Meet Sophie...

I'd like to introduce you to a friend of mine.  She's been hanging around here for quite some time, patiently waiting for her spot on the blog and although she has made tiny little cameo appearances here and there, her day in the sun is long overdue.

She is not a flesh and blood friend, she is actually a yarny creation as you no doubt guessed.  But she's been hanging around with me an awful lot and she does make me very happy indeed so I thought you might like to meet her.  I'm calling her Sophie.

If you are at all familiar with the work of the phenomenally talented Sophie Digard, the name will hopefully make some sense.  If you're not, do take a moment to click the link above to see some pictures of her creations, you'll be amazed.  Her work is extremely fine, she often uses cotton threads to make her designs.  I'd love to do the same, but as much as I admire it, I don't think I could quite contemplate crocheting an entire scarf from teeny tiny thread like that.  So, this is my version, my little homage.  It's from dk yarn so less delicate but easier and much more manageable for me.

My Sophie has been a joy from start, because she was so much fun to make.  She requires lots of circles in different colours, so I could make them systematically, pile them up, sort them and arrange them.  My favourite crochet pastime!  Then it was good to see her come together and start to take shape and then last of all I got to wear her and cuddle her around me.  Perfect.

I made her originally to go with my aubergine coloured coat and I think she works with it beautifully.  She's received lots of compliments whilst I've been out and about with her so I'm really can't help but be quite proud of her.

I made her to be nice and long and plentiful, I like a scarf you can wrap around.  So, even though she is quite full of holes, she can still be incredibly warm.  I've actually found her quite versatile like that, I can wrap her up to snuggle in with my coat, but I can wear her just draped over my shoulder, or tied loosely in front too.  She's pretty clever that way.

Because I made her quite a while ago, I've actually, for once, got the pattern pretty much ready to go.  So I'll be finishing up the last bits of preparation and then I hope to have here to share with you next week.  That'll be pretty exciting, to send her out into the big, wide, world!  I really hope you like her too.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with a few more shots to enjoy...

: :   S O P H I E : :

Pattern now available.

S x




really nice!!!
xxxxx Ale
What painstaking work, and so feminine and pretty in those colours. Not that I'm the karma sort, but I always think circles are auspicious and soothing. I'm not surprised she's your friend after all the contented effort.
Oh so beautiful Sandra. You are a whizz with your hands! You always seem to make so much......I am in awe! Have a lovely day, Vanessa x
Hello Sandra! Sophie is really beautiful and I love the colours you chose! I found the link to your podcast and I've watched it now... it was fun! Enjoy the rest of the week! :) x
Ooh! I love her! Those colors are right up my alley. Will you be telling us which yarn and what colors you used?
Your Sophie is very beautiful!
I just can't find any other word; Sandra, you're my heroe :))
Of course I've been admiring Sophie Digard sublime works, and you've really made a beautiful hommage to her. As always, I just can't wait reading the détails, as - contrary to Sophie Digard - you generously share your patterns with us . THANKS, Sandra :))
This is beautiful! One of those makes that I imagine you will be keeping forever!
Stunning! No wonder Sophie is admired. I look forward to hearing about the pattern.
Well it is a pleasure to meet Sophie - she is lovely indeed and inspires some ideas of my own. I love your color choices and the muted tones. Gorgeous.
Unbelievable...the most gorgeous scarf I have ever seen (sorry husband, the furry one you bought me for Xmas was very nice though !)...Hope to give this one a go x
It's gorgeous, and a fitting tribute to Sophie Digard's work :)
Simply beautiful as always!
Such a beautiful & delicate make. Very fitting for when Spring arrives x
Beautiful! {Sigh.}
Just Beautiful.
Wow, a Sophie scarf. Gorgeous in these soft colors. Great effect you have made.
Enjoy your gorgeous scarf.
Very well done indeed. A lovely lovely scarf. And very wearable. I love Sophie Digard. I could have the patience to do a scarf in threads. I would love to but I simply couldn't afford it - assuming that you need embroidery thread to get all the colours. But that is something I should look into. Maybe I could after all. Anyway, I love your Sophie, the colours are gorgeous too and look perfect with your coat. And what better than being an advertisement for your own skills?
That is so so beautiful Sandra. You must have so much patience to sew all of those little diamonds and circles together. I love it so much but not sure I have the patience for all that joining!! Sharon x
Sophie is such a beauty! She does go really well with your coat. What lovely colour choices, no wonder you love her so much, sam xxx
It's so lovely - so delicate and feminine and that palate of colours works beautifully with the coat. Thanks for introducing me to the work of Sophie Digard, it's inspiring stuff. xx
As always, it's another beauty. I'm sure the pattern will be a hit. I always love coming here to see what you are making.
Sandra, this is so beautiful !!! Color are chosen perfectly. Great.
Totally love it! I do crochet samples for my local yarn store and the owner was smitten with a Sophie scarf and wanted me to make one up. It was a bit of a challenge, but it turned out quite lovely. Mine was done in a variagated Koiguu, as she wanted to keep it simple. Sohpie is certainly a very talented lady....and so are you!
That is lovely! My first thought was it looked like a Sophie Digard pattern! You did a wonderful job.
Amazing crochet work there lady. Well done. Jo x
It is beautiful!!!! I love the colours, shapes, design, the whole thing!! A wonderful scarf and as a larger piece would make a great bed cover too I can imagine! Love it!!! xx
That is stunning! I have seen Sophie Digard's work and I believe she has an army of workers to produce her designs. I love what you have done. I have actually made some scarfs with perle cotton and a 1.5mm hook following designs from Sackville and Lane. They are actually not as hard as they look. I would love to see your pattern and bless you for sharing. I love seeing the work of others and if you should ever make up some packs I would snap one up. It makes it easy for people like me who want to create but love it when others pick the colours and wool. One purchase, easy peasy......just saying!
Oh my goodness you did a brilliant job. Yes the name makes perfect sense. Love the colors and the pattern, such a lot of work and it was worth every stitch. Hugs,
She's lovely, and a fitting homage to a very talented lady.

Did you see the movie Bright Star? There was a garment in it - a sort of shrug all made of tiny joined circles - that looked very like Sophie Digard's work.
I absolutely LOVE your Sophie! ♥ xxxx
Sandra, that is gorgeous. I love everything about your scarf, the colour pattern, size. Lovely
Le chale est magnifique bonne journée Marie-Claire
Gorgeous! As soon as I saw her, Sophie Digard's name popped into my head - yes, this is a perfect homage that still leaves your patience intact! I bet all those little circles and squares made such cute little stacks! Cxxx
Beautiful. A piece of art work suitable for wearing. Thanks for sharing.
Stunning, truly. You need to be putting in book proposals if you aren't already ... the world needs a proper collection of Cherry Heart designs.
Stunning Sandra! Every bit as good as her namesake.
Beautiful... love the gentle colours and your talented crochet!
This is a wonderful homage to Sophie Digard, very pretty and feminine. It always amazes me the amount of hours it must take Digard to crochet all these tiny winny beautiful creations of hers.....i didn't know she used cotton yarn... That's interesting.... Have a lovely weekend, Pati x
Lovely, and a beautiful colour selection.
Oh my, I'm a big Sophie fan you have captured her style beautifully xx
Your amazing! This scarf looks like Sophias creations,Beautiful work and So delicately Detailed