Weekender Blanket Hexie Pattern

Thank you everyone for your lovely response to my last post about the idea of blanket alonging together.  We've been chatting away over on the Ravelry thread about it and I think it's really starting to take shape now.

It's all going to be quite informal and open, so anyone making any blanket can join in really.  But there will be a prize thread on Ravelry!  I think I'll probably be back to get the ball rolling on the actual 'Alonging' bit on Friday, but in the meantime, I thought I'd share the patterns for my Weekender Blanket Hexagons with you.

You don't need to be making this particular blanket to join in the 'along' with us, but this is just information ahead of time for those that do want to start their own.

: : UPDATE : :

A PDF Version of this pattern is now available

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(UK Terms)

Special Stitches
jss - joining slip stitch:
A slip stitch made into the chain space of an already completed hexagon to attach it to the hexagon you are currently working on.

2trcl - 2 treble cluster (US 2dccl):
*yo, insert hook in sp, yo and pull through, yo and pull through 2 loops on hook,* repeat from * to * once more, yo and pull through all 3 loops on hook.


Worked in the round.

JAYG:  You’ll need to substitute some of the 2ch’s on Round 3 (marked in bold) for joining slip stitches as necessary to join to the surrounding hexagons.

Chain 4, ss to 1st ch to form a loop, then work the first round into the loop as follows:

Round 1:  2ch, 1dc [counts as 2dccl], (2ch, 2dccl) five times, 2ch, ss to top of 1st dc of the round.

Round 2:  ss to ch sp, 4ch, 1dc in same sp, *2dc in cl, (1dc, 2ch, 1dc) into next ch sp,* repeat from * to * four more times, 2dc into cl, ss to 3rd ch of beg 4ch.

Round 3:  3ch, *(1dc, 2ch, 1dc) into ch sp, 1dc in each dc,* repeat from * to * to beginning of the round, ss to the top of beg 3ch. 


: : HALF HEXIE  : :

Worked in rows, turn at the end of each row. 

JAYG: Once the first hexie is made, others are added, using joining slip stitches. hexagons are added after the surrounding ‘Whole Hexies’ are in place, so each the joining slip stitches are written into the instructions.

Chain 3, ss to 1st ch to form a loop, then work the first row into the loop as follows:

Row 1:  3ch, (2dccl, 2ch) twice, 2dccl, 1dc.

Row 2: 3ch, 1dc in same st, *2dc into cl, (1dc, 2ch, 1dc) into ch sp,* repeat from * to *  once more, 2dc into cl, 2dc into top beg ch of Row 1.

Row 3:  3ch [counts as dc], 1jss, 1dc in same st, *1dc in each dc, (1dc, 1jss, 1jss, 1dc) in ch sp,* repeat from * to * once more, 1dc in next 4 dc, (1dc, 1jss, 1dc) in last dc.



Of course you are welcome to make the hexagons in any weight and colour yarn that takes your fancy but in case it's of any interest, I thought I'd share the colours and yarns that I'm using for my blanket.  Just in case you spotted a 'must have' shade that you'd like to include in yours...

Top Row - Stylecraft Special DK
1.  Raspberry - 1023
2.  Claret - 1123
3. Spice - 1711
4.  Petrol - 1708
5.  Midnight - 1011

Middle Row - Stylecraft Special DK
6.  Cream - 1005
7.  Grape - 1067
8.  Silver - 1203
9.  Grey - 1099

Bottom Row
10.  Jarol Heritage DK: Gold - 140
11.  Jarol Heritage DK: Duck Egg - 152
12.  Stylecraft Life DK: Zing - 2356
13.  Sirdar Bonus DK: Grass - 825
14.  James C Brett DK with Merino:  Pink - DM6

As is my annoying way, I've added other colours into my stylecraft mix.  Partly because I had those yarns in stash and wanted to use them up and partly because, big as the stylecraft colour range is, there are always some colours that aren't quite what you want.  Especially greens, I think they need better greens!

So those are the colours that I've gone for this time.

The trouble is, I know it's really hard to get hold of some of those yarns, particularly when you aren't in the UK.  And, even it you are in the UK, you don't want to be ordering one ball of yarn from here and another one from there... it'll cost a fortune in postage.  So, to help you out a little bit if you want to stick to just the Stylecraft Special range, here's a handy dandy colour comparison for you...



So, at the bottom are the hexies in the colours I'm using.  At the top are balls of the nearest Stylecraft Special DK equivalents....

1.  Gold - 1709
Pretty much identical

2.  Sherbert - 1034 
As I mentioned when I talked about the Painted Roses blanket, the sherbert is a lot brighter than the Jarol Heritage colour.  Stylecraft don't really have a duck egg colour, but this is their closest.
UPDATE - New stylecraft colour "Duck Egg" - 1820 is another good option

3.  Lime - 1712
The stylecraft colour is quite muddy in comparison to 'Zing' that I'm using.  Slightly more so than in this photo, as the zing really pops beautifully in real life.  But I do like that the Lime balances out the Sherbert, so that works quite well.
UPDATE - New stylecraft colour "Pistachio" - 1822 is a great match

4.  Meadow - 1065
This is the one I struggle with most.  For me, the Meadow doesn't show enough contrast against the Lime in the stylecraft colours.  Whereas the two greens I've chosen are clearly very different.  It is the closest Stylecraft match but you may want to check out their other greens to find a shade you are happy with.
UPDATE - New stylecraft colour "Cypress" - 1824 is a much better pick

5.  Fondant - 1241   or   6. Clematis - 1390
This is a tricky one too.  Again, there's nothing quite like the pink I'm using available in the Stylecraft colours.  I think Clematis is the closest shade match, although it's a bit darker.  But I think, if it was me and I was going with the Sherbert and Lime, I'd probably plump for the Fondant pink instead.  I thought it'd be useful to show both though, so you can make you own minds up!


