Cherry Heart Podcast - Episode 1

Brace yourselves, here it comes!

Yep, my first ever podcast is here and I'm beyond nervous to show you.  At this moment I have no idea why on earth I thought this would be a good thing to do.  But since I've recorded it and faffed with it and uploaded it now, it seems daft not to let you watch it.  Ok, here goes..... arghhh!

Watch Cherry Heart Podcast - Episode 1 on You Tube

: :   SHOW NOTES   : :

Christmas Presents

The lovely hexagon tub with yarn from my lovely friend Sam at Betsy Makes
The book Purr Haaken by my lovely friend Maaike at Crejjion

Work in Progress

Various Things using Titus from Baa Ram Ewe and Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace
Hexagon Blanket using mostly Stylecraft Special DK

Finished Things

Painted Roses Cushion
See my Ravelry page
Pattern: Painted Roses Blanket (I used the squares from this)
Yarn:  Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino

Red Zipper Pouch
Nothing to link for this I don't think but if you have a question, please do ask...

You can see more pictures of the Painted Roses Cushion and Red Zipper Pouch
 on my follow-up post here.

Stash Enhancement

Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace - Coral (26), Sea Green (25)
Louisa Harding Neoma  - Disco 04
Sirdar Beachcomber  - Collecting Shells (261) and White (250)

Sharing the Love

Share your Painted Roses projects with the hashtag: #CHPaintedRoses

or post pictures in the Ravelry Group: Cherry Heart's Cozy Corner

: :

So, what did you think?  Mostly awful?

S x




  1. WELL DONE for your first podcast, Sandra! You did very well indeed, the following ones will become even easier! Fun to see all your projects and the yarns you are preparing to use. It's very useful to have all the links written below your podcast as well!

  2. Wonderful!!! I thought it was amazing. I loved hearing your voice and seeing you show your beautiful makes and gifts. It was also great that your cat - Sidney? - got involved too, so like a pet to want to be in on the action. Hopefully you will do more of these as I really enjoyed it. Of course, I am in total awe of your recording and uploading and linking skills and all the other great things too!! Wonderful yarns and gifts that you received and I love love love love that cushion that you made! It is gorgeous!! I think that work in process is much more descriptive by the way! Well done you!!!!! xx

  3. With a freshly made cup of coffee, I'd just plonked my bottom in front of my laptop for a half hour blog browse and there you were!!! It was like having you here with me for a chat. Brilliant! Love love love love loved it! xxx

  4. Well done Sandra, I enjoyed watching you and seeing your beautiful work. Keep up the good work:)

  5. Not awful at all! I really enjoyed it, huge well done :) I can't believe you did it it all in the same take (if that's the right word for it!). id have been coughing and mumbling and speaking too fast and no one would understand me lol. Looking forward to the next one :)

  6. That was Great!!! It was lovely to see all the projects, I've also fallen in love with the scarf you were wearing! Where did you find the pattern? I love the links at the bottom too. You did so well and you really relaxed into it when your cat joined you!! It felt very natural, not stilted or acted out!! I admire you for doing it, I've only just started blogging so have no intentions of pod casting in the near future. Thanks very much. xx

  7. Huge congrats Sandra!!! Fab podcast! I loved it that you didn't "waffle" (is that a legit word?) - some podcasters go on and on and say nothing but yours was great! Can't wait for No 2... xxxx

  8. So exciting! How lovely to see you. I thought I would just be able to hear you as that is what happens when I listen to the pod casts at 'while she naps'. So it was a nice surprize to get to see you and your lovely makes too. It must have been nerve racking to do, but worry not because you were great.
    You did a really nice job, very professional adding your links and everything (and your cushion at the end). I love your cushion and I have the pattern already! Do you just use a pillow with it's case on underneath?
    Your crafting room/area is really pretty. The blanket you were leaning on is beautiful. I enjoyed seeing your pretty cat as well. Cats are always welcome when they come to say hello.
    Anyway, well done on your first pod cast, it would be lovely if there were to be more. Just one little thing....I did have to put the sound up to it's fullest to hear well enough and then I could.
    Thanks for doing that for us.

  9. Well done you! I enjoyed it very much and look forward to more. It's so very nice to hear you in a chatty way. I might have to give it a go on my own blog.

  10. Well done Sandra, I loved it, and it's really good to see you and hear your voice. I'm sat here smiling, I shall really look forward to seeing you once a month. CJ xx

  11. You are so lovely and beautiful sweetest Sandra! Loved it!! Always so inspiring to see your beautiful projects! Looking forward to another one! Have a wonderful day! xo Heather

  12. Brilliant. I loved looking at all your bits. Thank you for sharing them with us. Please do continue. It's great to get inspired and I'm glad to know it's not just me who buys yarn because it looks gorgeous! :)

  13. Well I loved it! It's so funny when you've been reading someone for such a long time and then when you see and hear them they completely surprise you! I thought it was nicely scripted and put together, very enjoyable. Loved the stash enhancement and the hexagon WIP...also the bag, is that a pattern or did you make it up? I am very jealous of your just visible fabric stash, it'd be great to see more of that next time! great job x

  14. I was braced and ready for something really terrifying.. Alas it was you lol! I have also survived so no not awful at all. Have faith lovely lady. You are just brill.. I have already commented on the youtube..

