Colour Collaborative: March

Photo credit: Oliver Berghold


I like that photo at the top, it reminds me of that wish I had as a child, to be able to fly, that I mentioned in a previous Colour Collaborative post last July.  It also looks like it was taken late on a nice warm summer's day, I love that slightly yellow tinge to the sky.

And I just had to include the fellow below when I found him, isn't he striking?

Photo credit: Jamie King

I'm not a great authority on birds, although I do remember that we did have a phase of birdwatching when I was younger.  The chief attraction of which was being able to have a go with the 'big binoculars' as I remember.  The garden of my childhood home backed onto some woodland so you could get a glimpse of a satisfying variety from the comfort of the dining room window and there was a time when I could identify a fair few of them.

It's something that's become a little bit more of interest again of late actually.  It seems the natural thing to do, as a parent, to point out things of interest and attempt to educate your offspring whenever the opportunity arises.  It was certainly so when I was a child, birds, trees, farm equipment, historic houses and geological features to name a few would all be pointed out and discussed.

So, to do the same for my daughter, I've felt the need to make sure I remember my goldfinch from my greenfinch.  As a result I've been finding the RSPB's website handy for identification.

 Photo credit: Dave croker

Photo Credit: Gidzy

It's amazing the amount of colours that can be found in the world of birds.  Interestingly they've even inspired a range of yarns.  I came across West Country Spinners range of yarn inspired by British birds when Dani of Little Bobbins knits was talking about it on her podcast.  I'm loving socks at the moment so I'm kind of tempted a bird inspired pair, but how to decide which one to go for?

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  1. You shared some of my favorite birds: eagles, blue jays, robins! Love them! And the colorways coming from them.
    BTW, I'm hosting a CAL together with a friend:

  2. It's so good to see everyone's love of birds, they really are wonderful aren't they. Fantastic shot of the gulls flying, I know what you mean about wanting to fly, they just make it look so utterly joyous. Someone told me once that birds don't fly for pleasure, but just to feed or get about, but watching gulls wheeling and swooping in the wind I don't believe that for a minute. CJ xx

  3. I especially like the blue tit (or is it a great tit??!) colour palette. Funnily enough, I woke up this morning and thought I must make a colour palette for my son's new blanket using a lovely Babar the Elephant poster he has in his room. Here is is:
    Now I just need to find the right colours!!

  4. A sense of soaring freedom ... that's what I get from that top pic. I often envy the birds their ability to fly. The Mary Oliver poem I've quoted from in my post ends ...

    I feel my boots
    trying to leave the ground,
    I feel my heart
    pumping hard. I want

    to think again of dangerous and noble things.
    I want to be light and frolicsome.
    I want to be improbable beautiful and afraid of nothing,
    as though I had wings.

  5. Aren't bird colors beautiful? I've always liked them. It seems like nature really knew what it was doing when it designed a bird, from form to function. I love to watch birds flying too, even the birds that don't fly so well, like my hens. Thanks for these beautiful photos and color palettes, they're inspiring.

  6. brilliant to base some yarn on the colors of birds....can't miss. love photos.

  7. I think it's always a joy watching birds in the air, such a sense of freedom. I like the West Country Spinners bird yarn too, there are some lovely variations. x

  8. As always, the colour matching in your photos is spot on and a joy to look at. I am not surprised that someone has brought out a range of yarn inspired by the colours of our birds - the tones and shades are sublime, and nature's colour combinations always work. xx

  9. Your childhood wish reminded me of the laughter my younger cousin was the cause of when he was small. He had wished he was a bird so he could poop on people.