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Life continues to whirl along at a speedy pace here in my little world.  This whole blogging and pattern writing game seems to be something of a full time job these days and my computer is being used more than ever.  How things have changed in the last year or so.  My head is absolutely bursting with ideas that I want to get onto the crochet hook and I want to do everything immediately.  Something of a problem when you only have 1 set of hands, 24 hours in a day and other such restrictions to hamper progress.

It doesn't seem to stop me buying all the yarn I might ever need for all of them though, regardless of how close they are to actually seeing the light of day.  I'm going through something of a sock yarn obsession at the moment too, maybe the 'sock' bug has finally got me in it's grasp.  Which brings me to the first of the things to talk about today...


I went on a trip the other day.  A rather dangerous trip as it turned out, to Loop in London.  I've been before, with the Hubs, so I knew the risks but I've never been in with a fellow crafter before.  That, my friends, is a fatal move!  On this occasion I was accompanied by my friend in yarn, Sam of Betsy Makes and what a jolly time we had.  We visited Ray Stitch, which I'd never been to before, enjoyed coffee and then moved onto the famous shop itself.  Oh dear, oh deary dear, my poor purse was creaking under the strain that day!

You can see my rather considerable haul in the picture above on the top left, along with my smaller, but still not insignificant, haul from Ray Stitch below it.  To cap it all, on the left I have treated you to a charming photo of my stunned and reeling features after I'd just staggered away from the till at Loop which I think says it all.  (Photo used with kind permission from a rather amused Sam.)

Oh and if you are interested in knowing exactly what is what with the yarns, you can find everything here in my stash pages on Ravelry.  The yarns from Loop as well as the ones in the photo at the top which also has some goodies from Eaden Yarns and Yan Tan Tethera Yarns.

Harry Potter Galore

It's been the season for trips actually because I've also recently been to see The Making of Harry Potter at Warner Bros Studios.  I was a late comer to the whole Harry Potter phenomenon, after resisting it for years just out of sheer cussedness because there was so much hype surrounding it.  It was my sister's fault (as is so often the case) that I got into it in the end though, as she dragged me along to see The Half-Blood Prince at the cinema.  After that, I read the books and turned into one more of the many fans.

I loved it though and it was so interesting to see everything up close, wander along Diagon Alley and see the huge model of Hogwarts, that was amazing.  Oh and I got to try some Butterbeer and I liked it.  No-one else was very taken with it though.

Ready To Roll

I saved possibly the best until last though as it's a brand new and totally free sewing pattern for you!

I was asked by the very lovely people at Black Sheep Wools if I would like to use some of their fabulous fabrics to make up one of my accessories cases and it didn't take me more than a few seconds of browsing their lovely range before I knew this was a project I most definitely wanted to be part of.

I went with some Tanya Whelan fabrics to make my case and they are all available through Black Sheep Wools, so if you'd like to replicate mine exactly you can but there is also plenty of choice if you'd like to personalise the case and make it your own.

I'd probably use my case as a place to keep my crochet hooks and I left a pocket at the end for larger things like scissors and a tape measure and such but you could use it to store all sorts.  We were thinking it could be used for sewing notions, a paint brush roll, cute pencil case or even make it a little longer and keep your knitting needles in order.

You can download your free copy using the link below:

Ready to Roll Accessory Case by Sandra Paul for Black Sheep Wools

I hope you like it and I can't wait to see what you do with it.

S x




  1. Just so you know, I am busy digging a tunnel into Loop from my house in Herts. I'll let you use it when it's finished. In the meantime, I am off to Loop tomorrow to have a guilt free spending session with the large amount of vouchers my sons gave me for my birthday. It's the way to go!

  2. wow it looks like you've been up to lots of awesome things! I really want to go on the Harry Potter studio tour - I've been a lifelong fan (I read the first book aged 7 at least 30 times in a ROW and at 24 I still love all things Harry Potter :p) I think I would like butterbeer out of sheer will! Aw thank you for sharing the wonderful pattern! I will add it to my to-do list, at the moment all my crochet hooks are in a pencil case, not sure how happy I am with the arrangement. jenny xx

  3. I discovered Loop a few years ago, by chance. I was awe struck! It is a lovely scrummy shop but alas, (or thank goodness!) too far for me to visit! I have to settle for browsing their online shop (my poor purse!). Sandra, I love it that you buy loads of yarn with no actual planned purpose for it - I do this also. I think I shall be attending 'Yarnaholics Anonymous' before long! You've got some lovely colours, hope they don't stay in your stash for too long, looking forward to seeing what comes out of them! Is any of it Quince & co? My favourite yarn ever! Well, one of them:)

  4. Yep, I think I might need to starting attending YA meetings before long too! 😉. I did get some Quince & Co, been dying to try it. See those two hanks of duck egg colour on the bottom right? That's Piper and it's soooo soft!


  5. Loop, oh my, I dream of going there one day. I'm quite familiar with their website... I can imagine it's a lovely place to visit with a fellow knitter/crocheter. Love the accessories case, beautifully designed and made. And I love the picture of you and your till receipt. It makes me think I should probably avoid Loop at all costs. CJ xx

  6. Oh what a lucky duck you are! Loop and Raystitch! And oh those purchases... love the wool and those buttons!

  7. Beautiful yarn! Are those fabric and buttons in the second picture? So cute! I would love to learn how to sew and make that super cute hook and needle fun! Love your blog.

  8. Loop in London is on my bucket list.

  9. I'm really glad the pattern writing thing has really taken off for you, you're so good at it. I want to crochet some socks. Tell me if you know of a good pattern! xx

  10. Sounds like lots of fun, I am off to explore the Loop website now!
    I had Butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks in Hogsneade at Universal last year. I thought it was quite nice, rather creme soda-yah. Son asked for lemonade. Wizardy looking barman said, very disdainfully, "we don't serve muggle drinks here" lol

  11. Wow what a nice shopping spree , so much fun. I just did a yarn crawl here in portland, or and had so much fun. Lots of possibilities and great a ideas to be put into action. Ow :). Love the needle pouch. So very cute.

  12. I thought they were Q&C! Hmm, slightly worrying that I knew that (also slightly pleased with myself too!!) You're going to love it, their yarn is soooo soft and warm it's untrue. I'm making a blanket with it. Just need to re-mortgage the house now, so I can finish the edging! haha!

  13. Nothing wrong with knowing your yarn, in my opinion! ;) A whole blanket it will be the most luxurious thing, wow you must show us a picture when you are done. Although, yes, you did make me snort out a giggle with the ‘re-morgage the house’ comment… I bet!! :D
    S x

  14. Certainly will share a pic, (it's on my blog too) . It's Osprey, so very chunky and snuggly. Just in time for, erm spring!! ha! Excellent project timing from me there!
    k x

  15. Oooh, Loops, luverlly. My BFF sent me a knitting book and crochet hook which she bought there the week before she went to NZ. They gave her a free tote bag too, which she also sent to me. I'll treasure them forever because I doubt I'll ever make it to Loops myself, let alone NZ!! Great post, Sandra. I had my share of 'squishing' yarn at the weekend too.

  16. I'm so jealous that you got to see the Harry potter exhibit. This is something that my kids have been being to go over there to see. I think that I'm probably a bigger fan than they are😊


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