All that glitters is gold!

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have a good idea what this is about already and I was going to hold out a little tiny bit longer before spilling the beans on this one but to be honest, I just couldn't wait!

I'm really quite excited because a while ago now, one of my absolutely favourite magazines, Homespun (from Australia) asked me to work with them on some Christmas Snowflakes.  Working with glittery, shiny thread on a Christmas idea?  Just my kind of project.  So, not only did I have great fun trying out ideas and coming up with five sparkly designs for them just have a look at this...

My snowflakes are only on the front page!
I apologise for the number of !'s this post is getting but I'm afraid I do tend to ! a bit much when I get excited and excited I well and truly am!

Of course, they have made them look absolutely beautiful.  I love them against those beautiful natural twigs and that's something I want to try now.  That why I like Homespun so much, it's a very inspiring magazine and seems to just hit my creative happy spot.

There's a lovely spread of pages showing all the five designs and there's even a little interview with me, with one of those rare glimpses of my face that I like to keep hidden away.

I hope you like them and that you'll want to try out some for yourself too.
If you are not sure about the 'fiddly factor', please don't let all those pretty little picots put you off.  I know they can be a bit awkward for the beginner crocheter so I've included lots of little tips and tricks in the magazine to make working them easier for you and remember that you could always use a thicker yarn if you're not comfortable working with thread.

I believe that the printed versions will be available in shops in Australia on the 15th of the month, and presumably around the world a little later.

But if you'd like to see inside before that (and who could blame you), you can get the digital copy straight away from Zinio.  The link is below for you:

❄︎ ❄︎ ❄︎

Oh and just before you go, I ought to just tell you that there is a little error in the printed copies of the magazine, for the snowflake 'Stellar', there were 3dc's omitted.  Here is the correct text:

For Stellar, Round 5 should read:
*Sl st into the next ch sp, (3ch, sl st, 4ch, sl st, 3ch, sl st) all into the same sp, 3dc into the next sp, sl st into the dc, 3dc into the next sp,* rep from * to * five times, sl st into the sl st at the beg of the round. Fasten off.

The digital version is correct though.

❄︎ ❄︎ ❄︎

I really hope you have fun making them and I'll hope to see a few sparkly flakes popping up on IG and FB soon!

S x




Yay!!! Love your little *Me* signpost! I'm feeling rather christmassy now!
They look fab!!! I love the way the gold thread looks, I'm going to download the magazine ASAP although I think I may have to aim to make them for next Christmas as I've got my heart set on the white sparkly variety this year and I'm running out of time (I could always give up sleeping?) Well done for the brilliant designs :-) Jo xxx
Congrats on the cover story! And they are lovely patterns. I have a soft spot for snowflakes.
Rather fabulous! Gorgeous cover. No wonder you're excited. Your portrait photo is lovely!

Happy day to you, xhaafner
Good for you! They are lovely, really pretty. I love them on the twigs. Congrats on the front page. Very well deserved. Not easy to work out those patterns!
Sehr schön.^^
Liebe Grüße, Manja
Goodness gracious! Congratulations!! It's a lot of fun feeling your excitement through your post! And wouldn't anyone be excited?! To have your work on the cover of a magazine! And they are gorgeous :) congratulations again! Magistra13 at yahoo dot com
Wow how lovely and sparkly, I think I have some silver sparkly wool hidden somewhere, a little project for the weekend xx
Well done ~ they look great, and on the frnt cover too! :o)x
Oh wow! Front Cover! How clever you are Sandra! Congratulations!!!!!!! <----- I like !!! too!
Congratulations on yet another great job done by you. Fabulous, glittery and straight up teh festive alley. I will have to check out the Zinio version as I can't get my hands on this magazine in printed form. Looks fabulous my dear.
I see you're in the glittery mood like me! Well done for the front page of Homespun magazine! I love your snowflakes.
Woo hoo!!! This is VERY exciting, and the gold snowflakes are beautiful! Congratulations, Cover Girl! :D

P.S. What a lovely quote that is from Jeannette Winterson (on the magazine page).
Congrats on the cover! Your stars are just beautiful! How fun to see your own stuff in a magazine. Pammy Sue
They are truly gorgeous! Well done you! Xx
You should be excited, they are fantastic.
Well done,
They are beautiful Sandra, and not too many pictures at all!!! How brilliant that they are on the front page, that is fantastic for you!! I love the gold too, a nice touch. I can imagine them in silver too! xx
V exciting for you :) Lovely snowflakes, the gold is great :)
My first xmas tree in my first flat was a bunch of gum tree branches painted silver and stuck in a bucket of sand. With decorations made from cutting out shapes from magazine pages it looked really pretty but I do wish I'd had your lovely sparkly snowflakes - they look just perfect on branches. How could they not put you on the cover - congratulations!
Festive and sparkly. Lovely.
Congratulations, Sandra!!!
xxxxx Ale
So Christmassy -and well done you! I'm now feeling rather festive...
Your snowflakes are on the front page! How fabulous is that! :-) Well done! xxxx
Huge congratulations! You know from my IG feed that I'm crazy about crochet snowflakes, especially sparkly ones, so I'm so excited to see yours on the cover, that's awesome!!! I'm off to grab my digital version...Cxxx
So wonderful and your snowflakes are gorgeous!! Wishing you a lovely weekend! xo Heather
Sorry, I'm chuckling over your exclamation mark apology!!! I do exactly the same!!! :-) You deserve to be excited, your snowflakes look absolutely beautiful you clever bunny. xxx
Just lovely and I live in Australia, so I can get the soon - yay! Lovely to see a photo of you, nice to put a face to the blog. Wishing you, your family and all of your blog readers a wonderful and safe Christmas. Thanks for your blog.
Here we go, just ordered the yarn and hook in the USA. Surprized to find both on this side of the pond! I have never "stiffened" fabric, what is PVA glue? Is it in wool shops or the hardware store? LOL!!! That was a cute article about you. I wonder how now I will print out my digital copy of your pattern? Anyone have suggestions? I love those snowflakes, you are so talented!
So, so chuffed for you Sandra. All your successes are so very well deserved. I'm wearing a big grin here. Lovely news x
Wow! Congratulations on another opportunity to share your creative talent. Beautiful pictures and beautiful patterns! Well done you, x
Congratulations! That's fantastic and your picture is gorgeous. You're too pretty to hide that face! when you get to be my age(old)'ll wish you'd flaunted it more! LOL!
I love Homespun and have a few issues and your snowflakes are darling. You are truly talented and I'm glad you're getting the recognition you so deserve.
Congratulations Sandra, your gold stars are gorgeous and how wonderful to make the front cover!!! xx