Crochet Corner Update

I feel it's time for a little bit of a thank you again.

Kindest of kindly folks that you are, you well deserve it.  You've been wonderfully supportive of my Granny's Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern and now I know that there are plenty of you out there who like to busy with their Christmas organizing nice and easy, just as I aspire to do!  Thank you so much everyone who has made a purchase and I shall hope to see some of your creations very soon.

(And to those that don't want to think about it yet, I don't blame you, but there is a discount if you buy in September.  So if you want to get it now and squirrel it away for when you are ready to think of it, you'll be making a nice 25% saving.  Just saying... )


Let's move on now to the topic of todays post which, in a way, continues the thanking you theme because I have something for you that I hope you might like and might well be of use to you.

I've been mentioning lately about how busy and stressed I've been and I'm glad to say that finally, there is a break in the clouds and metaphoric rays of sun are poking through.  Not least of which is the fact that after months of feeling like I'm moving at glacial speeds, I've managed to put the finishing touches to a whole load of new Crochet Corner tutorials - yippee!

The 'Techniques' pages is now looking nicely loaded up with lots of wonderfully useful things, like a cheating version of magic loop and changing yarn colours and so on, but here's the links to a few of the ones I think you might be most interested in....

Foundationless Chains
How to start a row of crochet without a starting chain

Weaving in as you go
How to weave the ends in as you crochet.

: : JOINING : :

And as if that wasn't enough, I've also added a few of my favourite methods for joining motifs together, including the oh so sort after Join As You Go method....

Whip Stitch
Sew your motifs together using Whip Stitch

Mattress Stitch
Use this invisible stitch to sew your motifs together

Crochet Joins
Crochet your motifs together

Join As You Go
Join the squares as you make them to save extra work at the end of your project

: : SHAPES : :

Because I'm on a bit of a roll with it at the minute, I'm currently working on adding a few more basic shape patterns to the 'Patterns' page....

Once those are up I'll let you know, but in the meantime, have a look around at all the new goodies and as ever, if there's something else you'd like to see, just mention it in the Suggestion Box.  If it's not on my list already, it may well be added!

S x



  1. I Sandra, my name is Ana and writing you from Portugal. I've been following you for a long time, but been a silent follower :)
    The new imagine looks beautiful! Congratulations!
    And thank you for sharing your patterns! I'm intrigued by the mattress stitch that I didn't know as a joining method and it really gives a clean seam! :) I have to give it a try!

  2. Hi Sandra! You have been hard at work, I see! Thanks for adding all these extras, great stuff! :)
    Have a lovely week!
    Ingrid xx

  3. Thank you for writing all the fab tutorials, I've just looked at your method of invisible finish stitches and it's easy to follow and understand. I'm starting to try to use some of the more advanced techniques and it's great to have everything in one place! I'd love to hear how to join shapes with a lacey joining technique, if that makes sense? I love your vintage sampler blanket and would like to be able to join different shapes using a similar effect. Best wishes, Jo xx

  4. thanks for sharing all these methods of joining! you have made my day and I can't wait to go home and try them out!

  5. Thank you so much....just what I needed. I'm really excited about what I've achieved as a beginner so far this year....your tutorials have helped me so much already and today's additions are wonderful for my next steps. Much appreciated.

  6. Wow - you've been busy! :) Just downloaded the tree skirt pattern - and as I said last year, I'm hoping to make it in cream, bronze and gold shades.
    I also finished off an "Elmer" blanket with the edging you used on your blanket in the "Love Crochet" magazine - and very pretty it is too. Thanks. x

  7. Oh! What a lovely post, Sandra, with so many lovely new things in the Crochet Corner! I can't wait to discover them all. Thanks so much for sharing all your crochet expertise with us. It really is very helpful!

  8. You have been working hard. Your tutorials are excellent, really helpful for a crochet novice like me. I'm glad you're feeling more sunshiney. Long may it continue. CJ xx

  9. Well done, Sandra-- an incredible amount of work and time went into making such great tutorials. :)

  10. I am delighted with the cheating version of magic loop!! Can you believe I still struggle with the traditional magic loop and can't do it without consulting YouTube again and again?? How utterly clever is this way of obtaining the same result! Thank youuuuuu! :-) xxxx

  11. You have been a very busy bee indeed and I like all your tutorials. So well explained and easy to follow for folks out there. Crochet corner is fast becoming the new go-to page I am sure. H., x

  12. Excellent stuff, thank you! I'll be looking at all of these in due course, I am sure. x

  13. Love your crochet corner, Sandra! It is such a great reference source. Thank you!

  14. Thank you! I love having a single place to go now for instructions and guidance. I agree with the other comments about "magic loop" and how many times I have watched ti on You Tube also! LOL! Thank you for all the work and effort and sharing of your skills and patterns. You are "Cherished" Heart!

  15. LOOOVE your crochet corner. Mattress stitch joining and Foundation less chains were new to me. Yesterday I took pictures for a Crochet in Ends tutorial... Well, there you go - no need anymore. I'll just send people over here. Thank you for all your time and efforts. It looks fantastic. One day you can give out a book with these Tuts. Contact a publisher with the idea. The material is all there. Just ready to go. THAT, my lady, would become a best seller for a long time.

    My Rose Valley