Just one more thing...

I did say I wouldn't really be back this year (apart from my end of the year post, coming up in a few days) and yet here I am popping up again!

I just had to quickly tell you about this project though because it was such a fun thing to do and a little bit different that my usual fare.  This was a little something I made up for the nice people at 'Your Handmade Home' (FB link).

You can find all the instructions you need in the latest copy of the magazine, Issue 10, to make something very similar for yourself.  I've written patterns for all the little crocheted garlands and flowers you see here as well as giving instructions to re-create a lampshade just like this.  But of course it's just the sort of project that you can most definately add your own stamp to.

I can certainly recommend getting out your ribbons, beads and other decorative bits and pieces, arming yourself with a glue gun and having a go at making your own!

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The magazine is out in shops in the UK now, or you can order a copy by clicking the link below...

I hope you're all enjoying your Christmas break (if you're having one!)

S x




  1. Well done for establishing yourself as such a bona fide designer this year. The sky is the limit next year! Love the gorgeous lampshade, it's so pretty.

  2. I love your lampshade. I tried to get this as digital, but it just came up as mail order. I tried the digital selections and it didn't come up at all. Help!

  3. So pretty. Happy Christmas to you, pal. :-)

  4. Love it! Such a happy look... and well done you again!

  5. So cute! I wish I got the magazine but it's not in my budget but I think I could take the idea and run with it! You are so talented and Im so glad you are being recognized for it!

  6. In your post you said, "I did say I wouldn't really be back this year (apart from my end of the year post, coming up in a few days) and yet here I am popping up again!"
    WHAT???? You won't be back this year? Please tell me I misunderstood.... the first thing I do every morning is visit YOUR site.....
    By the way, - I love, love, love this lamp shade and your pattern has perfect timing as I am currently really into crocheted lamp shades. But boo hoo for me - I am not sure I can get that magazine in the U.S. I'm still searching though.....

  7. Oh goodness, I’m so sorry I didn’t reply to you sooner. I did see your message but I’m afraid with all the Christmas goings on, I didn’t find a moment to get back to you. Anyway, I’m sorry to say that no, it’s not a digital download. That was my mistake, sorry about that. When the magazine sent me a link to buy online, I assumed they meant 'online version’ but apparently that’s not the case. It looks like ordering a copy is the only way to get the magazine outside the UK that I’ve been able to find, which is a shame.

    Sandra x

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  8. Thanks for letting me know. I'm going to check at JoAnn's because they sometimes carry UK publications.