The Blanket Along so Far...

So, how is your blanket coming along?

Mine is doing pretty well and I think one more weekend will do it.  It's now a little past the stage you see above.  In fact, if you follow me on Instagram you'll know I've started work on the border and have been having fun and games deciding what to do with it.  I think I have it cracked though so I'm champing at the bit for this weekend as I can see the finish line and I want to race towards it.

I've never really taken part in an 'along' before, let alone tried to run one myself, but the thing that I'm enjoying most about it is getting to browse through the thread on Ravelry and the #chbal tag on Instagram.  It's a joy to behold, it really is!  Your blankets are gorgeous.  There's so many different types and styles of blanket, so many wonderful colour combinations that have been chosen, it's real eye candy and very inspiring.

Whenever I get a few spare moments I pop and have a little look and see how you are all getting on and so I thought I'd share a few of my favourites here with you too...

(All photos used with kind permission from their lovely owners)


Left: Allisonpadua
Center: Heidirankine
Right: Kymmber

Left: Sootyboots
Center: Oliveandpickles
Right: Yarnandwhatnot

Left: Himikonosekkai
Center: Two Crazy Crafters
Right: Sherrithemagnificent

See what I mean?  So many pretties!  I love the way that Allison, Yarnandwhatnot and Two Crazy Crafters have all chosen completely different colour combinations for their weekender blankets and they work so well.  I've also followed Himiko's blog for a long time now because I love her style and this picture is no exception.  I know she's not posting so much lately so it's a real joy to see her on IG now.

These were all taken from the #CHBAL tag on Instagram, do take a moment to check it out if you haven't already.


Left: mrsrobinsonknits  (Blog: Carefully Made by Mrs Robinson)
Center/Right: Iammagicalemmielou

Left:  Emilcarv1963
Center:  Sara12
Right:  Quiltercaroline

Then there's the ravelry thread, which is been buzzing with activity, it's all very exciting.  I love Mrs Robinson's gorgeous colour choices and I adore Emmie Lou's grannies too.  I love the different sizes next to each other and that hot pink is amazing.  So inspired by this!

I'm also loving the way Emilia has stored her squares in a pretty box, I really need to do this too.

Left: moermel88
(You can see more photos on Moermel's Flickr feed here)
Center: RebelAngel77
Right: Iamayarnaholic

Left: CuppaCrochet  (Blog: Cuppa Crochet)
Center:  G-Gurl
Right: Yarnandfloss

Another little selection from the Ravelry thread.  I just love all the colour going on in these pictures so much and I'm so glad that moermel added her sock blanket to the Along.  I've been trying to resist starting one of these and this isn't helping, it's stunning!

These two sets of photos are from the #chbal Blanket Along thread on Ravelry
which is also well worth a little gander.

Joining in...

I hope you enjoyed seeing all these fabulous blankets in progress with me and if you'd like to join in the blanket along yourself it's definitely not too late.  All blankets are welcome and you don't need to be able to finish yours to be part of the fun.  Just aim to make some progress and share it with us, thats the only requirement.

You can read more details about the Cherry Heart Blanket Along here if you are interested.

S x




  1. They are all looking really lovely aren't they? I so need to pick up pace :o) sam xx

  2. All looking brilliant, you should feel really proud of yourself for inspiring so many projects :)

  3. This blanket along looks like fun, (even if I haven't been participating). It encourages people to follow their own creativity while being inspired by yours. I'm really enjoying seeing all the different colours and styles and they are so lovely. I have a blanket that I really should have picked up over the weekends as it has been in the making for 3 years. However, I'm afraid I have been all about the sewing at the moment, having been inspired by The Great British Sewing Bee. But I'm definitely wanting to do some crochet as well now.
    All the blankets are real beauties as you say and I really must get on with those squares soon!

  4. I am loving this blanket along. I'm seriously obsessed with the #chbal tag, there are so many amazing projects underway! I feel like mines a bit behind, but for someone still learning I'm immensely proud of it.

  5. Wow, there are some really gorgeous blankets there, I'm so impressed. It's all so very inspiring. CJ xx

  6. You are a dear for organising this and providing such colourful encouragement to make some progress with my hexie blanket. And also for showing it here! There are some delightful weekend blankets being made... I keep popping over to Ravelry to see what others are doing. Well done on your blanket!

  7. There are some fabulous blankets there, you clearly have very talented readers :)

  8. These are gorgeous and there's some real inspiration in there for all of us. Unfortunately I am in knitting mode at the moment and trying to finish off numerous knitting projects that I started so my crochet hook is lying idle for now.

  9. I just thought I'd let you know that I'm mentally making (I haven't bought the wool yet) not one but TWO blankets now! Yep, in my head I'm about half way through. I will actually start them this summer and may even finish them before 2020! Of course I blame you for this... ;-) xx


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