Granny's Christmas Tree Skirt

It's here!

I'm sorry to everyone who isn't ready to think about it yet, but for those of you who are already squirrelling present ideas away and planning out your gift crafting - this my friends, is for you.

I'm afraid I have been know to be one of those sickening people who have all their shopping done by the end of October and am up in the loft looking for the tree the very first weekend in December but don't feel too terrible if that's not you, I'm not always that good.  Some years it just doesn't happen and if it wasn't for the last minute...

Anyway, this year I'm hoping will be one of the more organised ones, starting with getting this pattern out nice and early to give you all time to get yours made and ready for when You-Know-Who visits.

Like a lot of my favourite patterns this is a great one for using up lots of bits and pieces of yarn.  I used Stylecraft Special to make mine as it's always one I have hanging around and this is a great way to use up those blanket left-overs.  I'm sure you'll probably have some you'll want to use up too.

It also turned out to be the perfect project to use that one odd Christmas Tree shaped button that I seem to have had hanging around the place for ages.  To be honest, cute as it was, I wasn't sure where I would ever make use of it, until now that is.  Which just goes to show there is the perfect project for everything somewhere out there!

So, to reward all those early bird shoppers out there and as an incentive to those of you who, like me, want to be a bit more organised year.  I'm offering a super duper discount on the pattern.

So, if you buy the pattern in September, you'll get a rather lovely 25% off the pattern price!

Pretty tempting....

  G R A N N Y ' S   C H R I S T M A S   T R E E   S K I R T  

Buy Granny's Christmas Tree Skirt Now

I hope you like the pattern and I really look forward to seeing your skirts and the lovely colour combinations you choose.

You can also share your projects, ask questions, or just enjoy some yarny chatter at my Ravelry Group:

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S x



  1. I think it's really nice to be organized for Christmas and I always prepare in advance so that all my expenditures don't arrive in December! So I 'collect' present ideas throughout the year and stack them away like a squirrel!
    What a colourful and happy looking tree skirt! I'm sure it will be very popular with all those people who have the room for a Christmas tree!

  2. I just bought it! Yay! I have been wanting to make my own tree skirt for years. I think your pattern will help me accomplish that! LOL! Plus, I have some little trees I want to make some for too so I imagine I could just stop early before it gets too big? I'm so excited! I've been working on Christmas and other Holiday presents since July! thank you for not waiting until Christmas to release it.
    P.S. I decorate my little tree for Halloween and other celebratory maybe and orange and black one? My imagination is running away with me! Thank you!

  3. It's so funny. Despite knowing what it was ( it's on one of my Christmas Pinterest boards ), today my mind saw how cute that would be as a skirt...for me!!! I would totally wear that to work Christmas Eve ;).
    Thanks for making this available early. I know some get angry at the mention of Christmas this time of year , but I get *frozen shoulder* , so can't crochet as fast as most. If I want things made by Christmas, I have to start in August!
    Have a Beautiful day!

  4. I love it, mine is a Dresden Block and is getting on a bit but I refuse to even think the "C" word till next month. I like to be organised but hate starting too early, if I do I am so over it when it arrives.

  5. I love it, well done on such a brilliant and original pattern and idea!!
    I'm already thinking about makes for present and think it's never too early to start planning for Christmas, although I never get all the stuff out until 2 weeks before as I fear the children may burst!!!
    I mentioned the C word on IG this week and lost loads of followers!!!! Some people must really not like thinking out it until November at least!!

  6. What a colourful lovely idea. I too have been thinking forward to December and the sewing machine has been out, Christmas pictures and cards are sewn and now I am turning my attention to crocheted Christmas presents, love this build up... BUT I just love this tree skirt, might be on my list for next year x

  7. beautiful pattern-- it's so beautiful and is sure to be a constant in our home at Christmastime. :)

  8. Beautiful pattern, My Lady. Unfortunately, I can only have a tiny tree owing to my matchbox house but I love the colour sequence which is hugely inspirational. I would expect nothing less from such a talent as our Cheery Cherry Heart!xxx

  9. Bought it. I didn't even blink. I think it is the quickest purchase I've ever done. I got to write a blog post about that. Ha ha ha!

    I desperately need something like this for my tree. And I am so sick of all my acrylic yarn lying around so this will be a perfect project to get rid of some. Fabulous.

    And OMG, you are an early bird... Incredible. How I wish I could be finished with Christmas pressie purchases by end of October and just chill the rest of the wind up... But that is NEVER gonna happen I'm afraid.

    Thank you for this pattern dear. Looking forward to hook along on this one in front of the TV.

  10. How cute is THIS Sandra....I ask you! Adorable, thank you for sharing. When I was your age, I was done shopping by the end of the summer and couldn't wait to start wrapping it all up in December!


  11. i dont know what happened but i didnt think and bought the pattern yesterday, now im looking at the projects im working on and need to re-que if all to be done before christmas ;) Lol Thank you for bringing it so early!!!

  12. Not only am I nearly FINISHED purchasing pressies, but last night I WRAPPED all the pressies I've already purchased!
    Oooo....super cute pattern Sandra!

  13. Just purchased the pattern and I am already half-way finished. Love it!

  14. I was just catching up on your blog and was happy to see this pattern, as I'd been watching for it. I've tried to make something like this in the past and wasn't getting it right, so it's great to have a real pattern. I just bought it. Thanks for the pattern and the discount. :)