The Craft Hub: Mini Ironing Board

I'm over at The Craft Hub again today, whipping up one of the most useful things I've ever made, a mini ironing board.

I've been meaning to make myself one forever and now that I have it's been in constant use.  It's brilliant for keeping on the desktop while you are sewing to press your patchwork or seams while you work because you don't have to get up and go trudging off to the 'big board' every five minutes.    But it's been pretty handy to whip out when I want to give something small a quick smoothing over too.  Excellent for children's things.

It won't take you long to make them, so why not visit my Mini Ironing Board Tutorial at The Craft Hub and find out how.

S x



  1. This is great! Looks pretty easy to do, thanks for sharing! :)

  2. OOOO you must be reading my mind. I am waiting patiently to do some quilting.. I never even thought of one of these.. I just brought out my big old board and had it next to me and hence taking up the whole of the room lol.. I shall doing this for sure xx

  3. Oh, thanks for sharing! I definitely need to make one! Happy weekend to you! xo Heather

  4. Thank you! I've wanted one of those for awhile too. A bread why didn't I think of that? LOL! Brilliant!

  5. That is so pretty. I love it. Would love to try it out ;)

  6. I read this last week meant to say (and forgot) that I think this is a genius idea, it really is.

    The other thing I was meaning to tell you is I've found a way to avoid wonky-cornered granny squares! Yes! I've found that if you skip the chain 1 between each 3 treble cluster, so that you have a more dense, tight square, it doesn't get so pulled out of shape. You probably already knew this, right? But I knew you'd get how happy it made me! xx