Quite a lot of Things

I'd meant to come here today with a bit of a craft room update but instead I've decided to go off at a bit of a tangent and talk about the strange and curious discoveries I'm making whilst in the midst of the renovations.  You are never too old to learn new things about yourself (apparently) and although I thought I had a pretty good handle on what makes me tick it turns out there's a sneaky underbelly to my character that I'm only just now finding out about.

I have always considered myself a very monogamous crafter.  One thing at a time is my mantra.  Finish the current project and only then move onto the next.  Ok, so maybe I have to start a new project while I wait for the buttons to arrive for the last and maybe I'll have a sewing project and a crochet project on the go at the same time.  All perfectly fine and reasonable and well within the accepted parameters of The Monogamous Crafter that I claim to be.

But in sorting out my craft room I'm finding out that I have been deceiving myself for quite some time now.   I've been unearthing all sorts of half started knits, sewing schemes, pattern prototypes and other potential someday maybe ideas squirreled away about the place.  

I don't often have to issue content warnings on this blog but it's been a shock to my system to discover the depth of my Serial Crafter tendencies and I thinks it's only fair to warn weak hearted readers to look away now before I reveal the worrying extent of my troubling addiction....

✢ ✤ ✢

So, you think you can handle it eh?  Ok, well let's begin then.  Let's delve into...

The  World of the (Supposedly) Monogamous Crafter

Exhibit A: The Proto-Cushion

This collection of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino yarns I pulled out only yesterday with a view to making a new cushion cover for my craft room chair, using the square pattern from my Painted Roses Blanket.  This one I want to start very soon as I have a bare cushion pad in there at the moment - not so pretty.

Exhibit B:  The Almost Pouch

I've got all the bits I need in here to make another of those little pouches I made to keep hair clips in for Little Miss now so long ago.  This had been hanging around the place ever since I made the last pouch at the beginning of October, almost two months ago.  Why haven't I just made it already?

Exhibit C:  Pattern Planning

I made these samples up at least forever ago for a pattern idea that came to me.  I can't even remember now if I've written the pattern up yet or not.  But I do remember that I thought it was a rather spiffing idea and it will still happen, hopefully, one day, eventually.

Exhibit D: The Gift

This one, I'm proud to say, is at least almost finished.  It's going to be a little something for a special person and it's coming together nicely.  Phew!

Exhibit E:  Experiments

These are lots of potential wips in the making here.  This is a pile of potential pattern ideas that have come to me and I've not been able to wait to have a little go with hook and yarn to see if I could get the idea into reality.  Whether or not any of these go any further than this remains to be seen.  There's a couple of gems in there though that I think will definitely make it out.

Exhibit E:  The Clapotis (Maybe)

This is a tricky one that I'm not sure will survive.  It's supposed to become a Clapotis scarf and although the pattern has been on my list for a thousand years or so, it's now been sat in this state on my needles for a few hundred more.  The problem was that I didn't like how the yarn looked when knitted up.  (Although it manages to look really good in this shot.)  In reality it's a lot more sort of muddy and murky and I wasn't sure it was right for me.  My back-up plan was to gift it to someone but I'm not really enjoying the knit so it has languished untouched.  I'm afraid to say it's future is not at all certain.

✢ ✤ ✢

So, that's five wips, a whole collection of pattern prototypes and I haven't even mentioned the thing I started last night yet.  And, I've just now remembered the shawl I started in the summer which I haven't finished yet.  (Oh heck!)  By my reckoning that adds up to... 5, 6, 7, some more... let's round it up to A Lot.

I'm sure there will be those of you out there with a more impressive selection of wips to your name. (Please?)  I'm claiming no records, but I think it's fair to say that my 'One Thing at a Time' motto has been well and truly blown out of the water.  The question is, can mend my ways and return to my monocrafting days, or have I entered a new multi-maker phase I wonder?

What about you?  Monogamous or Serial Crafter and have you always been that way?

S x




  1. I have lots of projects going at one time! I would be afraid to go and count them! Oh well, the more the merrier that is what keeps us on our toes and life interesting.

