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I wouldn't normally do two of these sorts of posts in a row but when we were chatting the other day there was a little something I forgot to mention and then some rather splendid goodies came through my door which I couldn't wait to share, so here I am.

Also slightly unexpected might be the colours in that first photo up there.  A little departure from the normal Cherry Heart palette wouldn't you say?  Let me tell you how it came about...

Black Sheep Wools

I got an email recently from the lovely people at Black Sheep Wools.  A delightful online (and real life) shop, you probably know it?  Well, surprisingly, I didn't.  I'd heard their name, was sure I must have frequented there often, but when I popped over to their site to visit I discovered it was all new to me.  Still, that just meant I had the fun of looking around and taking a long browse of their wares, which was great fun.

Anyway, the reason for the email was that they wanted to make me their 'Blogger of the Month' and wanted to know if I'd be able to answer some interview questions.  Rather fabulously there was a little prize too.  A free gift card for me to make use of as I wished.

It's a rare treat to browse around a place knowing that you can pick and choose a little something for yourself and I ummed and ahhhed over what to go for.  I was seriously tempted by the fabric section.  Yes, fabric and yarn are both available in this shop, a dangerous combination for me!  Then my thoughts turned to pattern ideas and yarny colour combinations.  There are a good range of yarn brands, some more typical, but a good selection of more unusual ones too.

But in the end I decided that my treat should be something I wouldn't normally buy myself.  Something a little more decadent and so I opted for some Noro Yarn and some absolutely silky Lantern Moon needles.  And as there were a few pounds to use up I snapped up a couple of balls of the gorgeous Rowan Handknit Cotton while I was at it.

I must admit that the Noro, when it arrived was a little darker overall than I expected.  There is quite a lot of black and surprisingly (to me at least) some quite vibrant green!  Of course, that's my own silly fault for making my first ever foray into Noro without knowing my stuff, so I'm not entirely sure what this will become yet, I'm mulling over pattern ideas at the moment.  164 yards of DK, I can't help but think mitts (just for a change!)  Any suggestions most gratefully received.

I also thought it was a rather splendid idea that they do gift cards.  A bit of a genius present idea for us yarny types really.  Because we like to receive yarn but I'll bet you'll be like me and would prefer to pick it out yourself.

If you'd like to find out a little bit more about me and my yarny habits, you can read my Black Sheep Wools Blogger of the Month interview here.


Then there's the thing I forgot to tell you about, another little mention for my Blossoming Bag in what is fast becoming my favourite crafty magazine, Homespun.

They gave me a lovely little write up, I was most chuffed by it and best of all, they sent me a copy of the magazine too, which I've been pouring over ever since.  It's an Australian magazine, so there is not an abundance of them over here in the UK but I'm told it is possible to get hold of copies so I'm going to have to look into that.

I'm not much of a one for magazines lately but this one I really like.  Of course, I could be biased (hee hee!) but it's full of lovely things, things I want to make myself and also things that get the old creative brain ticking over too.

Update:  It turns out you can get Homespun via iTunes for Newstand (for iPad and iPhone) and on Zinio (for Apple, Windows and Android) - yay!

S x



  1. Congratulations! :) I've looked at Noro yarn a few times - I think there are some lovely colours - but it feels a bit scratchy to me. I look forward to seeing what you create. x

  2. Oh fantastic!! Congrats :) I do know the online store and have often spent time drooling at their gorgeous wares! Such a pity that postage has become such a killer for foreign purchases! I'm pretty sure you'll be creating something amazing with your Noro:)

  3. You're joking! I am always looking all over black sheep, I get most of my yarn there. Lucky you, I will look out for the interview. I saw your noro yarn on the bloglovin photo and thought that is strange for Cherry heart! Anyway, I have a post about Noro live a the moment - I made a winter wrap, go and see. Jo x

  4. I had some of that yarn from a fiend that passed away, I made a simple drop stitch knitted scarf for another friend of ours so she could have a little piece of the friend that left us, boy does that make any sense at all? The yarn looked really nice in that pattern and as it was a tad scratchy it can be worn over clothes away from your neck.
    Hugs and great news about your bag, I have the pattern and need to make one.

  5. i am working on exactly the same Noro project right now. I am knitting a fall/whinter dress 4 myself. Noro yarn is just so creative and perfect!


  7. Hi Sandra! Congrats on your award!!! :) It is nice to get some recognition from other people! You are just so talented, I love reading your blog, have been doing so for quite a while now. I admire the things you create and I can tell the amount of care that has gone into it, that is what impresses me! Apart from the lovely colours and cool designs.... Anyway, glad you picked both Noro and Rowan because they are some of my favourites! Noro especially! For me, it is like a whole landscape or forest wrapped into one ball of yarn, so spectacular! And Rowan because I love Yorkshire and the history of all the English woollen mills! Those tweedy yarns with flecks, Kaffe Fassett and many other brilliant designers who work with Rowan..... Sorry, I better stop now, I could go on! I get all nostalgic about it! ;)
    Enjoy your new yarn and needles! Looking forward to what you are going to make with it.
    (PS: Ravelry is great for inspiration what to make with a particular yarn!)
    Ingrid xx

  8. Wow my dear Sandra you are one famous artist this days ... How lovely and great that you are being recognized for the great work that you do.
    I'm a fan and you know it .
    Love the recognition to be the blogger if the month ... Very well deserved and I absolutely loved the bag so it's so exciting to see it in the magazine.
    I will look for it because I would love to buy it as I would feel so proud knowing that you are published on it.
    Congratulations ... Well deserved :)

  9. I love the look of Black Sheep yarns, how lovely that they found you. And well done on a mention in Homespun, it looks like a brilliant magazine. I shall look forward to seeing what the Noro becomes. CJ xx

  10. Oh, lovely, thank-you! I went right out and found a copy of Just Crochet a few weeks ago, now I'll be buying Homespun too. On the yarn, my husband was just passing through the kitchen for the next cuppa and he noticed the yarn in question. He said he'd be happy to add a new scarf to his collection if I made it in that - he really likes the colour combination. So, I'm off to Black Sheep Wools, then iTunes for Homespun:)

  11. Congratulations!! Really deserved :) Lovely yarn you've chosen! It's always nice to try new colours :)

  12. Lovely. I have to look into the Black Sheep Wools. I have missed that shop too. How can that be. It sounds so familiar... I wonder if there is a IG feed I follow that is Black Sheep Wool... No that was LIttle Black Barn... However, got to look into it. I've seen Noro yarn all over IG land and I am so curious about it. This looks like a fabulous one you have picked. Mitts? Why not a cowl or a hat?
    Congratulations on all the exposure. Your interview was really fun to read. And it is always fun to see yourself in print... I have to try and get my hands on one of those Handspun mags too.

    Happy weekend dear

  13. What an exciting parcel! The knit needles are just dreamy... Mr R gave me some for our wooden wedding anniversary present one year - gorgeous to look at, feel and knit with!

  14. Lovely post today and congrats on your pic in the magazine! Always an upper to have that happen.


  15. Ooh lovely! I didn't know Black Sheep Wools did fabric! I must have a little look after reading your interview! Looking forward to seeing what you finally decide to make with your yarn, take care, Sam xx

  16. Thank you my friend for listing me as one of your favourite yarny blogs - I feel very complimented and honoured!! I really enjoyed reading your interview and the photos are gorgeous as usual! Sam xx

  17. I just bought Homespun and saw you in there -very impressed with all your doings! Congrats and enjoy your gorgeous new yarn.

  18. More well dones! You're really on a roll, I'm so happy for you. It's about time your immense talent was properly recognised :)


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