The Cherry Heart Blanket Along

Bring out your Blankets!

Get that old wip out of the cupboard, unearth those buried squares, or get stash diving and start something new.  Whatever you want to work on, old or new, let's make some progress on our blanket projects in March.

In case you haven't heard, I've been talking over the idea of doing an 'along' of some kind to help us all get ourselves going on our blankets.  Cheering each other on, sharing our pretty makes and generally indulging in some blanket goodness together.  I'm so excited that lots of you have said you'd want to join in so I think it's time we officially got started...




The rules

1.  Get yourself a blanket project.

 If you already have a blanket started, that's great, bring it along.
If you want to start a new blanket, that's great too, come share your plans.
It can be a crochet or a knitted blanket, any blanket is welcome.
If you want to join me in making a Weekender Blanket you can.  (Weekender Blanket Details here.)
It does not have to be a 'Cherry Heart' blanket.  Really, any blanket is welcome!

2.  Make some progress on it.

The aim of this is to make progress of some kind, no matter how small, on our projects.
You don't need to finish.
You can work on a long-term project that you don't plan to finish this month.
You can work on a small project and complete it if you want to.
The aim is just to have something slightly bigger than you started with!


Join in the fun

None of these are requirements, just ways you can join in and hopefully keep inspired and motivated as you get that blanket moving..

1.  Join the #CHBAL (Cherry Heart Blanket Along) thread on Ravelry
We can discuss our plans, talk colours, share progress etc, etc..

2.  Post pics of your progress on Instagram with the tag #CHBAL
Let's inspire each other with our pretty blankets.


Win Prizes!

Near the end of the month I'll open a new thread on Ravelry and you'll be able to post pictures.  It doesn't have to be a completed blanket, just a picture of your progress this month.

We'll vote on each other's blankets by smooshing the 'love' button on all the blankets we love and the pic with the most votes will win a prize!

First prize
A free Cherry Heart Pattern
2 balls of some lovely squishy soft yarn
A few other pretty little bits and bobs

More Prizes
There will also be a free Cherry Heart pattern for the 4 runners up


So that's it!

I'm really looking forward to seeing all your lovely makes and sharing our progress together.

Here's the links again for you:

Cherry Heart Blanket Along Thread on Ravelry

And don't forget the #CHBAL tag on Instagram

S x