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I just wanted to pop back quickly this week to say a huge thank you for all your support and your fantastic encouragement about my first ever podcast which I posted earlier this week.

It was a bit of a nerve wracking affair to appear 'in person' so to speak, after hiding away behind this blog for so long but you've all been so positive about it that you've made me feel really good about making the leap to do it, so thank you!

I thoughts I'd just share a few shots of the Painted Roses cushion and also of the Red Zipper Pouch that I showed you in the podcast.  Because it's so much easier to get a decent shot of things with my lovely camera that it is on the laptop video cam, which I used for the video.

So, if you wanted a closer look at anything, here's your chance.  First up is the Painted Roses Cushion...

A few of you asked how the cushion was constructed, as the back is fabric and the front is crocheted.  The answer is that I made a simple cushion cover myself, as I didn't have one the right size and just used a plain fabric for the front.  Then I just stitched the crochet front right over the top of the plain fabric front by just using little stitches all around the edge.  Making sure I left all those lovely bobble to hang free of course.

And then moving on to the zipper pouch.  I love the fabrics in this one and it's proving to be the perfect little pouch for my lacey projects.  I'm also including a close up of that tricky side panel that gave me so much trouble.  If anyone knows an easier way of getting a lower side panel like that without faffing around like I did, I'd love to find out!

Thanks so much for letting me come and chat with you.  You've definitely convinced me to come and visit you again.

Oh, and don't forget the #CHPainted Roses tag if you're posting any pictures, I'd love to see all your squares and projects too.

S x




  1. Morning Sandra! Your painted roses pattern is gorgeous! I think your sewing techniques are perfect on your pouch too! The yarn in the last shot is a gorgeous colour, I love it :0) Sam xx

  2. Hello Sandra! Love both these projects.... I haven't seen the podcast yet.... I must have missed it.... I'll have to go and have a look for it....... is there a link somewhere here? Have a lovely weekend! :) xx

  3. Ah, real eye candy! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I seen the pillow on your podcast (which was great, I loved your kitty too). You do the most amazing color work. Your ideas are just gorgeous. I share and follow. Thanks!

    Crochet A Day In The Life

  5. I must of missed tat post, I will take a look. It's a lovely cushion!

  6. I really love the red zipper pouch. It is so beautiful and feminine.

  7. Beautiful makes! I started watching your very first podcast... and then was disturbed. I shall return!

  8. Your podcast was wonderful. Love the cushion and of course the bag. You are so talented my friend.

  9. Wow! I thought they looked wonderful in the podcast but now I can see the fine detail, they look professionally finished, divinely constructed and sorry, run out of adequate words.............
    Thank you for the pillow construction notes.
    I'm envious of the perfection of your zips in both treasures. A benchmark for me to strive for :D

  10. Hi Sandra,

    I love the painted roses pillow and the pretty bag you made, I also enjoyed watching the podcast, it was so nice to see the things you have made close up on video, you did an excellent job and I can't wait to see more!
    Your photos are really nice too.

  11. Oh! How I adore that cushion! I already bought the afghan pattern with plans to make a flowery themed blanket in the near future. But I think I may get started on a cushion first - to add a little spring to our old Canadian winter! Thanks for sharing! (By the way - just enjoyed your podcast - well done! )

  12. So lovely to see your beautiful cushion up close! It really is so pretty and I love the floral fabric of the backing too. I hope that you can work out what you want to do with the pouch making as it is so pretty too! xx

  13. Your pillow is wonderful. I like your choices in fabrics.

  14. Oh Sandra, I've just watched your podcast since I hadn't had the time until now, and it's absolutely BRILLIANT! I've so much enjoyed hearing you talk and seeing all the loveliness, you're a natural :-) Also, your Dutch pronounciation is really really good! Keep 'em coming! :-) xxxx

  15. That little bag is soooo cute. You're hand stitching is gorgeous and the fabrics are lovely. I can't get the podcast to work on my mini ipad - I appear to be blocking myself from a variety of harmful vids but I'm sure bloke will sort it. I'm looking forward to it!

  16. That cushion is beautiful, i wonder what else you could use those rose grannies for. H.

  17. Hello Sandra. What a lovely projects you showed us. I'm Always wondering where you find the time to make all this Haha. The colours for the pillow are wonderful. I love it.
    Lovely greetings,

  18. Dear Sandra, I do love your designs and patterns, and I have noticed one site on Facebook is using your photos without giving you credit or mentioning you as an author. The site is here : https://www.facebook.com/beylikduzuorguevi - it is a Turkish art and craft shop. I found other pictures from different blogs ( The Patchwork Heart for example) there as well.

  19. I love your Painted Roses pattern SO MUCH and definitely forsee some kind of creation in that pattern in my future...it's just divine.

    Also, I don't know if I ever said - your podcast was brilliant. Mainly I just enjoyed hearing your voice and how you speak, if that makes sense, and you came over so well. Good on you for taking the plunge and doing it. xx

  20. Impresionante trabajo!! Estoy muy feliz de haber encontrado tu blog !! Usted está en verdad bendecidos con el talento. Gracias por compartir!! Te dejo aqui mi web http://goodvinilos.com/

  21. What a wonderul pattern, congratulations


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