Colour Collaborative: December


Spice is a word conjures up exotic images of faraway places and exciting flavours.  Spices are rich and warming in taste and also in colour.  A good word for December, where the mixed spices added to cakes create comforting smells and lovely warming spicy foods are good to eat when we come in from the cold.  My spicy palate is looking warm and cozy too.

Just as a cook would think of using spice to add flavour to a dish, so colour can work in the same way.  A small amount of a stronger accent colour can bring a more gentle palette to life. That touch of something stronger to liven everything up.  For me the main colour of December is Christmas red, a very spicy colour and I like to spice up my home lots of red at this time of year.  It just brings things to life like nothing else for me.  The simplest green branch with a red berry or two is suddenly jolly and festive.  A simple touch of red against these pure white stars makes them sing to me. 

But I need another spicey element at Christmas too.  Glitter!
Touches of golden glitter sprinkled here and there, reflecting the glow of the lights and adding more warmth.  Making everywhere look cozy and snug.

Just light a cinnamon candle and hand me a spicy mince pie on a pretty red plate while I sit in the glow of my glittering tree and I'll have a everything I need for a very spicy Christmas!

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  1. what a great image for a 'spicey' christmas!!! hope yours is very very merry (and spicey!)

  2. I really enjoyed your different interpretations of "spice." I've never eaten a mince pie but I keep hearing about them and I know I can buy mince filling in a jar so maybe that will be one of next year's baking projects.

  3. You're so right, a pinch of this or that colour can totally change the 'flavour' of a knitted or crocheted thing. Ditto glitters and gleams at Christmas. I was planning on putting our decorations up today, finally, although I often wait until the solstice, but I think perhaps I'll leave it for a day or two now.

  4. I like your analogy between spice in food and colour in decoration or creative projects very much. Red is the perfect Christmassy colour and the glitter, oh yes. I love how it's ok to be a bit OTT and kitsch at this time of year. :-)

  5. Lovely pictures as usual, Sandra! I wish you and your family a happy and cosy Christmas and best wishes for the New Hear! Pati x

  6. Hi Sandra, I love your works very much. Some of them reminds my childhood. Happy New Year.