Cherry Heart Podcast: Episode 3

Finally....  a new podcast!

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♥ WIP's..

The 20 year blanket

My Ravelry Page
(See above page for pattern links and my notes)

You can read a little more in my Easter Holiday post

Retro Stripe Socks

My Ravelry Page

Pattern:  Slip stitch Basic Heel Socks by Wendy D Johnson
(From the Book: Socks From the Toe Up)
with Fish Lips Kiss Heel by Sox Therapist

Yarn: Eaden Yarns Self Striping Sock in Retro

♥ TA-DAH's...

Slyther Forward

My Ravelry Page

Pattern:  Spring Forward by Linda Welch

Yarn: Alina Shea Creations Sunrises in Slyther On Colourway
Alina Shae Creations Etsy Shop

Dash of Lime Mitts

My Ravelry Page

Pattern: Shell Wrist Warmers by Drops

Yarn: Erica Knight by John Lewis

Vanilla Cancan Shawl

My Ravelry Page

Pattern: French Cancan by Mademoiselle C

Yarn: Random Stash from my Nan,
possibly Sirdar Country Style DK (the old style, softer one)

Keep Warm Granny Cowl and Mitts

My Ravelry Page

Pattern:  Doesn't exist, I made it up.  Sorry!

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino


Self Striping Sock Yarn in Selena
75% Merino, 25% Nylon
366 meters / 100 grams

 from Eaden Yarns
I think shop updates are generally on Fridays

: :

Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Cosmic Wonder Dust 
100% Merino
361 meters

from Meadow Yarns

: :

Sublime Sock in Purple Speckles
70% Superwash Blue Faced Leicester, 20% Silk, 10% Cashmere
100g - 400m/436yds

Strong Sock in Cupcake Sprinkles
75% superwash Wool, 25% Nylon
100g - 400m/436yards

Luxury Sock in Light Blue Speckles
80% Superwash Merino, 10% Nylon, 10% Cashmere
100g - 365m/400 yds

all from The Wool Barn
shop updates announced on Etsy


Little Bobbins Knits by Dani
(littlebobbins on Ravelry)

Tilly Trout by Tilly
(tillytrout on Ravelry)

Stitch and Loop by Dagńy
(it'scolduphere on Ravelry)

S x




  1. Great to have another pod cast. Yours is the first podcast I have followed (if you follow a podcast?) I will go and check out the ones you mentioned now :-) I love the pink of the mitts but to be honest I would probably frog the lime and use either the pink again or a deep raspberry. (I always try to be honest with my comments and you did ask!!!) The socks are gorgeous and everyone is making socks. I did do some chunky crochet ones but I want to do proper thins socks with sock yarn but I can't knit well enough and I didn't like the heel on the crochet pattern I used:-( Maybe I just need to learn to knit better! I really enjoyed your post again and have been busy while watching it, doing the last round of the border on my crochet blanket that your BAL got me going on again! Thanks, Sharon x

  2. Wow! You really have been busy!! Love the cowl and mitts. And your shawl is to die for!! Love the pattern of your pink mitts too. I like the neon. It gives them an edge I think, although matching them with an outfit could be tricky! Such lovely woolly purchases too. I have sock wool envy! Anyway, lovely to watch another podcast! Thanks! J9x

  3. Gorgeous retro socks, I love them. You have been busy, well done on the podcast. CJ xx

  4. That Cancan shawl is simply stunning. This entire post was a lovely yarnfest for the eyes. :)

  5. The shawl is beautiful. I especially like the edging, so it was good you were paying attention there! The answer to the question about the lime on the pink mitts I think depends on whether or not you have things to wear them with. If you really like those colors, chances are you have some things in your wardrobe that are perfect for that combo. If not, I say switch to something else that works or . . . . you could always buy a new outfit! I miss seeing your fur baby. I would like to see him/her as a regular guest.

  6. Love listening to your pod casts and seeing all your makes. I really love the lime with the pink. If I changed it, I don't think I would leave it all the pink. I might try grey, or raspberry as someone suggested already. I also love lilac but I'm not sure you do. I think the lime looks really lovely in the photo but I wasn't quite so sure in the video - the colour was less clear. In the end, it's how you feel about them. If you know how much you like the pink, but are not wearing them so often as you thought you might, maybe you are not too happy with the lime deep down and should redo them? Beautiful though in any case.
    The shawl is really lovely too and all your new yarns very tempting. I had all my handmade socks eaten by moths, so I am put off using real wool. Even got eaten right off of my feet! Don't like hanging wool stuff up to dry either. Moths will chomp through plastic bags and I just can't facilitate proper storage in boxes and well, you do want to display or wear sometimes don't you? I certainly wouldn't be happy to put out a woollen blanket. It's really very annoying and the sock thing was rather sad. So I am sewing or using acrylic wool only at the moment. It could be worse, as I know someone who had to replace all the carpets in the house as they were wool and got eaten by moths.

  7. Another great pod cast!! I was thinking the other day about these and wondering when you would do another one. All of your things are lovely, and for what it is worth I really like the edging on your pretty pink mitts so I would leave it! You might find by the autumn you feel differently about them so if you leave it for now you can always change it in the autumn. I really like the contrast, but you have to be happy with it! Looking forward to the next one already! xx

  8. I can't wait to listen to your podcast :) all of your pictures here have me positively drooling with anticipation, and i seriously adore your eye for colour and wish I had it too :) I feel so inspired by every post - jenny xxx

  9. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.

  10. Thank you for your lovely blog and introducing me to blog casts. Could you tell me if the crochet strawberry pattern is available please? Jeb

  11. Another fab podcast! It was so nice to see you joking around too. Yes I do have a long list of makes, I do get the whole yarn hoarding thing and we do need to know all the insider tips for stash enhancement - so no secret keeping! :-) All your fo's are lovely, I especially love your Cancan shawl and the colours in your granny cowl and mitts. I think the lime green edging looks v pretty. I just got my mitts (:-)) on a gorgeous skein of pink and a skein of lime green from the last Natural Dye Studio yarn update. They're my favourite colours and I really like them together. I've been wanting to learn to knit for the main reason that I want to make socks, so seeing your socks and sock yarns has inspired me even more. Thank you for the info about other yarnie podcasts as I'm enjoying watching yours very much. Love Jo xxx