Bag Making Basics with Craftsy

I can't tell you how good it felt to get back to the sewing machine again, it's been far too long since I last put needle to fabric and it was an itch that definitely needed scratching.

I was inspired to get back to the fabric stash after watching my latest free Craftsy class, 'Bag-Making Basics: Reversible Tote and Zipper Pouch with Kristen Link'.

If you are not familiar with it, let me explain that Craftsy is a great platform for learning more about all things creative and crafty.  You can watch classes online and learn all the techniques you need from a selection of talented teachers that are specialists in their areas.  As I still consider myself a learner when it comes to sewing, very much the 'make it up as you go along' kind too, I was keen to see what I could pick up with this class, particularly as it covered putting in a zip, something I struggle to do neatly.

I've become accustomed to the way Craftsy works now, I settled down to enjoy this online class as a little treat to myself one evening, marking video notes of any points I wanted to remember along the way.  The tote bag part was nice and easy to follow and I was pleased to note that my 'do it yourself' methods haven't been too far off the mark when making similar things previously.  As always, I caught a few extra handy hints and tips along the way, that's the beauty of watching an expert work.

The part that really pricked my ears up this time though was the zipper pouch.  I was just thinking the other day that I needed a few more pouches to neatly store the abundance hair clips for Little Miss that we seem to have scattered about the place, so I followed this bit closely.

Kristen took me through a clever little pouch pattern and, with her help, I reckoned I could have a decent stab at making one too.  I have to say that she made the zipper part easy peasy and didn't even need to move the zip-pull to sew it into place.

I didn't fare quite so well, but having seen the slender zipper foot on the machine Kristen used I'm wondering if might be able to lay a little blame on my tools.  My foot is a sort of bulky affair with a lump at the back, which gets right in the way so I end up having to sew the zip in two parts.

Despite this minor hiccup, this is still probably the neatest zip I've put in so far and the rest of the pouch came together like a dream.  I'm really quite pleased with it and I think I'll make one or two more like it.

If you'd like to try something similar, or have a go at making the reversible tote bag, you can watch the class absolutely free at Craftsy now by following the link below:

Bag-Making Basics: Reversible Tote and Zipper Pouch with Kristen Link

You'll simply need to log-in (or sign-up) to access the class.

S x

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  1. That class is excellent. The best one I have seen. I have purchased two classes, one I sent back for lack of content and the other a crochet one I kept despite only being good in part; they are all a bit sterile though as they are studio based and lack umph. On the whole they are not something I would bother with. A book has a lot more content and depending on the presenter is easier to get through. The presenter of this class is very thorough and I enjoyed it

  2. I love your cute fabric and embellishments! This turned out so cute!!!

  3. I am a Craftsy member already so I went and grabbed that free class! Thanks for the tip. Yours turned out darling! Love your fabrics and your zipper looks perfect. I've taken 2 classes on Craftsy and Susan Anderson was my instructor. I have several more out there but waiting until gardening season is over.

  4. Craftsy do lot of free knitting and crochet patterns too. Lovely little pouch and expertly done. I've just finished one Zingtastic Mitt tonight. It's very nice. x

  5. That is one sweet bag! I'm going to grab that Craftsy lesson, too, any help with zips is welcome! The fabric you chose is so cute! Chrissie x

  6. I've got that class saved for when I have the time to actually sit and do something about it :) Will definitely have to have a peak now that I've seen your cute little pouch

  7. I love the detail of the things that you make, that button and ribbon detail make that little pouch something even more beautiful and different. I have decided I have enough on with my Phd's (projects half done) and so will not be getting the sewing machine out, even though this is very tempting.

  8. Gorgeous pouch, I love your fabric choice and embellishment. xx

  9. I love everything about this! The material is so cute and I really like where the zipper is situated.

  10. Dreamy brown trim! And a sweet choice of fabric... with an excellent looking zip!