'm afraid I just haven't had a chance to keep up with my emails and messages this week and of course, next week I'll be away so nothing will happen then either - sorry about that!  

I do appreciate all of your comments though, they always make me smile and sometimes giggle too.  I'll try to catch up as soon as I can when I come home.

In the meantime, I know I lot of you were asking me about patterns and things so here's a bit more info:

Will the be a pattern for the lacy  triangle bunting?
Yes, there will be, in 2 favours, small and large triangles.  And, it's going to be free! - Yippee!
I'll try and post this very soon after I get back.

Will there be a pattern for the painted flowers blanket?
Yes, I'm writing it now and I'll be releasing hopefully later this year, probably some time after the Christmas Tree Skirt?

Oh yeah, the Christmas Tree Skirt, is that still coming?
Yep, it most definitely is.  It's practically ready to go, so when I get back and get straight again, I'll get it finished up and released.  Early September is the plan.

I hope that answers a few of your questions and will tide you over till I get back!

: :

See you soon...

S x



  1. Loved your post of rambling thoughts - reminds me so much of what I do when planning for a trip. My projects and yarn selections are always more important to me than what I will wear. and the CCC thing? I totally relate
    I will miss your posts but enjoy your holiday - i'll look forward to your updates when you return.

  2. It will not be too much to take both! :-) Dear Sandra, sorry for disappearing for quite awhile, I've been reading your posts but I couldn't manage to comment; I've had a quite serious back injury and I haven't been able to walk since June 17th. That's (gasp!) SeVeN weeks! And in the middle of Summer! Can you believe it?? Fortunately I've managed to learn myself to knit lying down, it saves me from going completely bonkers with frustration.
    Looking forward to your updates, have fun in La douce France!

  3. Love your packing ramblings!!! The first basket does it for me, the ends can always wait 'til you get back!!! Have a super happy and fun filled holiday!!! You lucky girl,you!!!!
    AMarie xxx

  4. I think that planning which yarn and projects to take on a trip is part of the fun. I love that part. :-D I enjoyed seeing and reading your thoughts as you prepare for your trip. Such pretty colors! Looks like you'll have lots of fun with it. I'll be excited to see what you create! Have a wonderful trip! :-D

  5. I hope you have a lovely holiday. I think planning yarns and projects to take along is a great idea and part of the fun when you're crafty. :)

  6. Sandra-- I hope that you have a wonderful time away! I love to frequent your blog-- there is always something to inspire and motivate me to crochet more colorful things. I am so thrilled that you will be releasing all three patterns. I love all of your crochet work so very much and appreciate your sharing your creativity with all of us!!!

  7. Have a fantastic vacation! Take both (who needs clothes). Thank you for the news about the coming patterns...I'm excited!

  8. Enjoy your holidays (love the CCC ratio!)

  9. Great idea to crochet on loooong car journeys. I once knitted a scarf! The travelling I did on this paticular journey was a long one, have a lovely holiday, happy crocheting xxx

  10. Oh dear. The hours spent on choosing a project to bring... I brought 2 small projects, lacy squares to make a trial pillow of my pattern ready to be released and some Ideal yarn for some new designing ideas... and I worked on none of the projects. I ended up buying new yarn and experimenting with stitches making nothing productive really, but exploring new stitches and techniques and made a few potholders during my 3 weeks away. The weather was way to hot and there way to much going on for some quiet crochet time... I think I managed to squeeze in half an hour of crochet maybe every 3-4 days... Well, well. We had so much fun though and it was good to be "present" at all times. Actually my husband informed me gently that it is sure fun that I crochet but sometimes I seem to be somewhere else when having my hook and yarn in hands. It is like I am not seeing the beauty outside the car window or listening to what he is chatting about... Like I am not noticing the instant thrill of a kid catching a fish on the dock if I am not really watching. Makes sense... He compared the crochet to being on the computer. Gently... Me disappearing into my own world. I guess he is partly right.

