Colour Collaborative: November


As I mentioned in the last Colour Collaborative post, I see November as very much an orange month and the theme of 'leaf' certainly fits in with that.  The picture above is very 'November' to me, rusty coloured leaves and low yellow sun in the sky.

Then look at the beautiful, rich colours in the picture below, wonderful, vibrant orange but with golden yellow, bright and ruby reds too.  I love all the different shades these leaves make.

Photo used with kind permission of Alicia Paulson of Posie Gets Cozy

 Photo Credit: Leaf Leaves by Jon Sullivan

But I wanted to move away from my original orangey thoughts, as I talked about those last time in the Colour Collaborative post for October: Halloween.  This leaf picture above gives a totally different palette.  I love the warm honey yellow and sticky browns against that dark, musty old green.  What a fabulous contrast.  I like that it has those dark shades in there, very appropriate for November where the plants are starting to blacken and die back.

But then, as things get darker and colder outside, we search for ways to lighten and warm the inside.  This picture below seems like almost the next step on from the one above.  A more extreme man-made version.  This is a leaf on leaf effect, gold leaf onto nature's leaves.  What a bold contrast that makes.  Warm, glowing gold and deep velvet black.  Wow!

Photo Credit:  Gold der Mazedonier by tilo 2005

Photo Credit: Johannes Jansson

Then to end with one final contrast, I'm going from black to white.

There is something about November evenings, I've found these past couple of weeks, that make me want to turn the leaves of a book.  Snuggled in bed, cozy and absorbed in the story, it's a simple and comforting pleasure.  A tenuous link I suppose?  I hope you'll let me get away with it though because I really wanted to show you how many colours of off-white these white pages make.  I'm normally a bit of a colour obsessed sort, as you know, but I find this mixture of almost whites most appealing.

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  1. Beautiful, I love these many shades of brown and gold and beige too. The top photo is especially magnificent. A pile of books is always appealing, especially after a long walk in the glowing autumn countryside. I'm headed out this weekend if the weather is kind. CJ xx

  2. Some inspirational photos there. Thank you x

  3. all of my favorite colors.....the dying colors of autumn and -----books!!!

  4. Gorgeous colours! Really loving this eclectic collection. Thanks for sharing!

  5. It's not a tenuous link at all, I definitely feel a calling to my bed with a book as autumn and winter arrive. As always, your choice of images and colour analysis is a joy to look at. xx

  6. These colors are amazing and blankets made of these colors would be gorgious!

  7. The leaves of a book, not tenuous at all ... in fact I pondered a whole book pages post for this but then rejected the idea in favour of a leaf dye post. That last palette has to be my favourite though.

  8. Oh, I really like the books. That was such a creative approach to the topic. I think that an arrangement of books is a beautiful thing in the home.

  9. ciao, I looooove your pics of nature and colors palette!! thanks!
    nice blog and nice handmades. ciao from italy