The Craft Hub: Chookie Egg Cozies

I'm over on The Craft Hub for the last time today.  It's been a pleasure working with Hobby Farms on these little home projects and for my last I thought I'd share some cute crocheted egg covers.

I'm calling them Chookie Egg Cozies as that's what we call boiled eggs in our house. I'm not sure why, I think it originated with my husband, but chookie eggs they always are. If you are anything like us, then the 'chookie' egg is something of an event in the household. The family gathers and waits expectantly for the eggs to be ready, egg cups of various designs are selected with care by each member and then egg cozies of various shapes and sizes are chosen. Because it is surely some kind of unwritten rule that you can not only have one egg.

These cozies are incredibly simple to make but that doesn't mean you can't get creative with the designs if you want too. You can use up yarn scraps, play with colour, keep them plain, make stripes, work half and half, up to you! But make sure you have enough for everyone, because they'll all want to make sure their spare eggs are the best dressed at the table.

Find out how to keep your own eggs warm over on The Craft Hub with the Chookie Egg Cozy Tutorial.

S x