Podcast - Episode 2

I braved it, I managed episode 2!

I thought it would be easier this time, but actually it was harder in some ways.  Well, easier to press 'publish' because you were all so sweet to me last time.  But harder because I felt less organised and coherent.  I also seemed to flap around a lot, especially with the blanket.  So sorry about that.  I can only hope that I'll get better at this 'vlogging' lark with practise.

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On the Hook/Needles

Vanilla Cancan - Ravelry page
Pattern:  French Cancan Shawl by Mademoiselle C

Weekender Blanket - Ravelry page
Pattern: by me, coming soon
Join As You Go Technique Tutorial on Crochet Corner

Let me know if you'd like to join in a 'Weekender Blankie Along' on Ravelry...

Finished Things

Happy Mitts - Ravelry Page
Pattern: Pride and Prejudice Mittens by Christelle Nihoul
Yarn:  Koigu PPPM in P701, I got mine from Loop

My Kindle Pouch
Pattern:  Based on my iphone pouch tutorial

Sophie - Ravelry Page
Pattern: Sophie by me

Stash Enhancement

Erica Knight for John Lewis DK

Fabric from Sew & Quilt
Messy Jesse's Blog

Staedtler Pens and Notebook from WH Smith

Episode Threads

Pop over to Ravelry to share any thoughts, comment, questions on this episode...

Cherry Heart's Cozy Corner - Episode 2 thread

Weekender Blanket Along thread

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Thanks for watching

S x




  1. Well done! I enjoyed sipping my tea, puppy cozied up to my side, listening to all your finished and up and coming projects. Your room looks so wonderful! I LOVED seeing Sophie for real. She is larger than I imagined and looks absolutely fab on you. She drapes so nicely! Please keep these coming. They give such a wonderful shot of inspiration. Fellow crocheters are few and far between for me, so online encouragement is valued!

  2. Really enjoyed the video. Loved all the projects past and present. The colours of the hexagons are really lovely as are those in your Sophie scarf. The scarf looks wonderfully soft and drapey as well as so comfy. I think I want that yarn from John Lewis too. Enjoyed seeing you chat about your lovely kindle cover. How annoying! I have carefully measured things before now only for them to come out wrong. It's just the kind of thing that happens. It's really nice to see you again, and hear your voice and to see what keeps you so busy. Very enjoyable. Thanks for taking the time out to share.

  3. Fantastic once again!!! I really liked this as I did before. I found the light and sound good both times and didn't give a moments thought to them not being good until you mentioned it. The sound can be variable for people listening depending on the speakers in the device they are watching you on of course. Anyway, on to the content!! So lovely to see Sophie and how she drapes around you and falls so beautifully. The hexies look great and I love your random, but ordered random!! Like so many people I struggle with random and end up with mathematical random as you describe because I cannot do ordered random very well! Love the look of those pens too! All round just wonderful!!! Keep going as I am really enjoying these and thing that you are doing a great job!!! xx

  4. I really enjoyed watching your podcast, it's actually the first podcast I've ever watched! I thought I'd give it a go, as I really like reading your blog, and I'm glad I did, I'll be on board for the next one:) It was just like sitting with a friend and and a cuppa and talking about crochet:) I like the way you have several things on the go at once, like me! I also buy yarn and fabric without knowing what I'm going to do with it! It made me smile to see that someone else does this too! Thanks for a great podcast, see you for the next one (I've joined you on Ravelry too)
    Kate x

  5. I so enjoyed your podcast, taking a break from housework and relaxing looking at all the lovely things you have made and materials awaiting your magic touch! Thank you again for such inspiration, such lovely ideas. I shall look forward to your next podcast - I am so glad
    I have found your blog! Thankyou x

  6. Excellent :-)
    I love seeing what you are getting up to and Sophie is stunning on.
    If you think you have been indulgent with your pens, well, then I must blog mine and you will feel quite virtuous lol.
    I am still crocheting my first blanket and it has been going very slowly since christmas as I have been mainly paper crafting but I unfortunately got concussion and so after being forced to stay in bed (oh dear ;-)) I am going to try and finish it. I will be watching you experts if you crochet along together. Good luck with the hexies.

  7. Great 2nd podcast! Well done you! Loved the Erica Knight yarns..... yummy! I haven't got a hexagon blanket on the go but I do have a granny square blanket that has been a WIP for about 2 years now...... maybe we could have a Let's Finish Our Blankets group??? Maybe then mine would have more of a chance of becoming a FO!!!! xxx