    However. I would go for the granny squares instead of a new project. Simple and a no brainer. A granny square can be made everywhere in an instant and you can still be "present" for your man and girl, France and conversation... Sinking into a new project and a new design process might disconnect you a bit. Although I LOVE that okra!!! I have this thing for yellow this year. I'm not sure why. Maybe it is a trend that is affecting me.

    Much joy, my friend. Disconnect with Blogland without worries. We will all be here and one week will pass in a swish. We won't even notice that you've been gone.

    Safe journey!

  11. Both, definitely both. Otherwise your thoughts will stray longingly to the left-behind yarn, and you will feel like you've left something behind. For full holiday relaxation it's always best to take all the yarn. I always take a couple of balls with me that don't get used. The like to see a bit of the world. Have a wonderful time. CJ xx

  12. I'm doing much the same Sandra, trying to pick a small project to take on holiday and a plastic hook which won't cause offence going through airport security, have a wonderful holiday. Love reading your blog. Rhian

  13. Have a wonderful relaxing holiday! And you made me laugh out LOUD with your thoughts about which projects to take with you. (And yes, there is always space for two projects.Nothing worse than crochet runs out during the holidays!)

  14. Those yarn balls look lovely.... I find that crocheting in the car is very soothing and a productive way to travel...
    Have a wonderful time in France and a placid holiday!!
    Pati x

  15. Bon Voyage - 'see' you when you get back. x

  16. Have a great holiday. I'm sure you can take 2 lots of crochet, the kids won't mind a few less clothes!!
    I look forward to the painted flower pattern. It will give me some motivation to finish some WIP's, so that I can start another when the pattern comes out.

  17. CCC ratios, I know exactly what you mean! For me, it can't be too fiddly as I need to be able to pick it up and put it down one hundred times as I hand out snacks and drinks and attempt to navigate... I'd take both projects, as hopefully there'll be lots of crochet time when you're there. Have a fabulous holiday. Xx

  18. I'm facing the same as you are. . . and Im going to France (South) next week for about 10 days. We are driving from Madrid and are doing a bit of a tour around the Bearn and Brodeaux region and so I'm planning my crochet /knitting projects for the car and the holidays !! I have also planned granny squares as it is the easiest. In the process of finishing a blanket for my daughter and there is another blanket planned but have to pick the colours, which I love doing !! I always end up taking too much yarn with me as I;m always afraid of finishing a blanket in a week !! LOL....yeah ! right like that happened, ever . . . it usually takes me months to finish them but during the holidays it seems my expectations of crochet time are bigger than the reality :-)
    Enjoy your trip and you crochet and family time during your holidays !!


  19. Happy holidays Sandra ... I hope the sun's shining on you :)

  20. Have a wonderful time in France and enjoy your summer. The basket totally does it for me. Love the colour choices, can not wait to see what you make. Always love coming here for inspiration. Can I ask you what make is that shade of green, the one between the peach and blue skeins? Love that green! xx

  21. Thanks so much Aliye, I had a fab time I’m glad to say, although a little sad now it’s over :(
    Actually, I didn’t touch this basket the whole time I was away, as tempting though those colours are. Hopefully that will change now I’m back. The green yarn is a yummy one isn’t it? It’s actually a Country Style one, by Sirdar called ‘Kensington Gardens’ (!) the code is 617. Beware though, if you’ve used this yarn before, they’ve changed it to 50g balls now instead of 100g - a bit of a shock if you’re not ready for it, like I wasn’t!

    Sandra x

  22. Ha ha! I’m exactly the same, I take way too much too for exactly the same reason! Usually it works out that I do next to no crochet while I’m actually away but on the other hand, those hours in the car mount up and I want to be prepared! What if there was a delay or something? I need to know I can crochet on whatever! ;)

    Sandra x

  23. Yes, I have the job of food and drink distribution too. Luckily the sat-nav does most of the map stuff but when in France I’m in charge of tolls and ticket work too as they seem to put things on the wrong side of the road over there - most annoying! ;) But the need to suddenly drop everything is very necessary I agree! :)

    Sandra x

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