Candy Canes

I know, I know, here it is the middle of January and I'm still waffling on about Christmas stuff!

But you see, these are the socks that I knitted to join in with Dani at Little Bobbins Knits and her Christmas Eve Sock Along.  I had some sock yarn that I got while I was at Yarndale from The Knitting Goddess and when I saw that the colour was called 'Candy Canes' how could I not use it for some Christmas Eve Socks?  And the name has stuck, they are my Candy cane socks now.

I suppose the colours aren't actually particularly candy cane colours really, at least not to my mind.  Quite candy sweet colours though.  It was one of those gorgeous hanks that you just can't resist and I loved all the pretty pastel shades in it, pink, mint, lilac, peach and a soft aqua blue.  Just yummy.  I've got a picture just down below so you can see...

I must confess that I'm not completely and utterly, 100% in love with how it looks all knitted up though.  It sort of makes the pink and peach blend into one band and the lilac, blue and I guess the mint are all blended together into another band, giving a stripy effect.  I don't mind the stripes, better, to me at least, than some odd lopsided pooling that could have occurred I suppose.  But all of those beautiful colours are sort of lost in the mix, which is such a shame.

My favourite bits of the socs are the pretty heal, and the shorter rows of the toes.  You can see the colours separate out a little there and I prefer that much more.  Still, c'est la vie, that is the risk of those oh so pretty multicoloured hanks for me.  I love them as hanks, but the rest is a gamble...

Still, it is always, always good to have nice, new, snuggly wooly socks to wear in winter and so I am very happy for that.  It was also pretty fun to join in with Dani's sock-along and see everyone's Christmassy socks progressing over the break.  So ultimately, very worth it!


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Oh, I've done the podcast so I should be able to share it with you very soon.  I'm uploading it as we speak but it's taking yonks, 30% done and well over 4 hours to go.  No high speed broadband in my little village yet, although it's not like we are in a really remote, rural location or anything.

Assuming it eventually finds it's way up there, I'll post that next time... I think... probably....

S x




  1. Beautiful! I did a sock-knitting workshop in November and I'll be damned if I remember a single thing from it...I would love to get some yummy yarn like this and finally knit some simple socks! my favourites are the toes too.

  2. I think they are completely lovely and perfect for January. The pastels remind me more of winter skies than candy canes (which I think of as red and white) but still, very beautiful. Funny how some yarns look so different worked up to how they are on the hank, it seems to be a bit of a yarn lottery and you just don't know how it will work out until the end. xx

  3. How fun! I'm slowly working away on my first pair of socks too using that pattern :)

  4. Gorgeous socks!! I'm not good enough at knitting to try socks but maybe I should crochet myself a pair, they look so cosy!

  5. Very pretty socks, and they look lovely warm and snuggly. Good job. And good luck with the uploading. CJ xx

  6. Gosh, amazing how the appearance of the yarn changes when it's knitted up. Before and after are equally lovely though :) and your socks sre fab

  7. Very pretty socks, I love the way the shades combine.

  8. I love your socks and knitted/handmade socks are the best.
    I have been wanting to make a pair of socks for myself for ages ( I have made several socks in my knitting life but have never made one for myself).
    My birthday is next month so I'm thinking I deserve some new socks ... I'm going to go check the pattern.
    Beautiful sucks Sandra.

  9. I love your socks, beautiful colours. I did not manage to cast on my socks for Dani's knit-a-long, The yarn is still languishing in the new project bag that I bought! Can't wait for the podcast to be posted.

  10. I've never knitted socks before because they look a bit scary. I'm really looking forward to your podcast to boost my confidence. Thanks Sandra.

  11. Very pretty colours! I agree it's not very candy cane like, but it looks lovely knitted up anyway :)

  12. Eye candy! Your knitting is superb. Happy Sunday!

  13. Those are really pretty! They look so snuggly!

  14. The ball of wool looks so pretty. As do the socks, but I agree that somehow that prettiness of colour is less, though the socks are still gorgeous! I finally knitted some socks for a friend and decided straight away that I would knit many a pair more for me upon discovering that they are not some scary thing. That was now two years ago and still no handmade socks for me. I do like this pattern though...