I really hope that helps you get started on your own Weekend Blanket, if you fancy making one.

I'll be back on Friday to give you all the information you need on the 'alonging' so we can get started on cheering each other along and start making some fantastic blanket progress, on blankets old and new!  Not that you need to wait till then to get started of course.

In the meantime, if you'd like to pop over to Cherry Heart's Cozy Corner on Ravelry and have a chat about your plans, we'd love to see you and hear all about it...

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This blanket is now available as a downloadable PDF

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S x




  1. Lovely colours, it's coming along beautifully. I shall have a look at the Ravelry page now. CJ xx

  2. Thank you, the hexagons are lovely. It's really nice to have charts. If I am honest I love to have both a chart and written instructions. Sometimes a chart alone can be missing a little bit of help. On the other hand it can helpfully clarify any written instructions and act as shorthand at times too.
    I really like the way you have hand drawn the charts. I am all for hand-made being hand -made and not feeling the pressure to reproduce in the same way big companies do. It doesn't make the skill involved any less and I like the personal touch which makes it more special and it looks charming too. Glad you are enjoying your new pens. I have some either the same or a different make. I have begun drawing again and they are part of my supplies.
    I may well join in the crochet a long as I have a started blanket on the go, and I have definitely found it hard to keep it going.

  3. I also just got those pens! Great, aren't they?

  4. It looks like a great blanket to make, you blanket along plan sounds like huge fun x

  5. Sandra there are three new Stylecraft colours launching in April, you're going to enjoy them!!!! I'll be showing them on my blog next week xxxxxxxxxxx your blankie is beautiful xxxxxx

  6. OMG, so many hexies I think I could die!!

    Love hexagons.

    -Jess xx

  7. Ooh really? How exciting! I shall definitely look out for that post then. I read all your posts anyway of course, but that will be one to look forward to :) Did you get to have any influence in the colours, it would be fab if you did, I know you’d be able to lead them in the right direction!
    S x

  8. Thank you so much for this BAL! I am excited even though I have another blanket to finish first I will be making yours on the weekends. Also, thank you for your attention to details in your patterns and even to colors and yarns you chose. Thank you also for page numbers! I can't tell you how many times I have gotten confused on patterns I have printed out and had to go back and number them all so I wouldn't get confused! LOL! I don't know how to read charts (I would like to learn and maybe I can with the written AND the chart. Also, I need some yarns although I do have some Stylecraft and some nice person on the Group on Ravelry said there is a sale at Deramores and FREE SHIPPING even to the U.S. What a great week this is! Tomorrow I will sit down and plan out my colors and order my yarns. So fun! Thanks again for all of it!
    P.S. I also printed out your JAYG method as I need to learn that too. You're wonderful!

  9. Fantastic post. I love your discussion on colours, very helpful indeed. Thanks so much for the hexie patterns too, there is just something about hexies that always gets me wanting to get my crochet hook out! How are you joining the hexies together?

  10. I hope that you have fun crocheting along!! I agree, Stylecraft definitely need more greens! xx

  11. Very nice instructions, and love the blanket. I am saving this for future reference.

  12. What a lovely idea! Especially for a group project. Thank you for sharing.

    Jess X


  13. That blanket going to be amazing! Great colour combination!


  14. Aprecio muito o seu blog, super colorido, com idéias fantásticas e ótimo astral. Parabéns pelo ótimo trabalho e obrigada por compartilhar! Um abraço from Brazil.

  15. OMG So cool!

    Thanks for sharing!!


  16. Oh, I do love a hexie blanket! I really must get mine out from the depths of a bag before the weekend... And I have now happily sat and watched your second pod cast - lovely to watch with a coffee!

  17. Hi Sandra, your blanket is looking lovely and I think that your chart seems very clear (not to mention pretty and colourful too!) The handy dandy colour comparison is such a great idea, I found it particularly helpful when you did the same for your Painted Rose pattern too. It really made me smile because just the day before this post, my friend and I were talking about the stylecraft colours and had almost the exact same thoughts :-) I'd love to get involved with the CHBAL, I'm rubbish at social media but I had been thinking of dipping my toe into instagram. Maybe this will be just the kick up the derrière I require! Love Jo xxx

  18. The colors in this are stunning. I love how bright, and vibrant they are. This blanket is sure to liven up a room! It would be complimented wonderfully by one of our equally eye-catching rugs! http://bit.ly/1EBkKnv

  19. I so agree with the Stylecraft greens. They don'y have enough pretty soft but warm greens or sage greens. Theirs are either drab or too deep. Did you see on Attic24 that Stylecraft are holding a competition to seek out new colours? I would ask for a mid soft duck egg kind of colour but you need to send a photo and I haven't anything that shows the colour I have in mind.

  20. This is going to be so gorgeous. I want to make one but I haven't got time. Wah! x

  21. I finished my blanket . But now I need to start another one and I'm having a hrd time picking wish one ! To many beautiful choices

  22. Do you have a colour chart but for less colours? Like in one of the photos I've seen of this blanket you use maybe 5 colours?