  15. Yes, I loved it! So fun to see people "in the flesh" that you've been reading for a long time. Very well done. Love your pillow and loved seeing all the yarns. Looking forward to seeing more podcasts. Pammy Sue

  16. Very Nice Sandra!! As all of the other comment have's so nice to hear your voice. You don't sound how I though you would sound, in my head you had a strong Northern accent :-)
    I'm hugely inspired and may give it a go myself one day (if I can pluck up the courage). I do love popping by to your blog and seeing what you're up to.
    Matt x

  17. Well done, Sandra. A really enjoyable podcast. It was lovely to see some of your fabric stash and your projects. I look forward to the next one. Thank you, Jackie

  18. Oh Sandra, how brilliant!! I really enjoyed your pod cast and felt like I was sitting on the floor of your craft room with you! (will bring a little stool next time!) It's a great idea and I'm looking forward to your next one. I absolutely love your painted roses cushion, I think it has quite a vintage feel - very, very nice! Thanks for the shout out, I called my daughter over to watch with me and she was very impressed. Glad you like your little hexie tub, and I like that print the best too :o) Looking forward to catching up soon and will drop you an email in the morning, Sam xx PS really want to have a nose through your Purr Haaken book!

  19. It was great Sandra! Well done. So nice to see you "in person" - you're gorgeous!! Yes, please do more

  20. Ooooo.....I LOVE it! I have yet to make my own video (I've been on a couple of my friends' vids tho - I have a difficult listening to myself! lol! )
    I've subbed to your channel!

  21. Fun to watch ! I want to make that lovely pillow!

  22. Loved it, Sandra! You are as charming on the screen as you are in your wonderful blog posts! A terrific way to connect. I was absolutely smirking as you confessed to buying more yarn when you already had another project on the go. Yarn is too tempting! I was so encouraged to hear that someone else buys yarn with absolutely not idea what to do with it...just loves the colour or the feel. Such fun! I actually made a bikini top for a sundress with the Noema from Louisa Harding for a client ,,,she chose the same colour as you. Turned out terrific. Keep these podcasts coming! Can't wait till the next one! Blessings😊

  23. Loved your podcast. Hope there will be more.

  24. Congratulations! I feel like we've just shared a lovely visit this afternoon! And I love that I'm not the only one who buys pretty yarn without a clue what to do with it. The cushion is gorgeous - I'm definitely going to use my copy of the pattern to make a cushion, too! I'll start using the new Painted Roses hash tag, thanks for that! Til next time we have a visit, Chrissie xxx

  25. Love it, love it!! Great idea and you did it wonderfully. Thanks for sharing all your work and experience. Hoping to see the next one. Love peace and crochet Gabriela

  26. You did a great job. I think your cat tried to steel the show. Lol. You have some beautiful items. Look forward to seeing more.

  27. Loved it, Sandra - you're not only extremely talented, but extremely brave as well! Funny fact: your very first podcast, is also my very first podcast, so thank you too for helping me cross this line....again: loved it. Loved seeing you ((and the lovely things you were showing), hearing your voice and loved seeing your cat also..... Marianne xx

  28. No awful and lots of fab! Well done for making your first podcast! It was great to "meet" you I was so excited when I popped into your blog to see if you had a new post (I really need to work out how to get notifications to my phone :-)) and I saw your podcast. You were really friendly and interesting, I feel very inspired. I always love to hear about new projects and the stash enhancement section is a winner :-) I also love your painted roses cushion, the colours are gorgeous. I hope you do make more podcasts as it'd be nice to see how your projects progress /process :-) I think that you're v brave to take the plunge but I'm so glad that you did and I think the only way is up! (queue 80's singing :-)) love Jo xxxx.

  29. That was brilliant! Love it! Great to see all the projects you're working on. Very inspiring, thanks for that. I'm looking forward to the second episode!
    And then there is something else: I just fell completely and utterly in love with your cat. Seriously. What a beautiful and funny creature! Loved how he(?) sort of photobombed your video. Too cute. Thanks again for a lovely video and a happy rest-of-the-Sunday to you! xhaafner

  30. In awe of your many skills - other than the woolly type ones! - necessary to produce such a thing! Have just finally sat down with a coffee and watched. I feel like we've sat and had a chat so a lovely start to a Monday morn! Thank you.

  31. Hee hee - I've finally had a bit of time online to properly listen to your podcast! I really enjoyed it - it makes you more human and is very endearing. I absolutely love your goodies - especially your painted roses square cushion! I LOVE it. I will have to have a go at making a multi coloured one for my special chair. My hands are too sore at present which is really frustrating, but I'm close to the border of my blanket!! Lovely as always to drop by and see your gorgeous crochet and yourself!! Take care, J9 x


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