Painted Roses Blanket in Stylecraft

Wow, you guys!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful reception to my new pattern for this Painted Roses Blanket.  You've really knocked my socks off I have to say.  So many fantastic, kind comments and so many of you giving my pattern a go and planning your own blankets.  (Thank you again!)  It's so much fun to hear of your ideas for colour schemes, who is going to include the black, who isn't and who the end result will be for.  I love the planning and starting stage - it's so exciting.

We've been chatting about yarn choices over on the Cherry Heart Ravelry Group, Cozy Corner.  To get the colours that I wanted for this pattern I used some Stylecraft DK colours and to get that beautiful Duck Egg blue colour, I also added in some Jarol Heritage DK.

❀ FInding Jarol Heritage DK...

For those of you having trouble tracking down the Jarol Heritage DK, I thought I'd share where I got mine.  I ordered online from Wool 4 Less and they do ship internationally, so that's good news if you live outside the UK.

❀ Making the Blanket in Stylecraft...

The other question that came up was which Stylecraft colours would best replace the Jarol shades, for those of you who already have a good stash of Stylecraft, or just prefer to stick to one brand.

So, here's a list of the closest Stylecraft DK colours, if you wish to make substitutions:

Jarol Heritage DK = Stylecraft Special DK
Gold = Gold (1709)
Duck Egg = Sherbert (1034)
Skye = Cloud Blue (1019)
Lime = Meadow (1065) or Lime (1712)

The gold is a very close match, the Skye and Cloud Blue are fairly close too.  There isn't really a duck egg blue in the Stylecraft Special, so the  Sherbert is the next best thing.  It's quite a bit brighter, but I think it still works really well.

The only thing to decide on the is the green.  The Meadow is darker and more muted than the colour I used.  The Stylecraft Lime is a closer shade to the Jarol Lime, but slightly more yellow-ish.  I personally prefer the Meadow, I think the more muted shade of the Meadow balances out the brighter Sherbert.

But these things are very much in the eye of the beholder and although it's hard to show exact shades in computer colours, I thought I'd try and help you in making your own choice.

So here's the different shades of yarn for you to compare for yourself...

The top row is all the Stylecraft colours, using Meadow as the green.

The bottom row is also all Stylecraft, but this time the Lime is the green.

The middle row is the mix of Stylecraft and Jarol colours that I used for the original pattern.

And here's the same colours made up into squares...

I hope that helps you decide what you'd like to do.

Oh and if haven't got a copy of the pattern but would like one, here's the original Painted Roses Blanket post.
(Pattern links at the bottom of the post.)

S x



  1. The squares are really lovely, beautifully balanced. You've put a lot of effort into the yarn comparisons as well, that's very helpful, and I'm happy to find a new-to-me online yarn shop. I'm off to have a browse... CJ xx

  2. Such a fresh, lovely pattern, Sandra. I prefer the meadow in the Stylecraft version too.

  3. It's gorgeous! I've just added it to my queue on Ravelry. I'll buy the pattern and yarn after I finish up a few projects and the blanket I'm working on now. I'm excited to get started! :-D

  4. These are lovely squares. Your color palette is bold and wonderful.

  5. What a comprehensive look at the yarn options Sandra! It's a really beautiful blanket x

  6. Beautiful pattern! I'm putting my vote in for the meadow.

  7. You are an absolute star - thank you! I love this blanket and am going to make it for my mum. I was wondering which shades of Stylecraft to use instead of the Jarol, and you've done all the hard work for me as well as including some great comparisons. Thank you so very much - will be purchasing the pattern once I've cleared at least one WIP!

  8. Les carré sont trèèèèèèèèèèèèèèès beau bonne journée Marie-Claire

  9. Hi Sandra
    You are so thorough in this blog post, picking up on every single detail in an excellent way like the best teacher. Excellent! I am sure people are appreciating all this information. Your new square is divine, I just have to many projects going on to have time to squeeze that in... I have still not started on my Christmas tree skirt.

    Just want to say thank you also for your private emails. I am going through my Inbox today and I will get back to you soon. Just been busy with life. Speak soon lady.

  10. I love the colors!! I have been following your blog for a while now, admiring all your projects but this is the first time I am leaving a comment :) Beautiful work!

  11. That's a lovely blanket. The colors look so fresh.

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