New Pattern - Sophie

I'm very glad to announce that my latest pattern, Sophie is now available!

She looks like a complicated thing, but really she isn't.  It's all simple stitches, you can make her up in nice easy stages and as usual, I'll help you with any tricky bits with pictures and diagrams.

Last week I wrote about making Sophie and how much fun I've had both making and wearing her.
I really hope that she'll do the same for you.

: :   S O P H I E   : :

by Sandra Paul

(You'll also find more information about the pattern, including all the yarn details)


Many, many thanks to all of you who've already shown an interest in this pattern and as always, to all of you for your fantastic support, which is so appreciated.

Also, if you'd like to chat about the pattern, share ideas or best of all, share pictures of your pretty makes, please do pop over to my Ravelry group Cherry Heart's Cozy Corner, I've love to see you there.

You can also share your Instagram pictures with me by tagging them #CHpattern


I very much hope that you'll love her as much as I do.

S x




  1. This is beautiful Sandra - a work of wearable art :)

  2. This is an item of beauty and so delicate. I am on with some knitting at the moment and determined to do one thing at a time this year, so this will have to wait.......

  3. It's beautiful and the colours you have chosen are so pretty :O)x

  4. Its gorgeous Sandra, and yes, very reminiscent of Sophie Digard's work. I love your colour choices, so gentle and elegant.

  5. It's sooo beautiful! Just love the soft pretty colours you've chosen too :-) xx

  6. At's absolutely gorgeous, the colours are beautiful. CJ xx

  7. Wow Sandra I have always admired your work, but you always surprise me with making something even more beautiful than the one before. Gorgeous... Gorgeous.

  8. This is so lovely, definitely on my "things to make list". It's gorgeous as a scarf but might also look amazing as a end of bed cover over some delicate vintage fabric! (Much longer project though ;-)