Some Half-Term Things

It's been another busy, busy half-term around these parts.  I don't know what your half-term is like, if that's something that happens to you, but we used to have nice, slow, leisurely ones.  Nowadays they are mad whirlwinds of activity with barely a lie-in to redeem them.  Maybe it's Little Miss Madam's advancing years, she's the ripe old age of 9 now, but her various interests and the related events just seem to grow and fill up our days.  Ah well, it's good that she's up and doing I dare say.

I thought I'd squeeze in a cheeky Sunday post before Halloween is a long forgotten irrelevance and let you know the latest from my little corner of the world.  We had a good Halloween and quite the family of pumpkins this year.  We got one each to carve together, as we usually do, but LM made one at Brownies and one on her 'Pony Day' as well, so with our ceramic one we had a grand display to grace the front steps.

Perhaps that's why she was rewarded with probably the largest sweetie haul to date.  That and the fact that the older the legs get, the more streets they are prepared to trudge for sugary treats!

Back to School

I've been attempting to keep up with my online blogging course this week, which hasn't been easy given the aforementioned busy-ness.  I'm taking the Blogging Your Way 'Blog Boss' course, run by the talented Holly Becker of Decor8 fame.  Quite frankly I didn't even know that such things as blogging courses existed until recently and this is the first time I've ever done such a thing but it's quite fascinating stuff and I'm finding myself all geed up with ideas and enthusiasm.   Just what I needed at the moment as I've been feeling in a bit of a bloggy slump lately.

Back in Business

I'm glad to say that I back to working on the marathon blanket that I spoke about the other day and it's edging ever nearer to completion.  Quite literally, as the edging is what I'm working on and I'm coming to the end of that too.  Except, I'm starting to get some strange ideas about how the very end of it should look, that might be a little bit of madness and more than a little bit delaying to my reaching the finish line with this one...

I'm finding I don't mind though because I'm really enjoying it again and I think I want it to linger over it a little longer, like the end of a good book.

Craft Room Expansion Scheme

I been on a mission to expand my empire lately!  I've been lucky enough to have a nice little space in my home that I've established as a sort of crafty base camp for quite some time now.  You can see some pictures here from way back in 2011 when I first convinced the household that a craft room was an absolute necessity for my wellbeing and happiness.

It seems that for three and a half years that was enough to keep me satisfied, but lately some unrest has been growing.  There was still a corner of the room that was taken up with a rather large cupboard you see.  Space, that I felt, could be used for other things...

Luckily for me my hubs is a lovely, supportive, kind and generous soul who didn't need much convincing that the unfortunate and unwanted cupboard could be re-homed (at no little inconvenience to him) thus freeing up an extra corner for yours truly.  Yippee!

It looks rather a rather sad and uninspiring corner at the moment, but fear not.  I have plans....

S x



  1. Hi Sandra. I was just gonna say... That corner on the last picture could need some wall paint or wall paper to be cheered up, and after reading your post ( I always "picture-read" first...) I now understand that this is a WiP corner that will surprise me in some time from now when you've dressed it in that pretty Cherry Heart dress. Looking forward to it.

  2. All good things going on, the blog boss course looks interesting (I've just hopped over to see what it is about) but I think your blog is brilliant as it is and is always an inspiration to me! I've been feeling bad I haven't been in contact with you for a bit and would love a catch up to hear about all the fab things you've been up to. Your craft area for starters! wow how super - what I lovely room to work from! and so well organised too. And your granny square blanket is beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing the end result. Half term has been manic here as well - and I haven't even been at work as I took leave for the week! Thanks for your kind comments about my workshops my love, take care, Sam xx

  3. Hi Sandra, thankyou for this post, you have inspired me, my craft room looks like your before pictures way back when (I looked back at your older post). My room is mine alone but it's a load of mismatched furniture and a bit crammed in. I love your white units, they are so clean lined, I feel a trip to ikea coming on!
    Love the colours in your blanket, can't wait to see it finished :)

  4. Hi Sandra, what gorgeous pumpkins and a great sweetie stash!! I am loving the look of your blanket, intrigued now about your edging x

  5. It looks as though you did Hallowe'en in style. Lucky you having your own space, it looks lovely already, but I shall look forward to seeing your transformation. I like the bear, I hope he'll be staying! Have a good week Sandra. CJ xx

  6. Kids do seem to get busier as they get older, or maybe it's just a different sort of busyness. The blogging course sounds interesting, your blog is always a lovely read with lots of beautiful piccies of your projects :) Hugs Wendy

  7. Halloween is fun isn't it, we did quite a bit of trekking too. good luck with the blogging course, sounds interesting.

  8. Everyone, everyone, everyone should have a room to themselves to do whatever they do, to decorate just as they wish. I'm glad you do; no one can possibly doubt that you put it to good use.

  9. Hi Sandra. I have followed your blog for a while and find you inspirational. Am keen to know why you are taking a blogging course, if you think it is worth it and what do you feel you are gaining from it? I ask as I am at a cross roads in my own blog. I notice that Emily Quinton, whom I also follow on IG has taken these courses too, in fact three if them! Do you recommend, if so, why? Hope you do not mind me asking. Am intrigued... Selma x

  10. Wow!! Lots going on in your part of the world! I know what you mean about the half term time - my daughter is 9 now and son 7 and our lives seem to centre around taking them to different social events!!! Good fun though - just over far too quickly. Looking forward to your crafty corner update! J9 x

  11. Your jack-o-lanterns look festive. I miss that. I need to start that tradition with the kids next year.


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