The marathon and the sprint

It's a bit of an oblique title and no doubt rubbish for my SEO, but you'll see what I'm getting at in a minute.  I can put your mind at rest though if you were worrying this might be a post about running... I assure you that the terms are used purely figuratively.

No, those words are used here to represent what I've been up to lately.  You see, I've been working on these granny squares and although I'm loving them, me oh my they've been hanging around forever and a day.  Look, I mentioned them way back here in July!  

I'm not good with projects that linger and this one has had so many interruptions and disruptions that progress has been far too slow to keep me happy.  Worse still, after deciding this weekend that I couldn't possibly hook up one more square and 63 of the blooming things would just have to do, I've now joined them together and seen what an utterly inadequate size of blanket they make.  

I've tried to convince myself that it could just be a baby blanket, but for what baby exactly?  Or maybe a really thick border would make it big enough to use as a lap blanket?  But in truth I knew at once that more squares would be needed.  Many more.  Here is my marathon and I'm not even half way yet.

It's while I've been making these squares, pulling colours in and out of my workbasket, that it's become increasingly annoying to me how plain and dull my little brown basket is.  I've had it for ages now, a cheap thing from Dunelm Mill if I remember and suddenly, all this time later I found myself wondering why on earth I hadn't done anything to cheer it up a bit.  A speedy makeover seemed called for.  My sprint!

So a jolly afternoon of fabric selection and sewing was spent fixing the problem.  I had a few pre-cut squares of some CK fabric left in about the right size, so I used those and a few others to whip up a quick lining.  Well, not even that, I just modified the top part that folds over the edge, just a few pretty bits of material and some ribbon on the parts you can see.  The rest of the plain lining was left intact to cover the inside of the basket, just to make my sprint of a project as quick and easy as it could possibly be.

So, now I'm back to the marathon, but you know what, I'm enjoying it.  You can't sprint a marathon I know, but just at the moment I have the time and the energy so I'm racing through these second lot of squares as quickly as I can!

S x