Colour Collaborative: January


There are times when the Colour Collaborative themes are decided upon, when I want to find the less obvious approach.  There are other times when the first thought that pops into my head is absolutely the way I want to go.  This is one of those times.

Imagine the scene with me...  You are outside in January, it's getting pretty dark now, the cold wind is howling around you, making your nose red and your shoulders scrunch from the chill.  It's probably raining, and no doubt you're carrying several bags and possibly even dragging a child in tow.  As you walk along the dusky, wet streets you can see houses with a bright orange, warming, cozy glow coming from their windows.  They look so inviting, the best place to be.
That's Home in January for me.

Of course, this won't work if you are on the other side of the world, I know.  Maybe you won't get this experience until a different time of year, or maybe not at all.  But a lot of you will know it I'm sure.  That cozy orange glow is a very happy thought for me in January.  I like to look forward to being back in it when I'm outside and I like to imagine what the other people are doing in their homes when I see the glow from other houses.  Best of all, I like it when I'm sitting at home, all snuggled up and warm, basking in the knowledge that I am in the orange glow now and my windows are shining a cozy light out into the dark horrible weather that is very firmly, out there!

So in January, I like to make my home a very cozy, warm and comfortable place to be.  And you all can imagine how I do that, can't you?  The beautiful warmth and glow of candles by the fire certainly, but mostly I'm talking about the yarny goods...

First of all, we are never short of a blanket around here.  In fact I didn't realise quite how 'blanket-rich' I was until I started gathering for this photo.  Would you believe that this is just a selection too?  I can think of at least 6 others that I could have called upon to appear and I have just started making another.  That's not even to mention the shop bought ones that came on the scene before my crafty days really took off.  Yikes!  

Suffice to say, there is always something to snuggle under or wrap around you about the place.

Then there's my other obsession, mitts in all shapes, sizes and colours.  I wear these pretty much constantly throughout winter and this year has been so mild that this month is the first time I've been seriously delving into that draw.  (Yep, I have an entire drawer dedicated to mitts... and I'm running out of space.... and you thought my blanket problem was bad!)

These are all handmade in some shape or form, there are a few recycled numbers in there, some shorter hand mitts, some gloves, some cuffs, something for almost every occasion.  Well, very nearly, I always seem to find another colour to need or a slightly different style to try.  But they do help keep you warm though.

And my other great winter love of recent years is the warm and wooly sock.  Hand made is nice, but I don't make socks too often and I do get a ridiculous amount of pleasure out of buying a new pair of thick wool socks these days.  I have several in various colours and patterns and it's strange to think now that I once used to find buying socks such a dull and utilitarian purchase.

Which brings us back round to the nice warm fire again.  Socks on toes, a blanket beside me, fluffy cuffs completing the outfit today and the candles giving off their cheerful glow.
I do like being home in January.

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  1. What a wonderful post, I know exactly what you mean about that warm orange glow. In the depths of winter when the weather is exceptionally bad, sometimes I just stand by the window and marvel at how different things are on each side of that thin pane of glass. Inside - delightful, outside - horrendous. It's blissful to be warm and cosy isn't it. I'm so impressed with your drawer of mittens, they're gorgeous. I've got as far as a pattern and two balls of wool, you are putting me to shame, I really must get started. CJ xx

  2. That orange glow you see really makes you want to get home quicker doesn't it! You have such a wonderful selection of blankets all warm & cosy. x

  3. I completely understand and love getting home putting on candles and making everywhere glow orange, I love Yankee candles too!, I am the one with the shopping and child in tow, wanting to get home as soon as possible as I want that big cup of tea and a restxxx

  4. I think it's really wonderful that you make so many things for your home and for your family to wear. Handmade things seem that little bit warmer and cozier to me than store-bought ones do.

  5. Love everything about this post! Nothing beats cosyness in January! Your blankets and cosy mitts look so lovely all together, makes me want a stack :) stay cosy xx

  6. Love candle light, blanket snuggling and warm mitten wearing. Add a cup of cocoa and a decent board game and I'm in.

  7. Oh, yes! I agree. January is all about blankets and fires. And mitts too. You have so much colourful yarny goodness in your home. X

  8. oh, yes. I have that yarny glow going in my January house too!!! (and February, and March!!!)

  9. We have red curtains in winter, so our glow is red-warm. It's even cosier on the inside. :)

    All your blankets and mitts look so cheerful and snuggly ... and yes, mitts are addictive. I really like the colour "chips" you put with the photos - it's interesting how they sort of underline the shot and pull together the different elements in each.

  10. Oh that orange glow is so welcoming. I love seeing people all snuggled up and cosy inside knowing that I'm coming in from the cold to join them. Your blankets are beautiful and I would love a mitt drawer. My hands are always cold this time of year so I could put them to good use! Thanks for your lovely words earlier. I really enjoyed taking part. Bee xx

  11. Such wonderful homeful things. Your mitts and socks, blankets and candles are some of the things that really say home to me as well. I would hate to be without a blanket and a candle. I am glad that you love your home so much! xx

  12. I love that you have a drawer dedicated to mitts:) - and they look great by the way!
    I am of the oppinion that one must have clothes/accessories and the like, in all colours. To fit every mood. Though, I can see that I definitely need more mitts and such;)

  13. I think that warm glow is one of my favourite wintertime thing too! Strangely though I feel a little more removed from it now we live in the country - when we were in a town it was lovely to walk home, pushing the pushchair, past all those glowing windows. Now we tend not to be walking past homes in the eve on these dark, small lanes, and there aren't so many houses! I hadn't realised how much I miss it!

  14. So much gorgeousness going on in this post... Lovely!