  2. Only five? Hush now that is nothing. And you will like the Clapotus when you are finished, it is so much fun to let those stitiches go and see the end result. How fun to intentionally drop a stitich.

  3. Heehee, Sandra, join the club!! Flutterby name (blog), flutterby nature, me - I have so many projects on the go, I lose track - especially at this time of year, when 'just another' pressie suggests itself. I've learned to just go with the flow, and enjoy! Happy Friday xx

  4. i'm afraid i must still consider you somewhat monogamous....6? 7? piece of cake...especially since they are in various 'styles'---some sewing, some crochet, some knit.....if I added up all the different WIPs in all the different media.....YIKES, I might have a breakdown! Ignorance is bliss, believe me. Just shut the door on the UFOs and forge ahead!!!

  5. This was such a cute post! You had me laughing while you described the unfinished projects you have going on.Good luck in finishing them. Your blog is such a joy to read, I check in a few times a week to see what beauty you have created.
    Kelli from Oregon

  6. Welcome to normal I would say, it's much too boring to have just one thing on the go at once. :)

  7. I've always considered myself a monogamous crafter too - until I started scrapbooking which led to mixed media, junk journals, and so forth. Still...I have managed to keep one crochet and one paper project going at a time. It's all good. Right? Lol

  8. I love that scarf. What yarn would you recommend?
    I also have a pile of WIP's. I actually finished one last night and had to have a stiff Brandy to celebrate, sad or what?

  9. Loving the Clapotis scarf my dear - I think the yarn looks great! I have an amazing tendency to really 'forget' exactly how many things are on the go at the same time, and could swear blind to you that it's only 3, 4 at the most when really it's rounded up to A LOT too! Ah well, they will all get done. One day xx

  10. All your wips look lovely, I'm afraid I've fallen out of love with a few of mine (poor things!). I had 14 when I counted in Jan, dreading doing a recount - plan being to see how many I could get through this year (and not start too many more new ones!).... just ordered the wool for a new blanket too. x

  11. Ahhh that's not so bad! I am sure I have more and at least yours are in some sort of order. Mine are all just in one huge mess. x

  12. Hmmm... perhaps, like you, I think of myself as a one make at a time person. And then when I think about it I remember the very first crochet blanket still awaiting a border, the second crochet blanket I will not be starting until the first ever is completed, and yet it is already started, the patchwork fabrics in a pile to make a quilt for P. And oh there are more!

  13. Definitely a monogamous crafter, I would be very panicky if I had more than one on the go. Although I do have one knitting thing on the go and one sewing. And one cross stitch, and also a machine sewing one. But only one of each if you see what I mean. Although having looked at the things you've found in your craft room I'm starting to wonder if there are Things lurking in the back of my wardrobe. A couple of started blankets maybe, nothing major. I am thinking about starting a crochet thing though, I don't have one of those on the go at the moment. Unless you count the cushion, I'd forgotten about the cushion... CJ xx

  14. I would have to admit to being a serial crafter - particularly during the winter. And if I'm honest, my yarn stash is beginning to resemble a small yarn shop!

  15. Serial crafter all the way! I'm currently knitting a shawl, making felt Christmas decorations, weaving magazine bags and learning how to crochet. Phewww...


  16. This was so fun to read.....thank you for a bit of levity!
    I, too, must confess! I am a serial crocheter! I don't want to count the WIPs that are languishing in my crafty drawers/project bags, etc.
    I have done better of late - and have finished about 20 Christmas gifts - and find myself able to stick with something longer now - most til complete! those unfinished WIPs? - some will definitely be finished IF - "the Good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise" !- Some were 'experiments' - trials that may or may not work out.
    Thanks again....we all need a laugh from time to time - and this was so fun to read!

