Palm Leaf Print Bag

I'm happy today because I can now share another one of my 'super secret' projects with you and I find it so hard to keep these things under wraps.  Quashing the natural instinct  to get out the camera, or post on a quick shot on Instagram isn't easy, so now I don't have to keep shtum anymore I feel much better.

The reason for the secrecy is because this was a commission from #crochet magazine.  The pattern was to be for a over the shoulder bag and as this was a Autumn addition, I wanted something bold that captured some of the end of year colours.

I've been wanting to use navy in another project for a while now and when I rooted through my Cascade colours it didn't take long for a nice selection of 'navy compatible' colours to come together.  I so find that navy is such a good colour in that way, it works so very nicely with so many other shades.  With this pattern it really highlights those lovely palm leaf fan shapes so nicely and really makes them stand out and 'pop' as they say!

I thought Cascade 220 would be a good choice for this bag was the wool is nice and sturdy and will wear well, which is important in a bag.  I also lined it as it makes it stronger that way and will keep it's shape so much better.  It was a nice make, it didn't take too long and it's not a too taxing design but deciding on the colours and order of the stripes keeps it interesting and I always love the satisfaction of a reasonably quick project like this.

As well as the excitement of seeing my little pattern in print, comes the joy of seeing how the end product looks once a professional photographer has worked their magic.  I took a few pictures of the bag before it went winging it's way to the #crochet offices and of course they pale in comparison. You can see below how pretty opening pages of the pattern are.  I love the casual drape over the door, it really looks smart that way and the graphic layout of the opposite page looks so stylish.  Is it ok to say it makes me feel a bit proud to see it?

Looking at these pages, I'm excited to see what is in the rest of the magazine, I'm sure there must be many more treats inside and I've already got my eye on those cute pumpkins on the front cover.

This is a UK magazine so my friends over here will be able to find copies in all good shops and newsagents etc, but my overseas friends may have to search a little harder to find copies.  But I do often hear of our magazines winging their way to far flung places so you never know and if I find out more I'll certainly update you.

S x

UPDATE 3rd October 2014:  I've found an online subscription to #Crochet, so that you can get your copy of the first issue!


Comments's so pretty! Perfect for Fall and look how famous you are! I now own a tablet and I think I can get UK magazines sent to me that way for the regular price as opposed to the very expensive shipping costs. I'm going to have to "investigate". Did you line the straps too? I love how you did the color blocks up the straps. What a wonderful porject and I hope the instructions tell you how to line it as I haven't a clue! LOL! Congrats!
It's lovely Sandra, well done you, so very professional looking and as you say, beautifully photographed. You have such a wonderful creative talent, I'm not surprised you are being commissioned by magazines. Keep up the good work! CJ xx
Sandra, I am always so jealous of you folks from the UK - I love some of the yarns you have like Stylecraft and DROPS. You would not believe how hard it is to find them here or to get them shipped here. Very frustrating since I really only want to sew with mercerized cotton. Even those lovely hangars you covered with lovely crochet cannot be had except for an outrageous price. All that aside though, I love the purse (no surprise since I love all things CherryHeart). Congratulations for being recognized by the crochet community.
How beautiful. The colours are perfect!
What a lovely bag and those colours do stand out so well on the navy. I love the duffel coat 'button' to close it with! Good work!
Of course it's okay to say you're proud!!! Your bag is a lovely creation and looks really fun to make. I will have to keep my eye out for the magazine. The navy looks fab, but it's such a great design I think it will work in many different colour combinations, so lots of fun to be had deciding which ones!! Sam xx
How very exciting to have a pattern published again! It's beautiful-- reminds me of little tulips. :) Congratulations, Sandra!
Sandra, what a terrific pattern! You are very creative...I can't wait to try it! I am a huge fan of cascade 220... Great choice!
That's really cute! I like it a lot! :-)
What a pretty bag! And congrats for making it to the magazine. Well deserved. I hate it when I have to keep projects secret, as I so want to show them and are not allowed to.
LOVE the bag! Would like to have a wee nosy at the mag. Do you know when it's out?
Congratulations on another beautifully done project! Living in Canada I won't be finding this magazine in our shops, but I will have to investigate online avenues... Your work inspires us to try new things! Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us.
It is lovely Sandra, you should be very proud and rightly so x
ooh it's gorgeous Sandra. I've not heard of this magazine before so I'll have to check it out. Well done on a fab bag, I often wish I had magazine peeps around to take my project photos!
You have done yourself proud! I love the color combinations you are using. I'm Hoping to snag a copy over here in the good ol' US of A.
Oh! every right to be proud! Love the pattern and your choice of autumnal colours
Hi Sandra, just catching up now I am back, I have been reading, just not commenting! Congratulations on another great achievement!! The bag looks really great and I like the way the colours pop against the blue. It looks great for autumn. xx
Congratulations on getting one of your lovely patterns published, I love the colours. Is this a new magazine that is about to be released as I can't find out how to get hold of it??
Of course it's okay to be proud, you have every reason to be, well done!
Congratulations on being published, your bag is gorgeous, you definitely should feel proud. xx