Zingtastic Mitts

I'm in love!

So, so in love with these new mitts of mine.  The colours, the puffy stitches, the ziggy zags, everything about them makes me very happy inside.

If you've been following for a while, well since last winter any time, you'll probably have gathered by now that I'm a bit nutty about mitts, or wrist warmers, and the obsession show no signs at all of slowing down this year.  They are just such a snuggly thing to wear when the chilly days start coming. They provide a little extra warmth for those crisp days in Autumn and sorely needed coziness when the harsh grey days of winter settle.  Essential wear in fact, especially for those shorter sleeved cardigans.

It's those puffs that make these mitts so particularly snug and warm though, all fluffy and fat, they trap the air beautifully and are toasty as you could wish.  In fact, it's not really been cold enough to wear them here yet but this week is feeling decidedly sharper, so I think it will be soon.

For once, most unlike my usual self, I actually have the pattern ready all go straight away.  Pretty surprising, no?  I was so excited by these mitts I just couldn't wait to get it all sorted out and ready to go.  Now I've made these and I've fallen for them so hard, I kind of want to make all sorts of things to go with them.  A hat maybe, or a scarf - oh a nice snuggly, puffy scarf, that would be so good... yes, there are definite possibilities.

I've made these in lovely Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, such a lovely soft yarn and it wears pretty well I find, so a practical choice for wristies.  But most of all, those colours, (which are all still available at time of going to press - I checked) are just fantastic and zingy together.  Zingtastic in fact!

: :   Z I G T A S T I C   M I T T S   : :

by Sandra Paul

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I've included a complete colour chart so you can recreate these mitts exactly if you want to, or as always, you can get your own colour mojo going and reinvent them as you wish.

Either way, I'd love it if you'd come and share them with us at my Ravelry group...
 Cherry Hearts Cozy Corner.

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S x



  1. Oh my word - these are gorgeous! Puffs, colours, love it! They are definitely happy-makers. :-)
    Have a lovely week, xhaafner

  2. Love them!!
    Wow, the colors are perfect!

  3. Wow they are beautiful! My hands have been cold at work for the past few days, I just want to reach through the screen and wear them. I need to make some of these sharp-ish!

  4. Oh My Word.....I LOVE these Sandra! Funnily enough, I have just finished making something using many of these shades and I was thinking I'd use the left over yarn to make some wrist warmers. These look like such a lovely idea. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration! Have a beautiful week! xxxxx

  5. Hi Sandra,
    Just wonderful, such lovely colours. I can see the squishiness!!!
    Well done!!!!
    Ingrid xx

  6. These are absolutely fantastic, I LOVE them! ♥ x

  7. They are lovely, I really like the stitch and the colours that you used! xx

  8. SUPER-Cute!! You are amazing coming up with these new things all the time. Love these. www.scottys-place.blogspot.com

  9. Brilliant. Just right for this time of year I think. CJ xx

  10. His gloves are really wonderful! the colors and pattern! I love it! like all your projects! Congratulations! Have a nice day, Sandra!

  11. Those are so nice and cute! Lovely pattern!

  12. Fabulousness...there is no other word for it and I will have to make a pair I think...xxx

  13. oh how pretty! they look so warm and cozy. :)

  14. Oh Sandra! What are you doing to me?! I've finished three pairs of mitts for myself already this week (oink oink!), and now I've seen these ill have to make them as well! ;-)

  15. Gorgeous puffs and autumnal colours... and the time for wearing pretty wristwarmers is almost here!

  16. They do look nice. So cheerful and warm.
    I totally agree with the whole love of wristwarmers and mittens. They are absolutely great. Can't wait for the temperature to drop a few more degrees, just so I can wear my knitted things:)

  17. Those look so cozy - and I love the colours!