  17. If only I had so few Id stand more chance of finishing more lol Im a serial hoarder of ideas and stash : ) but there are worse things I could be after all! Mind you I admit, I've done a bit of Yarn Bombing - sshhhhh

  18. I use a sort of 'time slot' excuse. For example, I'm a fiber artist but I go to guild sewing days and I take regular quilt projects there as I can't possibly drag all my art supply stash..and then there's the issue of being stuck on an art piece. It has to go up on the wall for a while while I move on and ponder it from time to time. Then there 's tv time. I must knit. I need easy knitting for tired nights and more complicated stuff for the more attentive times. And easy knitting for outings or for the car.
    I could go on but you get the picture.

  19. I, too, am a monogamous crafter. Although sometimes I have a long term project, like a blanket, to work on between other projects. Something to pick up without all the planning involved in a new project.

    I just love your blog and all your photos of yummy yarn and fabric. Thanks for sharing!

  20. This is a seriously great post..how perfectly lovely to under estimate oneself and be so honest one forthright..thanks for posting such a sweet and heartwarming piece.

  21. Hee hee, that's not too bad! I've lost count of my WIPs! Thanks for sharing :)

  22. I think that it just means that you have lots of things to keep life interesting and that you will never have a dull moment! What could be nicer than that! xx

  23. Well you're obviously a monogamous knitter! I'm not, although more than three things on the needles at one time would be unusual for me. There needs to be one easy project, one tricky one, and one easily portable one and I've got all the bases covered.

  24. I too thought I was like you, start one, finish one but as time goes by i am pulled in different directions by pretty pattern, pretty yarn, new techniques, new textures. My mind races, my eyes dilate, my heart thumps and I buy yet another pattern, another hank or two of yarn, some more hooks and needles! Now, because of your pretty little boho heart scissor dangle I bought, what? Wooden beads, glass beads! Oh my now I need smaller crochet cotton and oh yes smaller hook! But I love it! I love the way we can express our delight in crafting pretty little things. Also during thanksgiving my daughter saw your heart tutorial I had made and flipped out! Now she's been visiting Cherry Heart! I got to teach her some single and double crochet! Loved watching her learn! So a big thank you for that heart tutorial which I learned to make. I'm using it as a coaster. My daughter and I spent a wonderful evening crocheting together before and after thanksgiving!

  25. I think this is quite normal! I like to think of myself as a monogamous crafter, too, but it's a blatant lie. I currently have one scarf, one blanket, one wall hanging and two soft toys in various stages of completion. Some days I want easy peasy crochet in front of the tv, other times I want the challenge of a more complicated pattern. I think our way is best. ;-)

  26. Lovely post - made me giggle. I have different projects on the go in different crafts - jewellery, crochet, paper crafting, and don't get me started on all the Christmas related projects I have planned! You seem to be very organised and restrained in comparison :) x

  27. This collage is lovely to look at. What eye candy there is. Can I ask you a crochet question? I'm currently hooking a 3-6 months baby hat. When I measure for the hat length, do I measure from the very top or from where I start crocheting even? I'm thinking the latter as we knitters make sure the tube is long enough before decreasing for the top of the hat. I just wanted to make sure as I read somewhere someone saying to measure from the very top. Thank you!

  28. Hi Kepanie,

    Thanks so much, that is the good thing about wips, at least they look pretty! ;)
    Regarding the hat, I’d say the same as you. That you'd want to make the tube part long enough before decreasing… That’s from memory though as I must admit most of the little crochet hats I’ve made have been top down so I usually just keep going till they fit!
    Hope it works out ok :)

    Sandra x

    Cherry Heart
    ・Blog: sandra-cherryheart.blogspot.co.uk
    ・Boutique: cherryheart.co.uk
    ・Crochet Corner: cherryheartcrochet.co.uk


  29. There's nothing wrong with having lots of projects on the go! It just means that there is always something to work on - choices, choices!


  30. I've always got a few things on the go. My current list is socks for Mr D, baby blanket, hat for me, crochet basic blanket (thats a summer camping project) oh and my patchwork quilt. Tonight i cast off a tea cosy which i started yesterday. Just needs sewing up and its a christmas present. Anymore than this however and i get a bit stressed!